Why Securus Technologies Has The Most Reliable Data Analytical Tool For Inmate Communication Monitoring

Securus Technologies has the best technology that is used in the criminal and civil justice sectors for matters related to public safety, monitoring and investigative corrections. Recently, the company released an improved version of its already fully advanced and fully integrated data analytical tool that is already being used in the US corrections sector. 

The redesigning of its investigative solutions product comes at a time when the market demanded a solution that would allow web monitoring of inmate communications while avoiding any interference where the powerful analysis that the clients are accustomed to is messed up with. The redesigned platform is much better when matters related to improved performance and end-user experience are concerned. 

The THREADS 3:1 release automatically upgraded the software from a mere Silverlight to HTML 5. It also allows seamless integration between other Securus products like the Secure Call Platform for inmate phone calls. On top of that, the platform has also increased in terms of being much easier to use for investigators because it comes accompanied by a more proactive tool that plays a very integral role in supporting them.

This technological company has taken all the time to create a product that can be relied on even in future complexities. In fact, one needs very little training so as to operate it while it provides very focused leads as well as actionable intelligence to the person on the investigating end.

The company also has a video visitation product that is top notch and out of this world. According to a section in its website, the Securus Video Visitation allows an inmate to have an appropriate and convenient visitation via video link with friends and loved ones. The phenomenal product allows the friend or relative from home to schedule an OnSite visit or go direct and make the visit via video from the comfort of the home using a computer.

The Securus Video Visitation has come very handy for those who have endured long drives in the past to make physical visits to their incarcerated friends and relatives. The best thing with it is the fact that it is completely affordable and by simply subscribing it, the friend or relative at home can make an online visit to their incarcerated ones securely, cheaply and conveniently.

Securus Technologies is based in Dallas, Texas and it is one of the most respected technology providers for law enforcement and correction facilities. Currently, the company is serving more than 3,450 public correction agencies and not less than 1.2 million inmates.

Why Securus Technologies Has The Most Reliable Data Analytical Tool For Inmate Communication Monitoring

Flipora continues to Expand and Connect

A Company with a Vision
Flipora started this company with a clear and solid vision. They were clear in their ideas. They had the goal to connect people with content. It was not the ordinary type of content. It was content that mattered. Their vision incorporated content that people truly cared about. The vision was to ensure that people had information available that they could relate to. It was to be personalized in every aspect.

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Technology, Power and Rover
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Flipora continues to Expand and Connect