The Aspire: New Brunswick’s Latest Luxury Development

What is the Aspire?

The Aspire is a luxury apartment complex in New Brunswick, New Jersey, and was developed by the Boraie Development. The apartment complex opened this year and has a lot of amazing components to it that allow for many people to live there.

The Aspire’s features

The Aspire has many unique features to it that set it apart from other apartment complexes. The 17 story high building that is near the New Brunswick Train Station that leads directly to both Manhattan and Philadelphia. The building is considered the place for luxury in all of New Brunswick. With a total of 238 rooms in one-bedroom to two-bedroom studios, it is very modern looking with very new architecture all throughout the building.

Residents of the apartments can also enjoy the vibrant and very nice restaurant and retail center that is also in the building. The building also includes a garage that has access to the lobby via an elevator, and a 24-hour doorman service and building maintenance. There are various floor plans that future residents can select from, and they will have plenty of space. Some studio apartments even have a private terrace or balcony! Each floor includes a lounge where residents can hang out, that is complete with a kitchen, pool table, flat screen TV’s, WiFi, and even a outdoor terrace. There are really many amazing qualities to this apartment complex. It is one that many a onlooker would love to see and maybe even live in, and leasing is now available so that you too can live there, provided you have the funds to do so.

Boraie Development LLC

Boraie Development has spent the last 30 years has increased urban communities in the New Jersey area. Their urban development strategy is investing money into urban communities which may have some value when redeveloping. They usually go into the development of commercial and many other properties with development.

With the help of Boraie Development, the city of New Brunswick is being seen with a new light. With their help of redeveloping areas of the city, it is being taken in a more modern direction, which is one of their many goals. With their partnering with famous athlete Shaquille O’Neal back in 2012, they have been able to build a lot of new homes to help bring back people in the area, which has been a huge success in all. The Aspire is their pride and joy, and in the years to come, there may be even more things that Boraie Development may be able to do to the city of New Brunswick.

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The Aspire: New Brunswick’s Latest Luxury Development

Corian’s New CEO Shaygan Kheradpir Should Feel at Home

In 2013, what remained of four companies, Siemens, Optical Networks, Tellabs, and Sycamore Networks all came together to form Coriant. Coriant supplies networking solutions to companies that operate networks all over the globe. These operators are the best of the best in the networking industry.

In total, Coriant customers handle somewhere in the neighborhood of a million networks on, and billions of dollars. These customers vary widely from government agencies to small businesses. The companies that came together to form Coriant spent years building a reputation for innovation, experience, and the ability to deliver the goods. That reputation is now Corian’st reputation and includes 40 years of experience creating and delivering Tier 1 networking products and services.

Recently Corian chose a new Chief Executive Officer. This man’s name is Shaygan Kheradpir. Mr. Kheradpir has reportedly been working with the company’s senior management team for most of the year as an Operating Executive to Marlin Equity Partners. Marlin Equity Partners is the organization that brought all the pieces together to form Coriant. Working so closely with senior management should help ease the transition for the new CEO and the company.

Shaygan Kheradpir attended Cornell University and by the time he left he had a Ph.D. in electrical engineering. His first job was with GTE Laboratories on the east coast managing information systems. Shaygan was never content just to manage systems; he was driven to improve them. He was also wise enough to surround himself with the most talented people he could find.

The combination of personal ambition, a compulsion to innovate and improve, and an eye for talent eventually propelled Mr. Kheradpir to Dallas Texas. There he was offered and accepted a position at GTE headquarters. During his time there he overhauled all the companies core systems resulting in reduced costs and a higher level of efficiency. Fast forward to the early 2000s where this talented electrical engineer found himself as the Chief Information Officer of a recently formed telecommunications company named Verizon. Shaygan used many of the same techniques he had used in achieving past success. He once again recruited the most talented people he could find and focused their efforts on innovation. His most notable success is the creation of Verizon Fios.

Whenever companies change leadership, some will herald the change and applaud the wisdom of the choice. Others will, for a variety of reasons, criticize the choice, lament the new direction and spout predictions of doom. Human behavior experts often state that the best prediction of future behavior is past behavior. In the case of Shaygan Kheradpir and Coriant, past behavior, and the many successes born of that behavior, seem to point toward the wisdom of the new choice.

Corian’s New CEO Shaygan Kheradpir Should Feel at Home

The Bruce Levenson Investment Journey

Bruce Levenson is known for his investment abilities that have continuously won the hearts of many people. His life is a testimony of an ambitious young investor that dreamt that one day he would own an NBA team, and play a major role in the investment industry. Many years down the line, Bruce has been the owner of several clubs including the Atlanta Hawks and continues to be an integral part of major organizations. His rise from a university student many years back has been a symbol of results from clear determination.

Levenson is a graduate of Washington University where he attained a degree in Political Science. In the measure to understand the procedure and the role of the law in business, Bruce joined American University and graduated his degree. It was at this point that he fulfilled his desire for decent education that has since played an important role in his business administration.

Prior to starting United Communication Group, a telecommunication company, Bruce worked as a journalist. While working at Washington star, he gathered a wealth of experience, which he saw as an opportunity to understand the corporate world. He always had the willingness to start his company, but was first to acquire sufficient negotiation skills. It is among the reasons he attending law school.

After leaving the Washington star, he started UCG and later sold it for a huge profit. These were the first investment he ventured into and after the sale; he had the money to plunge into the industry. Armed with the skills and financial power, Bruce acquired the NBA team in 2004 together with the Atlanta Thrashers and the Philips Arena. It was a great opportunity to pay $240 million for all the three teams.

In 2007, Bruce sold the Thrashers for an estimated $170 million, a figure that was seen by analysts as too good. It was extremely high return for a club that was bought for a low fee. In 2010, there was an attempt the dispose of the Hawks, but Bruce could not convince the Board to adopt such a decision.

However, in April 2015, the Board adhered to selling the Hawks for $850 million. The sale included the disposal of the rights to the Arena. The figure was a humongous profit for a single team, and it’s Arena. In fact, the price was way much than the actual value of the club, according to Forbes.

The Hawks is among the clubs that have significantly increased in value since its early acquisition by Bruce. It is attributed to the sound decision making done by the owner. The Hawks was sold to a team of investors whose leader was Tony Ressler. He is a fellow entrepreneur and billionaire philanthropist whose art of acquiring and negotiation is unmatched. In their initial statement, team-Ressler promised to make things better for the residents and the fans. On the same note, they reiterated that the main objective was to see the club succeed and win the championship soon.

The Bruce Levenson Investment Journey