Author And Historian Michael Zomber

Michael Zomber is a well known historian and author, and has appeared as an historical expert on the History Channel. Michael Zomber graduated from UCLA, with both Bachelors and Graduate degrees in Literature. Over the past 30 years he has collected an astonishing ancient arms and armor collection. In addition to his work he also a philanthropist that has supported a number of international causes.

Michael shared some of his historical knowledge on the History Channel Show, “Tales of the Guns”. Over a number of different episodes he educated viewers all about guns from different historical eras, such as “Guns of the Orient”, and “Guns of the Famous”. He is also a noted expert in Japanese Samurai, including both their weapons and armor and has a large collection of both.

Michael Zomber has written a number of popular historical books. One of these books is “A Son of Kentucky” which details a man that is torn between staying home versus fighting in the Civil War. Another one is “Shogun Limitsu: War And Romance In 17th Century Tokugawa Japan”. This book shows his extensive knowledge of Japanese history, Samurai in particular, and mixes in romance, war, politics, and honor.

According to Barnes and Nobles, Michael Zomber is also a documentary film maker. He has directed several documentaries including “Ten Days in LEN10”, about the life of professional kiteboarder Ruben Lenten, and “Marcel Stauffer|MotoCross Kid” which is about a young man that wins every motocross competition he is in.

Michael has embraced and supported charities that deal with the effects of war. He has long been a supporter of Doctors Without Boarders, UNICEF, Global Exchange, and Amnesty Interational both with his funds and his time. He is aghast at the horrors of war and so supports those charities that want to provide peaceful solutions to the world.

Author And Historian Michael Zomber