More Promising Results On A New CEO

The Manse on Marsh is a Senior Living community found in the San Luis Obispo downtown, which is the heart of the Central Coast. The community’s location place is very suitable by the fact that it’s near to families who need to be aided living care in Paso Robles.

The Senior living community uniquely offers residence choices that comprised of private homes, apartments with free standing cottages, fireplaces, and restaurant –quality open dining. Other amenities found there include Social activities, convenient transport, maid and laundry services, discrete personal assistance and nurse on staff.

Farron Bernhardt was announced to be the new The Manse on Marsh CEO by the senior living community. He had previously worked in a senior housing management for three decades before joining this award winning community. As the former Assisted Living for Nevada Housing and Neighborhood Development (HAND)‘s vice president .Bernhardt had established a prolific character for his immersive and engaging management tactics. These are some of the qualities that suited him best for the Manse of Marsh CEO position.

During the 35th annual Awards of the Aurora, The Florida Home Builders Association presented the San Luis Obispo’s senior living community with the ‘the best Seniors Housing Community On the Boards’ awards. The community was honored for its good design and planning achievements on senior living housing category. The community has also received other awards which include; ‘the Caring Star Awards’ and the ‘Best of the 2016’ that has placed them as the nation’s top care providers.

According to Bernhardt, families were opting the senior living community for their commitment to care and life-enriching experiences. He feels honored to join the community and looks forward to ensuring that it sets the best standards in senior care.

Chris Skiff, the owner of the Manse on Marsh counts the joining of Farron Bernhardt as the new community CEO as an evident move to show commitment to their excellence.

More Promising Results On A New CEO