End Citizens United PAC Will Be Big Player In 2016

End Citizens United is completely dedicated towards campaigning finance reform. It has full plans to become a big player. This will be in 2016. This is going to be achieved by funneling millions of dollars into the campaign of those Democratic candidates who are running for House as well as Senate races all across this country.



End Citizens United has managed to raise over $2 million that has mainly come from small donors. They are planning big. So they will be raking nearly $25 to $30 million. This will be during the complete cycle. This was disclosed by their communications director, namely, Richard Carbo.



But this is not the ultimate goal of End Citizens United. They are doing all this in order to pass an amendment to the Constitution that will reverse the Citizens United decision that was released by the Supreme Court in 2010. This had led to super PACs being unleashed. Besides, a huge wave came into politics that was carrying dark money with it.



The petition of End Citizens United has already managed to garner over 325,000 signatures of people. It is demanding that Congress has to pass such legislation. This number is going to increase. This is because End Citizens United has already partnered with the “Ready for Hillary” campaign. It works both ways. They will be renting out their email list. There will be more that 4 million people in this list. This will be used in order to reach out to all the liberal supporters.



End Citizens United is going to endorse another 11 Democratic candidates. This is a very big number. Hence End Citizens United is assured of making a difference this way.



Another point to note here is that there are many other PACs besides End Citizens United. Even these are focusing on campaign finance reform. But End Citizens United is different. This is why it will be able to make a difference. This is because they are getting involved in its political side. They are trying to get those people elected who have the ability as well as the interest to change the existing laws. This is being done by backing those candidates who favor this campaign finance reform. All these politicians will be standing up against this Citizens United legislation.



A completely independent arm will also be incorporated. This will be looking at the expenditure. It is required in order to back the candidates financially. There will be several initiatives that will be used here. These would include television ads, besides direct mailers and so on. All these would require a lot of financial backing.



End Citizens United will be enacting these campaign finance reforms at all levels, that would include the local and the state level too.

End Citizens United PAC Will Be Big Player In 2016

Thor Halvorssen Wants To Take On Tyrants Who Hurt People

Thor Halvorssen is a great person to look at when people are interested in human rights. There are a lot of human rights problems that people run into because they are not able to speak for themselves, and Thor Halvorssen wants to use his Human Rights Foundation to help as many people as possible. It is very easy for people to get help when they believe in Thor Halvorssen, and they can listen to him for information about how to fight the injustice that happens around the world.

The injustices that happen in all different parts of the world are happening because tyrants are allowed to do anything they want. They are able to stay out of the news because used to not have that much access to information, and now Thor Halvorssen can keep people in the news pretty easily. This is something that he is actually very proud of, and he is willing to keep talking to news organizations to make sure he is heard.

He talks a lot about the work that he does with the HRF, and he also talks about things that people believe are true that are not. He wants people to understand who they are voting for, and he wants them to be sure that the information they have is very current. There are a lot of people who are going to learn from what Thor Halvorssen says, and they need to keep watching because he has a lot of good ideas.

Someone who is willing to speak out against tyranny needs to be given his day in the sun. According to Humanrightsfoudation.org, Thor Halvorssen has been able to change his life completely, and he has shown that he has a chance to help anyone who is oppressed. His foundation and his volunteers make it possible for all people to get away from the tyranny that harms them.

Thor Halvorssen Wants To Take On Tyrants Who Hurt People