Shared Office Space in NYC Lets Workers Thrive


According to Harvard Business Review, workers actually thrive in a shared office setting. After interviewing a large number of people who utilize coworking spaces, they found out that people thrive there because they feel their work is meaningful. This is probably due to the fact that many people who work in shared spaces are freelancers. The workers also felt they could “bring their whole selves to work.”

This happens for a number of reasons. First, when you are working amongst people not from your corporation, you feel less inclined to adopt a “work persona” and act more like yourself. Having many daily opportunities to describe what they do to people who do different types of work also made the interviewees feel a stronger sense of self and like their work was important and distinct. They also felt meaning because they could offer a unique set of skills to other workers, whereas in a traditional setting many employees have similar skill sets.

The workers also have more job control. They can work in a quiet room or in collaborative spaces. They can work during the night if that is when they are most awake. They can also work from home on days when a family member is sick or a repairman is coming. The workers liked that they had autonomy but that the other workers offer enough structure and discipline that they still get things done. They also liked that they felt part of a community.

WorkVille shared office space NYC is a unique space with conference rooms, private offices, and open coworking spaces. You will be able to work in a friendly environment that allows you to work in your own way. Spread out, work from one of three terraces, check emails in the cafe, or take calls in the lounge. This setup is all about fostering creativity and collaboration with others, as well as catering to those who do not work best in a traditional cubicle office setting. You will have access to everything you will need for a work day including a private phone line, fresh coffee, a mail service, and printers.

The bright, sunny space is located on the 21st floor of a luxury office building conveniently located at 1412 Broadway. You can work your way just steps away from subway and bus stops, Times Square, and Bryant Park. With 24 hour access and super fast internet connection, you can get your work done whenever it is convenient for you.

Shared Office Space in NYC Lets Workers Thrive