Norka Luque: The Famous Latino Songbird with a Unique Voice

Norka Martinez Luque was born in Caracas, Venezuela’s busiest city. Unlike other children who grow not knowing their talents, Ms. Martinez discovered her talent at a young age. She was only eight years when she discovered her passion for singing. As a child, she took part in numerous competitions including the Venezuelan folk music competition “Festival of Gaitas” and the “Golden Voice.”

According to Luque’s profile, she had a great childhood filled with art lessons. Her parents went an extra mile to ensure that she took instrument, dance and singing lessons. We also learn that she slept to tunes from some of the greatest Latin musicians.

Upon completing high school, she moved to a foreign country to further her academic studies. She landed in a French college where she took a course in business administration. Even while in this school, she did not forget about her ambition of becoming a professional singer. She created time to perform in nightclubs in France.

An opportunity came knocking when a rock group called Bad Moon Rising became interested in her unique voice. The beautiful Venezuelan songbird joined the band as a lead singer. They traveled in different cities in France performing and entertaining French club goers. Luque says that her time with the band enabled her to meet several personalities in the European music community.

After four years with the band, it was time to move on. Ms. Martinez moved to Monaco where she landed a banking career. Even though there are attractive perks that come with a banking career, Luque gave all these up. She realized that the banking career killed her inborn creativity.

Upon this realization, Ms. Martinez packed her bags and moved to the United States to pursue music as a career. She found a home in Miami, the largest city with Cuban-Americans. She started a solo career that did not pick up until 2008 when she met the Latino music producer, Mr. Estefan.

The Grammy Award-winning producer saw something in Norka Luque. He, therefore, signed her to his record label Crescent Moon Records. In 2011, Luque’s first studio album was out. This album took her career to new heights. This album contained international hits such as “As You Do It” and “Milagro.”

Norka Luque is guided in her career by different professionals in the music industry. Some of them include Hermanos Gaitán, Luigi Giraldo, Archie Pena and Fito Blanko. She has a brand new single dubbed “Tomorrowland.” This track has also been received well by her fans.

Norka Luque: The Famous Latino Songbird with a Unique Voice

Norka Luque’s Hit Single “Milagro” Catapulted Her into International Stardom

Venezuelan musician, Norka Luque, has made a name for herself in the music industry after churning out great hits with celebrated music producer Emilio Estefan Jr. Norka met the producer at the Crescent Moon Studios in America and immediately impressed him with her work. He wanted to work with her, but asked her to take some singing lessons to polish her vocals.

The two started working on Norka’s Album titled “Milagro” that was released in 2012. Together, they selected songs and projects that they would include in the album but ultimately, Emilio had the final say. Norka has reiterated that she enjoyed working with the producer because he inquired about her input and actively involved her in the decision making process.

Norka’s first single was released in 2011 to a fairly good market reception. The song was called “Do You” and immediately got nominated for the Female Pop Artist of the Year at the Premios Lo Nuestro music awards. Her next big hit was called “Milagro.” The hit single became a chart topper and remained on the Latin Music Billboards for weeks. It was written by Archie Pena who was assisted by Luigi Giraldo and Hermanos Gaitan.

The song immediately catapulted Norka into immediate stardom and she soon became a household name. It incorporated Caribbean sounds, rich Mediterranean traces, and reggae. The song had a beautiful message that resonated well with fans. It was reproduced in many different versions. The song’s salsa version became number 1 on the Record Report charts in Venezuela for a cool 14 weeks. Its English dance Version “Miracle” became number 11 on Billboard dance club. Another urban version of the song was performed in collaboration between Norka and El Cata.

How Norka Luque Became a Musician

As a child, Norka was fascinated with music and started competing in local musical competitions while growing up. Her parents enrolled her into different classes to further her talent. These classes included flamenco, voice practice, piano and ballet. She went to France to study for her B.A degree where she joined a band and became its soloist. When she went back to America, she studied culinary arts, fashion and marketing before meeting Emilio Estefan who changed her life for good.

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Norka Luque’s Hit Single “Milagro” Catapulted Her into International Stardom