InnovaCare Health Services:

*InnovaCare professional services examined:

InnovaCare is a provider of managed healthcare services based out of Ft. Lee New Jersey. In addition, the company offers Medicare Plans as well as Medicaid Programs. InnovaCare also offers Physician Services to a variety of individuals throughout North America.InnovaCare provides quality health care in a cost effective manner. In addition to providing adequate health care, the company believes in building strong relationships with their network of patients.

InnovaCare networks are made possible by:

*Strong Physician leadership.

*Quality Care.

* Effective Communication skills.

*Discovering new healthcare solutions.

The company believes in team work to achieve goals and meet expectations within a managed healthcare environment. InnovaCare has a team of skilled professionals to assist patients with a variety of health related needs each and every day. Strengthening patient-provider relationships is one of the main goals of InnovaCare.In 2011, InnovaCare received accreditation from the “National Committee for Quality Assurance“. This accreditation and recognition received was for the company exceeding NCQA strict requirements.InnovaCare was recognized for their growing commitment to consumer protection as well as quality improvement. Innovacare was the only the best healthcare company to receive recognition in Puerto Rico.

*Richard Schinto CEO: Experience & Education:

Richard Schinto is currently the is the President and CEO of InnovaCare. Previously Richard Schinto served as CEO of Aventa Inc. In addition, he held a position as Chief Medical Officer for Cal-Optima Health Plan in Orange County California. It can be said that Richard Schinto has extensive and quite successful experience within the medical and healthcare industry.Dr. Schinto attended University of California. After Graduating the University of California Dr. Schinto received his medical degree from the State University of New York at Stony Brook.Dr Schinto possesses the kind of leadership qualities necessary to run an efficient managed healthcare organization. Dr. Schinto is truly devoted to his profession.InnovaCare has an on line newsroom which is updated on a regular basis. The newsroom provides updated information o health related issues. In addition, the on line newsroom keeps the public informed about any new changes within the organization including job openings.InnovaCare will continue to provide expertise services to a variety of individuals. Additional information may be obtained by viewing

InnovaCare Health Services:

Capitol Anesthesiology Association Serves The Community And Beyond

Capitol Anesthesiology Associates are the premiere group of practicing physicians in the Austin area. Capitol Anesthesiology Associates are a private practice composed of physicians either board certified on in the process of becoming, CRNA’s trained in patient care and anesthesia, and an inclusive billing department that handles all insurance and billing matters. This close knit group ensures the anesthesia process is as professional and seamless as it gets.

The team at this anesthesia practice is trained in many different areas of anesthesiology allowing them to be involved in different types and even more complicated surgeries like cardiology. There are anesthesiologists able to perform local, regional and general anesthesia appropriate for many types of surgery, and there are also doctors specializing in obstetrics, and pediatric for women in labour and children. The nurses working with the doctors are also highly trained, an equally important aspect to performing the surgery well and taking care of patients.

Not only is CAA invested in the community around them providing the utmost care to patients and the best board certified doctors adhering to the quality standard of the Anesthesia Quality Institute, but they are also dedicated to bringing their services to underserved peoples and ares of the globe. They work with outreach programs like Austin Smiles, and and Operation smiles to provide surgeries for cleft palette in Austin and low income countries. The Children’s Medical Center Foundation also provides surgeries for the sick and injured children in the Texas area.

Capitol Anesthesiology Association Serves The Community And Beyond