Legacies Start Early: An Examination of Louis Chenevert

We could easily call Louis Chenevert the wizard of the aerospace sector. This is because of his successful legacy that he left at United Technologies Corporation, which is also known as UTC.

Chenevert was able to take a mid-sized business that struggled against its competitors and bring it to the point where it was worth a grand total of $63 billion. Upon his arrival, that shares at United Technologies Corporation was worth $37. However, because of all his business acumen and wise decisions, they were at $117 a share and continued to climb with his predecessor. Such changes in the company could only come about because of the progress that Chenevert made in in key areas.

One key area was in worker training. Chenevert focused his attention in two worker areas; the engineers and executives. With the engineers, he brought on additional training to get them from where they were to where they needed to be. With the executives, he began to instill into them his own personal vision and what that looked like for the company. He instilled into them the idea of excellence and integrity. Chenevert would not permit them to cut corners in any department.

The second key area was in mergers. Chenevert was able to lead a variety of successful mergers for the company. Two however, stand out above the rest. The first merger was with the world’s largest elevator company, Otis. The second significant merger was with the world renowned Goodrich. This merger occurred for a huge $16.3 billion increase.

The third key area was to create high end technologies to sell. These included jet engines for commercial use and military use. He increased spending in research and development of these technologies. Lastly, he added custom devices for each oh his jet engine, such as sensors, flight controls, and aerospace systems, in order to increase revenue.

It was drastic changes such as these, which he learned at his time with General Motors, Pratt and Whitney, and obtaining his degree at HEC of Montreal, that allowed him to leave his legacy at United Technologies Corporation.

Legacies Start Early: An Examination of Louis Chenevert

Chris Burch Shines with Vacation Resort

Chris Burch is by no means a one trick pony. Besides knowing what it means to kick start and grow worldwide famous retail fashion brands such as C. Wonder and Tory Burch, he is ready to take over the business world of hospitality. That means he wants to cater to the needs of the public when they are shopping for their goods and when they are just looking to relax on vacation.

And he is very good at what he does. It only takes him and his business partner James McBride three years to invest in and reinvent an Indonesian hostel into a premier premium five star resort in one of the world’s most exotic and beautiful locations. Not only do they dress up the establishment. They create the best getaway in the world, according to Travel and Leisure. See now, that is what some people call maverick vision and business savvy. For the record, all it takes to achieve something like that is 30 million USD (United States Dollars).  For a related article, hop over to forbes.com

The truth be told from Chris Burch himself, the finals result is better than even he expected. Perhaps, what makes this project such a success is the inspiration behind its construction. The purpose of the Nihiwatu resort is to be a legacy to pass along to his children and a jewel for the area. By all accounts, he over delivers on this promise. It has 27 rooms and a private section that serves as his personal residence. When one puts that much time and money into something, it is necessary to keep a personal eye on its operation and upkeep. Plus, it makes for the perfect excuse to vacation away on a whim under the guise of taking care of business.  Click on fashionista.com for more.

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In the world of high fashion and luxury accommodations, Chris Burch is setting standards for quality and style on a genius level. If he ever does take the time to slow down for just a while, the mogul has the know how to teach a course on game changing and setting standards. However like many madmen who just refuse to accept personal limits, he knows the way to break through into the realm of the super wealthy comes from ground up investments. This, of course only comes after decades of loyalty and service. He looks like a big deal, but really he is just the real deal rising at the right time. For updates on Burch timeline activities, click on crunchbase.com

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Chris Burch Shines with Vacation Resort