How to Deliver the Best Results in Your Job: Lessons from Chris Burch

Most people feel that the concept of productivity and creativity have a pugnacious relationship. To these people, any time that is used envisioning any new thought or idea amounts to time wastage. On the other hand, they believe that the rush to accomplish the set targets may stifle the creative process. However, this is not true for Chris Burch. In his last investment, Chris has demonstrated that you can increase productivity and creativity at the same time.  Check on for related reading.

Chris Burch is the man responsible for the introduction of the best 5-star hotel in the world. The beach resort hotel; Nihiwatu is located on Sumba Island in Indonesia. He owns this joint together with James McBride. The two spent quite an enormous amount of money on renovation process that took close to three years to complete. It is estimated that the course of rehabilitating and renovating the premises took slightly over $30 million.  Additional article to read on

As an investor, Chris feels that the Nihiwatu investment has surpassed his original expectation. Under normal circumstances, very few investment opportunities surpass this great mark. Most of them are known to be at par or to perform below the expected margins. He argues that the main force that drove him to invest in Sumba was the urge to improve the living conditions of the indigenous people. He also wanted to start an investment activity that would spell a future for his children.  Check this interview of him here.

Nihiwatu, as the hotel is called, is located in a very remote place in Indonesia. The community around consists of Christians Animists who believe in the spirits of animals and that of plants. The inadequate rainfall that the area suffers from makes tilling and farming impossible. But, despite all these hardships, these people are always jovial and ever smiling. Despite all these shortcomings, the place has a wealthy cultural background. The sense of a vibrant culture makes the place one of the most revered tourist destination on the globe. These are some of the interests that made Chris decide to invest in Sumba and not in any other place on this planet.  Have an overview of his diverse investment, hit on this.

Chris Burch has investments running in other nations. He owns other hotels in Miami and Hampton. As the owner and CEO of Burch Creative Capital, he has to divide his time accordingly so that he is in a position to attend to all of them. The situation is even made easier because he has a private residential villa in the Nihiwatu resort. The villa is commonly referred to as Raju Mendaka.   To learn more about his company, click on

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How to Deliver the Best Results in Your Job: Lessons from Chris Burch

The amazing journey of Burch Creative Capital’s founder Chris Burch

Chris Burch is one of the most celebrated entrepreneurs and business investors of the 21st century. With over forty years of experience, Burch has investments in almost all sectors in the economy ranging from fashion, hospitality to real estate. Some of the most famous brands that are associated with this business executive include Tory Burch, Voss Water, Faena Hotel + Universal, Burch Creative Capital and Nihiwatu just to name but a few.

Burch is more than a business executive he is a philanthropist. Despite his success Mr. Burch has stayed humbled and supported a number of worthy charitable causes in the society. His contribution have not only been in money terms but also in kind. For Person details and Burch recent timeline activities, click  Chris contribution to charity include holding a board position at the Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation and contributing to organizations such as The Henry Street Settlement, The Sumba Foundation, Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York and The China Association of Social Work.

Recently Mr. Chris shared with his audience and avid followers the amazing journey of his career. Like all successful business executives, Mr. Chris journey has not been all-smooth. Despite having a successful career start in his early college days, Chris Burch has been able to partake his fair share of challenges however, he was able to remain focused therefore quickly learning from his mistakes hence being able to move forward. The following are some of the key points I noted from the interview.

First and probably the most important point is that Burch Creative Capital is not only a business venture but also a platform to help young entrepreneurs nurture their ideas. With the many years of experience in the industry, Burch surely has a lot to teach the young generation of entrepreneurs. It is with this realization the Chris Burch decided to open up Burch Creative Capital. This company among other things provides funding to innovative startups thus helping them bring their ideas to light.  More interesting news on

The other thing worth noting from the interview is Burch’s confidence in his employees. The entrepreneur appreciates the fact that most of his ideas are always brought to life thanks to his committed staff. Arguably, for Burch, it takes a motivated staff to achieve success, as it is through them that business ideas are executed.   For the full interview, hit

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Even with the wealth and success Burch has today, he still engages in risk taking. Risk taking combined with great listening skills is what Chris Burch believes to be the ingredient of business success these days.  For an in-depth look at Burch profile page, click on

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The amazing journey of Burch Creative Capital’s founder Chris Burch