Melissa Click Fights to Revamp her Image

After teaching at the Missouri University for close to 12 years successfully, Melissa Click recently landed herself into a sticky situation. November 9th was the fateful day when this prominent communications professor changed her life completely, as she was captured on video acting with hostility towards a journalist who was covering an ongoing protest at the campus premises. This video soon went viral hence turning Professor Click into an enemy of the law.

The repercussions of this event have been quite devastating to the Professor, as she has been suspended from teaching among other activities at the university. This is not until the university system board of curators completes an ongoing investigation on the same issue. Several criminal charges including misdemeanor and third degree assault have been filed against this educationist as well. According to the law, Ms. Click will have to perform community service and avoid any form of trouble for a duration of up to a year. Lawmakers in Missouri however insist that her employment with the university should be terminated. In addition to that, the embattled professor has also been a victim of several accounts of insults and threats since the incident.

After hibernating for a few months, Click has finally surfaced with a public relations strategy aimed at repairing her damaged reputation. The Status labs have coordinated this strategy. As part of this offensive, she has granted several public interviews not to justify her unfortunate reactions, but to acknowledge the wrong done.

Status labs

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Melissa Click Fights to Revamp her Image