Handy Makes Cleaning And Home Repairs Easier Than Ever

Called the Uber of home maintenance, Handy is the cleaning and home service startup that’s changing the way that we approach common household chores. The service, started by Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua, now boasts $1 million in bookings per week, proving a need for a more convenient and accessible way to hire home service professionals.

Handy is based in New York, and is now active in almost 30 major cities. Hanrahan and Dua’s brainchild is modeled largely after hugely successful transportation services like Uber, with the ability for anyone to use an extremely straightforward and user-friendly app to hire, schedule and pay home service providers such as cleaners, plumbers and painters. Due to its enormous success, the company is even expanding to include a home delivery app which connects users with services that deliver and assemble furniture.

Part of the success of Handy is that, in addition to its convenience, users of the app feel safer making decisions about who they will allow into their home to complete necessary services. Professionals who are sought out by users are insured and background-checked, and the company is so confident in the services of these professionals that it offers a 100% money back guarantee. The company also follows a strict criteria for those professionals who wish to join, based on tremendous research and several interviews.

Handy.com app itself is simple to use. Like Uber, you enter your location and the services you require, and you receive a quote almost immediately, with tip and tax included. If you commit, your card is charged on the spot.

The company also makes things easier for the professionals offering their services as well; like Uber, they get to work around their own schedule, taking jobs as needed for their decided price. Plus, they’re paid before they begin work, in an industry where shady cash dealings are common. Workers average $18 per hour.

The company is clearly leading the way in the cleaning and home service industry, and is set to be active in more cities across the world. With locations in London and Canada, the company will no doubt expand internationally in the coming years.


Handy Makes Cleaning And Home Repairs Easier Than Ever