Freedom Debt Relief, and Several Ways to Beef Up Your Financial Position

Most of us have taken out credit cards, credit extensions at stores, and other forms of debt, naively thinking not paying those lenders back couldn’t possibly come back to haunt us. Fortunately for you, listed below are a few ways every American can beef up credit reports, scores, and everything associated with them.

Keep up with credit card, debit card, and bank statements, as fraudulent transactions you had no idea about could significantly affect your financial position. Reviewing these statements for anomalies doesn’t take long, and is a great way to keep your financial position safe and secure.

Never close out credit cards. While it’s perfectly acceptable to zero out balances and pay them in full, keeping them “alive” extends your credit history. Canceling them, well, does the opposite, resulting in shorter borrowing histories and subsequently lower scores.

Going on account-opening sprees makes you look financially irresponsible, even if they go unused, or if you use them responsibly. Try your best to only open one account a month, if at all possible. If you’re going through tough financial times, consider asking a family member or close friend for money to support you in the interim.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to a debt consolidation company. Most debtors – that’s you, if you’re reading this article – aren’t experts at beefing up credit scores. Allow your pride to take a hit and just make the call, as long as the company you’re considering is legitimate.

Freedom Debt Relief is a debt relief – who would have guessed it? – company that has helped over 100,000 clients improve their financial positions since 2002. With Freedom Debt Relief, clients no longer receive collection calls, instead routing them to their customer service reps. As long as clients pay their bills on time, Freedom Debt Relief makes boosting credit scores easy as pie.

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Freedom Debt Relief, and Several Ways to Beef Up Your Financial Position