Anthony Petrello – Success Under The Radar

Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer and President of Nabors Industries Ltd, Anthony G. Petrello, also known as Tony to some, has quite the accomplished portfolio. Receiving his Juris Doctor Degree at Harvard Law, he also went on to get a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science in Mathematics at Yale University. Primarily a name recognized in the gas and oil industry, Mr. Petrello is also a respected philanthropist. Donating millions in the way of children’s neurological research.

After taking over as Deputy Chairman of Nabors Industries in 1991, he managed to keep the company out of the jaws of bankruptcy it had once narrowly escaped. However, despite his already profound contributions to the company, he continues to provide extensive backing through strategic guidance and planning. The company itself specializes in developing and contributing numerous technologies, services and offshore rigs for the entire industry. As of the total fiscal year of 2015, it is said Anthony Petrello’s compensation reached upwards of $ 27.6 million.

Along with the aforementioned roles, his resume also includes: Member of the Board of Trustees at the Texas Children’s Hospital, Director of Stewart & Stevenson LLC, Director of, Managing Partner of Baker & McKenzie, New York Office. To this day, he continues to stay humble but never quiet in his endeavors. From 2012 to 2014, revenues for Nabors Industries shot up a whopping 246% under the leadership and guidance of Anthony Petrello. A success story indeed swept under the radar. Or perhaps, he prefers it that way and what Anthony knows.

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Anthony Petrello – Success Under The Radar

No Cash for your Mortgage? No Problem, Stocks Will Do

What do you do if your credit history is an eyesore but you still need that mortgage loan? It’s a tough call to make for many of us, and though there are ways out of it, there is often a bigger price to pay. However, lone seekers are finding new salvation in security based loans offered by Equities First Holding.

What is a Securities-Based Loan?

This is an actual loan whose collateral is based on how much you are worth in stocks. Also known as stock-based loans, it’s a quick way to get lenders to overlook your credit history and focus on your current stock asset portfolio. But here is the catch, you actually need to own stocks that are actually doing well.

Who is Equities First Holding?

Equities First Holding is a London-based lender of securities based loans. They are known to be the pioneer of this concept which is quickly overtaking secured loans and opening new doors to quick cash flow for individuals and companies. So you can say they are a team of professional loan brokers who identified a huge number of individuals who couldn’t access conventional loans and decided to turn this need into a business.

Currently, they have over 9 office branches globally and have handled over 650 plus security based loans for their clients. Their 14 year existence in the business is enough proof that stock-based loans actually work and are an option to consider.

Who is Eligible for Stock-based Loans?

Stock-based loans are available for established corporate businesses or wealthy individuals. It may not be an option for the joe who is just starting out as an investor. Why? Because there are some risks associated with using this new form of loan-seeking.

First off, the loan can be called in anytime especially when the lender no longer has confidence in your stock portfolio. Secondly, liquidity mismatching is a common problem, especially when the market is hit with fluctuations that affect the price of your stock. And lastly, stock-based loans have the potential to bubble, thus may be undesirable with a not-so-impressive portfolio.

Equities First Holding is a number one provider of securities-based loans. Their clientele comprises of corporates and wealthy individuals looking for non-purpose loans that couldn’t be obtained with conventional borrowing channels.


No Cash for your Mortgage? No Problem, Stocks Will Do

Reaching Your Financial Goals

What do VTA Publications have to say?

VTA Publications is a non fictional publisher of distance learning courses and also organizes events that cater to special genres. They were established in 2012 and presently have thousands of customers who use their services. They provide their customers with the latest in digital and physical information, their specialties being economics and financials.  They also have an online store for selling the advice that they offer.

So if you have a financial goal you have to give it a try like in rugby.

A key in reaching your goals is not to criticize your opponent or the other team as stated in Sun Tzu “Art of War”. Do not back your enemy against a wall, for he will fight to the death…

Criticisms always seem to make it back to us. When you insults other’s egos and attack their pride in a sense you have created an enemy instead of an ally which only makes it more difficult to reach your own goals.

In general people seldom think they are wrong and you cannot change that. As human beings we are often not logical but emotional. We just do not win arguments, even when we think we win, we actually lose because we cause resentment in the other person.

So if you want to make allies and reach your goals avoid criticism and acting in any way superior towards others. You need others help. One way to do this is to show genuine interest in others. The saying “give and you will receive” is valid here.
If you are only looking out for yourself trying to make money in a selfish way you will not get very far and will only make enemies and definitely not friends or allies who will help you reach your goals as you also help them. By hurting others in the long run you only hurt yourself and hinder your own progress.

So let’s try and not criticize others, let’s try to take interest in others lives and needs, let’s not block our own paths to success by making enemies out of others. Let’s try something different for a change in this competitive, selfish society and instead of attacking others, let’s get out there and make friends. Why don’t we try this even for a week and see what comes of it? It is a good plan towards success and reaching your goals and you might just feel good about yourself as you do it. has more information on VTA Publications and their offerings, if you find yourself curious about what they have available.  But this is definitely the type of program for anybody interested in financial gain, no matter your financial level.

Reaching Your Financial Goals