Rona Borre’s Career Journey.

Even in the male-dominated world of entrepreneurship, some women stand out and make a difference. One of such women is the Instant Alliance founder Rona Borre. For the more than 15 years the company has existed, its revenue has consistently increased year after year. Instant Alliance today is among the leaders in Chicago community and is recognized as an enterprise owned by a woman. Rona Borre is a leader and serves in different positions in various organizations which include The Chicago Network, The Young Presidents as well as the Economic Club of Chicago.

CNN, CNBC, USA Today as well as Crain’s Chicago featured Rona Borre, as a result of her excellent leadership especially in the human capital industry. The Business Ledger as well as the National Association of Women has recognized her as an influential woman in business. Her accolades are multiple. The Enterprising Women Magazine, for instance, declared her the Enterprising Woman of the year.   Check this interview of Borre on

Rona Borre graduated with a BS in business from the University of Arizona. After graduating, she started working in the staffing and recruiting industry. After working for a while as a recruiter, her interest in working with a hiring company intensified. Her client base had substantially grown at the age of 25. Her relationship with the clients she placed and candidates alike was excellent. A short time later, the company she was working with, kind of lost its culture. She decided to leave. That marked the start of her today’s incredible journey. People she had treated well previously offered to make introductions on her behalf.

Rona Borre is passionate about creating relationships with clients. She often gets the sense of productivity when her excellent team has energy and several talents identified. Since Instant Alliance is a private boutique, ideas that come about are quickly tried out. Rona Borre believes that failing brings about learning. She is very passionate about learning new things and making an improvement to herself and her business.   To read more about Borre, click on

As an entrepreneur, Rona Borre believes there is the need for connection among the workers. She, for instance, is always interested in knowing how everyone in her office feels about their work.

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Rona Borre’s Career Journey.