Bernardo Chua Opens Organo Gold Branch In Turkey

Returning To Its Origins

Coffee giant Organo Gold has recently opened a branch in Turkey. Currently headed by Bernardo Chua the company has expanded its reach into more than 35 countries with its focus on providing active people a coffee brand suited towards their active lifestyle.

Organo Gold hopes to use Turkey as a way to united its Asian, European, and African markets with better distribution networks. Bernado Chua decided to open Organo Gold offices in Turkey for historical reasons. The country is known for the first coffee houses ever recorded and is often considered the “birthplace” of coffee.

The Potential For Turkey

Organo Gold sees potential in Turkey. There is a burgeoning interest in health foods in the country giving the coffee brand a chance. According to PR Newswire, The Turkish culture has always kept coffee near to its heart and Bernardo Chua plans to use that to his advantage. He has appointed Paul Jarvis, the head of its European activities, to ensure Organo Gold is able to secure the Turkish market.

How Bernardo Chua Shaped Organo Gold

Chua founded Organo Gold with the intention of creating a brand of coffee with a healthful twist. To give it a special health kick Chua looked towards traditional Chinese medicine for answers. Organo Gold’s central feature, the addition of a highly prized Chinese mushroom, gives the company a chance to corner a new market early on.

The Chinese mushroom included in Organo Gold coffee, Ganoderma, is regarded as one of the highest herbs in Chinese traditional medicine. The famous Chinese doctor Shi-Jean Lee is known for advocacy of Ganoderma during the Ming Dynasty and thanks to modern research we can confirm his claims.

Bringing the health benefits of traditional Chinese medicine to the greater world is exactly why Chua became CEO of Organo Gold.

Bernardo Chua Opens Organo Gold Branch In Turkey