Employee Hapiness Leads To Lower Turnover

Darius Fisher is the founder and CEO of Status Labs. Considered to be a rising star in the digital marketing and reputation management field, Darius Fisher has highlighted how important employee satisfaction and performance are at his firm. Mr. Fisher has progressively expanded his company and the number of employees at his firm for several consecutive years now. He shares some of his tips to fellow entrepreneurs and businessmen below.

Darius Fisher asks why should you be incentivized to keep your employees happy? The main reason says Darius Fisher is because it is good for your own bottom line or in other words for the profitability of the company. Happier employees tend to be more productive and you get more out of them than employees who are dissatisfied. Employee turnover is also very costly to companies especially smaller startups like his own. Replacing workers can take a long time and can be very expensive, often costing significantly more than simply giving a raise to an existing employee who performs exceptionally well at the firm.

So how do you retain employees at the firm and prevent them from walking over to another company? Create incentives says Darius Fisher. He offers paid vacations to tropical paradises for employees that meet or exceed challenging deadlines or projects. Other incentives Fisher has used is tickets to special events, gym passes and an extra vacation day or two. It may seem like a small thing, but it can go a long way says Darius Fisher.

Other incentives the young entrepreneur uses is recognition. It may seem simple, but just offering people recognition and congratulations for a job well done can go a big way to keeping employees happy and satisfied. Many people may ignore it, but employee morale and to a lesser extent company morale is a big factor in productivity and quality of work. This is why Fisher recognizes achievements at his company for all employees who do a great job regardless of their position.

Before starting up Status Labs in 2011, Darius Fisher had worked as a political adviser. His work there introduced him to politics, but also the importance of reputation and public perception in the media and on the web. He has used these experiences to build up a leading online reputation firm. Mr. Fisher attended Vanderbilt University and graduated from there with high marks and honors.

Employee Hapiness Leads To Lower Turnover