Premium Dog Foods Are Wholesome For Owners, Too

Dog owners may not expect to see a dog food producer pull a sliver of dog off the line, pop it in their mouth and eat it, but that is exactly what happened during a recent interview at a dog food plant. Richard Thompson is the manager in question, but he is only one of a growing trend in the industry. Dog owners want food that is good enough for them to eat, and this article details how premium brand like Beneful are doing just that.

#1: The Ingredients Are Wholesome In Every Sense

Wholesome ingredients on are currently the only accepted ingredients in the premium dog food industry. Fish, beef, chicken, peas and carrots sound like something that mom served at the dinner table a few decades ago, but it is the food the dog begged for. It turns out that these ingredients are good for dogs when portioned properly. Premium dog foods use the wet versions of these ingredients to create treats, dry foods and wet dishes.

#2: Premium Dog Food Extends A Dog’s Life

Veterinarians are recommending premium dog foods for all animals, but the dog foods must be chosen properly for every animal. Puppies need the puppy food that was made for growing dogs, and adult dogs need the formula that helps take care of their bones. Every premium dog food like Beneful has a long list of products, but Beneful clearly has the longest list.

#3: What Does Beneful Offer?

Beneful offers a laundry list of dog foods that owners may select from. The wet foods, dry foods and treats all come in similar flavors, but the flavors range from a Mediterranean delight to the typical chicken dinner. Dog owners on may select the flavors their dogs enjoy most, and each flavor may be purchased in wet and dry styles. The treats come with ridges for better dental health, and a dog is catered for using just one brand.

Premium brands like Beneful are the healthiest foods made for pets today, and the foods are so good even humans can eat them. Switching to a better food like Beneful will help every dog in the house have more energy, live a longer life and have stronger teeth.

Premium Dog Foods Are Wholesome For Owners, Too