Darius Fisher Discusses The Nefarious Art Of Document Dumping

Protect yourself from the horror of personal information being exposed online. In today’s world of social media and online communications, it would be a huge mistake to ignore the potential catastrophe of personal documents being dumped online. Called “doxx’ing” or “being doxx’ed”, document dumping has the potential to cause a lot of harm. The Daily Beast conferred with reputation management guru Darius Fisher. As president and co-founder of a major reputation management firm, Fisher knows the advice he gives carries a lot of weight.


The first step anyone curious about what has been published about them online is to run a Google search. Running personal or business names (and aliases) through Google reveals a lot. If negative information turns out, the situation is serious but it can be addressed.


Darius Fisher once took to the stage at the Impact15 convention in Las Vegas to speak about the critical importance of reputation management. At the event, Fisher covered a critical topic. He suggested the first page of Google is the new first impression made on people. When the name of a professional is typed into Google, the results end up speaking about the person. The first page of Google is not always home to pleasant things. Embarrassing or negative content shows up in those results from time to time. Getting that content off the first page (and the second page) is a must. If not, then the content could define the person or business as being less-than-desirable. Working with a reputation management firm would be a good way to handle the situation.


There are other steps Fisher suggests to keep bad things from happening in the first place. Changing passwords regularly and ensuring social media privacy settings are adequate definitely help keep private information away from prying eyes.
Fisher previously worked as a copywriter and he knows anything indexed in the search engines has promotional potential. Keeping a message positive is vital or else the search engines are not exactly going to be helpful to a person or business’ good name. Preventing and/or quickly dealing with document dumps would be advisable to those wishing to preserve a good name.

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Darius Fisher Discusses The Nefarious Art Of Document Dumping