How Female Student is Helping Augment Women’s Presence on Wikipedia

Cyber bullying is a common occurrence in the current digital age. Many internet users are trolled and bullied by malicious people. Most of the victims get intimidated and minimize their activities on the Internet. One student is however using it for the benefit of women. Emily Temple-Wood has won accolades for the inventive way she is dealing with online trolls.

In a bid to make search site Wikipedia have more gender equilibrium, Emily will create a Wikipedia page about a female scientist every time someone sends her a spiteful message over the internet. The biology major at the University of Chicago has been an active participant on Wikipedia from the tender age of 12. Like any other lady, she has received obnoxious, chauvinist and sexually inapt messages from other Wikipedia users on numerous occasions since she joined the site. 

Although Emily initially ignored the sprites, she got fed up and decided to direct her fury about every incident of aggravation towards women into the initiative. She started by adding a female scientist to the site, an idea which has come to be known as WikiProject Women Scientists. Emily is credited for bringing to attention previously unheard of female scientists such as 18th century astronomer Caroline Herschel and biologist Lorna Casselton.

Benefits of Wikipedia to Businesses

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Creating and Updating a Wikipedia Page

Even though there are many advices on the internet about creating a page, the exercise is burdensome and exhausting especially to someone doing it for the first time. It requires carrying out unbiased research and having every information sustained by references and citations. 

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How Female Student is Helping Augment Women’s Presence on Wikipedia