Kevin Seawright – Administration And Financial Expert

Kevin Seawright is an administrative operations and financial expert and his career reflects it. He is currently the Managing Partner,and Chief Operations Officer of RPS Solutions LLC. He began working with Real Property Solutions in January of 2015. Read more: Kevin Seawright Joins Newark Community Economic Development Corporation

The work he does there involves more than these titles. Above looking after oversights, he also believes in keeping the work atmosphere in good humor and enjoyable, so that all staff members and volunteers enjoy their work and do their best jobs. Read more: Newark economic development group names CFO

Mr. Seawright is not just a financial wizard and company leader. He has a penchant and a heart for helping those in need. In order for him to accomplish this, he began his work with RPS Solutions LLC, located in Baltimore, Md. RPS Solutions supervises processes of managing assets, development of properties, new aquisitions, asset sales, and many other tasks involved in such massive undertakings. RPS Solutions, LLC began to make Mr. Seawright’s vision of area residents leading better lives by making their dreams of home ownership come true. He began refurbishing and constructing homes. This regeneration, in turn, allowed for some residents in the area

to become first time home owners at affordabe prices, which led to happier neighborhoods. Belvedere Square is one of these. This created personal pride and happier residents. Many of these happy people had thought owning their own home was impossible. Kevin Seawright is now working on one of his other dreams, homeownership in Baltimore to surpass the current level of 48.3%. Learn more about Brian Torchin:

Kevin Seawright has even more accomplishments. He was Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operations Officer, and Executive Vice President of Newark Community Economic Developement Corporation, from October of 2014 through May, 2016.

He was Director of Operations at Collington Episcopal Life Care Community from March, 2013 through October, 2014, in Prince George, Maryland. Mr. Seawright was Vice President of Operations with Tito Contractors from March, 2011 through March, 2013, in the Metro area of Washington, D.C.

Kevin Seawright has many more accomplishments, just not enough room here to list it all. To learn more, visit RPS Solutions, or look for him on

Kevin Seawright – Administration And Financial Expert