A Look at Antony Petrello’s Career Journey and Philanthropy

Antony “Tony” Petrello is the chair and senior executive of Nabors Industries. He has held his position as CEO for more than 25 yrs. His responsibility includes overseeing the financial and operational endeavors of the company. Also, Tony helps Nabors to come up with strategic plans that will help them get more income and expand their client base.

His leadership at the company has proved to be worthwhile, as the firm has made several achievements in the last couple of decades. In 2013, Petrello was the highest paid executive with a remuneration value of $68 million. Nabors Industries has a large fleet of rigs. In addition, it has invested a lot of money in offshore modular rigs.

Although Anthony Petrello has focused so much on his career, he hasn’t forgotten about the importance of giving back to the community. The business leader is passionate about children; especially those suffering from various chronic illnesses. He donates to charitable organizations and healthcare institutions. One of the medical centers he’s associated with is the Texas Children’s Hospital, where he volunteers his time and money.

Anthony Petrello is a graduate of Harvard University. He earned his J.D. degree from the institution. Before joining Harvard, the CEO studied at Yale, where he earned his master’s degree as well as his bachelor’s degree. His education has enabled him to display exemplary decision-making and problem-solving skills.

When Tony was in high school, he had a passion for mathematics. This led him to study finance-related courses in college. He specialized in corporate law for 13 years while working at the Baker & McKenzie law firm. At the firm, he gathered knowledge and skills in business structuring, SEC issues, tax compliance and investment regulation. Petrello’s expertise in these fields earned him his current position at Nabors Industries. To know more click here.

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A Look at Antony Petrello’s Career Journey and Philanthropy