Eric Lefkofsky and the Important Work of Tempus

Eric Lefkofsky has made a career out of working with data, aggregating it into an easy to access pool, and putting it into the hands of people who need it. It was this ability that informed his work as the co-founder of Groupon and it is this ability that led Lefkofsky to work on his newest venture, Tempus. As a life long philanthropist who has focused uniquely on cancer research, coming to work on the project Tempus seems like a natural progression.

Far from just another date night app, Tempus stands above Lefkofsky’s work with Groupon as a potential life changing and life saving endeavor. What Tempus is, simply put, is an operating system that seeks to fundamentally change our approach to medical research in the field of cancer. Lefkofsky knows how damning and dangerous cancer can be and he understands the despair that comes from a lack of knowledge. Above all else Lefkofsky knows that it doesn’t have to be this way and more information click here.

If you were to walk into a clinic and request information regarding the cancer treatment drug Herceptin you would find yourself talking to a wall. Even the most capable health care professional will have to wade through paperwork, weeks of delays, and possibly the need of a grant in order to get their info. In the meantime cancer patients are suffering because they cannot get a tailored plan of action to attack their cancer. Not all cancer treatments work for everyone. Lefkofsky hopes that Tempus provides a new track for this information to become available.

With Tempus we would see healthcare professionals have easy access to medical research that would enable them to create real, solid plans of attack. With more research available to professionals the odds of finding a successful treatment will skyrocket. Simply put, Tempus could be saving lives if it is put into action and finds success and learn more about Eric.

Lefkofsky is a lifelong entrepreneur and his approach to work has always been about problem solving. Lefkofsky saw a real problem in the way medical research is accrued and this is his response in order to remedy the situation and Eric’s lacrosse camp.

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Eric Lefkofsky and the Important Work of Tempus

Eric Lefkofsky’s Business Impact

An American entrepreneur and co-founder and CEO of Tempus, Eric Lefkofsky has been making an impact in the business world for quite some time. Throughout his career he has demonstrated an ability to begin and sustain successful businesses. Not only is he a great business man, but Lefkofsky has been dedicated to giving back in a variety of ways.Eric Lefkofsy is a native of Southfield, Michigan. For many years he learned the value of hard work by watching his father, a structural engineer and his mother a school teacher. Eric would eventually attend and graduate from the University of Michigan in 1991. Just a few years later he would get his Juris Doctor degree from the University of Michigan Law School. Lefkofsy’s education would become the foundation for his future career.

Eric Lefkofsky would begin in his work in business after college. He borrowed some money to start his first business with a long time friend Brad Keywell. The two formed an apparel company in Wisconsin called Brandon Apparel. From there the two formed an internet company called Starbelly that specialized in promotional products. After Starbelly Lefkofsy was involved in several companies including Echo Global Logistics, MediaBank,and InnerWorkings.Perhaps Lefkofsky’s biggest accomplishment would come a few years later.

He poured more than 1,000,000 into this business to start it. Most people know the company today by it’s new name Groupon. Groupon would change the way merchants offer goods and services. In 2010 it was recognized by Forbes as the fastest growing company in history. It would go on to have massive success. In 2010 Google offered a reported $6 billion to buy the company.Outside of his great success in business, Eric Lefkofsky has demonstrated he loves to give back. In 2006, he and his wife formed a charitable trust called the Lefkofsky Foundation. This group supports charitable and educational causes world wide. He also sits on several boards including the Children’s Memorial Hospital and World Business Chicago. His work is admired by many and he will continue to have influence for many years to come.

Eric Lefkofsky’s Business Impact

How Clay Siegall Has Advanced Cancer Research And Treatment Methods

Cancer is among diseases that have been critical for many years and professionals in the healthcare industry have been working on finding solutions that could bring to an end the menace that has been affecting millions for decades. Research from various institutes has offered methods of dealing with the menace but none has managed to achieve a perfect way of dealing with cancer. This explains the reason the research to find solutions and methods of fighting the disease is still a major issue to invest in.


Experts who have been in the healthcare industry for many years like Clay Siegall also have a reason to celebrate since the achievements that have been made so far stem from the effort these professionals put to ensuring there is a cure to several diseases. Clay Siegall has been working on delivering a cure to cancer through Seattle Genetics, a company he co-founded in 1998, which has been developing drugs and conducting research to find solutions to a wide variety of diseases. Clay Siegall celebrates the success the company has achieved and the major steps he made to ensure Seattle Genetics gets to work with leading biotechnology companies like GlaxoSmithKline.


Support for cancer research

With the support he gets from his team of experts, Seattle Genetics was able to develop ADCETRIS, a drug that has been effective in the cure for cancer and treatment. He is particularly happy with the adoption and approval of the drug for use in several countries. In fact, the drug is available in more than 60 countries and they are working on to ensure its effectiveness is improved further. Additionally, Seattle Genetics has been offering young researchers an opportunity to join veterans in the journey to find solutions to various problems threatening the health of many people.


Acquiring new methods of curing cancer is a milestone that Seattle Genetics celebrates and the company has several pipelines that dwell on that area, which shows the effort that has been put to getting solutions to the menace. Clay Siegall continues to push for further effort that will see the growth of strong systems that support the development of better methods of treatment.

How Clay Siegall Has Advanced Cancer Research And Treatment Methods