Omar Yunes, a Pacesetter Franchisee Providing Alternative Innovations in the Food Industry

The Best Franchisee of the World (BFW) went to Sushi Itto’s Omar Yunes. The event was held in Florence, Italy on December 5. Omar was a proud owner of the accolade which was an honor to his steadfast contribution to his brand. He started off at age 21 as a franchisee of the Japanese food unit. Currently, Omar Yunes has ownership of 13 franchised units which are in Mexico City, Veracrus, and Puebla.

Omar remarks that he is proud that he got the honor of being the sole representative of his brand and says that, that was a victory for not only him but also of all he has worked with. This includes all his 400 employees working in the 13 units under his management. He also appreciates his brand for giving him a platform to showcase his innovations and more information click here.

During the 2015 awards, other than Omar, there were several other representatives coming from 34 nations. Every participant and franchisee went through evaluation to determine who was worthy of the task. Some of the standard evaluation points were the influence of the franchisee on the network, its implementation of savings, development of personnel and the general vivid improvements proposals made and what Omar Yunes knows.

The organizer of BFW Mexico Diego Elizarrarras recognizes Omar’s efforts in ensuring that the information and control boards are managed aptly. This also secured Yunes the first rank position during the national prize elimination. Omar is characterized with the skills necessary to create transparent measurement units of information management and Omar’s lacrosse camp.

This competition targets to uphold leadership, innovation and more so teamwork which is a necessity in the implementation of dynamic improvement processes. Mexico would now be proudly represented by Omar who has the mantle of ‘The professionalization of the role of the franchise” with a second representative, Ivan Tamer holding the case “Implementation of the alternative system for the control and sale of articles” and his Website.

Omar Yunes is devoted to transforming lives and a franchise through his innovations. Being among the top Mexican Franchisees, he commands respect not just nationally but at the global investment sector. His success has been attributed to his aggressive efforts to market his products, something that has given him a good position in the control of the food industry.

Through his leadership, his company has an unbeatable strong base business network which has proven effective in providing strategies necessary for the implementation of their business schemes and

Omar Yunes, a Pacesetter Franchisee Providing Alternative Innovations in the Food Industry

George Soros – The Capitalist Threat

George Soros is a self-made billionaire who has made a fortune from the financial markets. However, he has of late been highlighting the danger of the capitalism system to the open society, and he has captured the situation on the ground well.

Survival of the Fittest

In an era where companies and marketers are trying to influence the masses’ thinking rather than responding to their needs, virtually everything is defined by its value today. A piece of art is judged by its value rather than by its appeal. Even people are respected based on how rich they are. George Soros argues that this should not be the case in a civilized society. One of the most suitable solutions that has been advocated for a long time now is the distribution of wealth. However, it is almost impossible to distribute wealth primarily because the wealthy (and powerful) are adamantly against it; additionally, the financial markets react negatively to shifts in wealth management, thus posing fears of economic collapse. George Soros explains that the situation gets worse with each generation as wealth is largely hereditary. As such, the current generation is usually worse off than the former. If this trend continues, then it may cause an irreconcilable divide between the few wealthy people and the largely poor masses.

From Individuals to States

The capitalism system has been so entrenched in the world that states are resembling individuals as explained above. Each state is focused on serving its best interest rather than working towards the common good especially considering the problems plaguing the world: wars, hunger, floods, religious division, and so much more. George Soros explains that the rise of President Donald J. Trump to power has made the situation worse as he is focused on ditching most of the U.S.’s global responsibilities. He has also stirred conflict in several regions around the world, and international relations with Russia and China have worsened under his watch. If this trend continues, then the global trade may collapse. A global economy collapse would mean a collapse of many volatile economies as well as the waning of major economies around the world.Unfortunately, there does not seem to be a solution in place as the situation is only getting worse as each person and state focus entirely on their self-interests.

George Soros Profile

George Soros is one of the leading global philanthropists. He is estimated to have donated about $12 billion to date through his Open Society Fund. His fund supports a wide range of courses including equality, education, freedom of expression, sexual freedom, and tolerance, among others.George Soros was inspired to work towards a more inclusive and open society by the difficulties he faced growing up as a Jew during the Nazi and communism period.

George Soros – The Capitalist Threat

Eric Lefkofsky and the Important Work of Tempus

Eric Lefkofsky has made a career out of working with data, aggregating it into an easy to access pool, and putting it into the hands of people who need it. It was this ability that informed his work as the co-founder of Groupon and it is this ability that led Lefkofsky to work on his newest venture, Tempus. As a life long philanthropist who has focused uniquely on cancer research, coming to work on the project Tempus seems like a natural progression.

Far from just another date night app, Tempus stands above Lefkofsky’s work with Groupon as a potential life changing and life saving endeavor. What Tempus is, simply put, is an operating system that seeks to fundamentally change our approach to medical research in the field of cancer. Lefkofsky knows how damning and dangerous cancer can be and he understands the despair that comes from a lack of knowledge. Above all else Lefkofsky knows that it doesn’t have to be this way and more information click here.

If you were to walk into a clinic and request information regarding the cancer treatment drug Herceptin you would find yourself talking to a wall. Even the most capable health care professional will have to wade through paperwork, weeks of delays, and possibly the need of a grant in order to get their info. In the meantime cancer patients are suffering because they cannot get a tailored plan of action to attack their cancer. Not all cancer treatments work for everyone. Lefkofsky hopes that Tempus provides a new track for this information to become available.

With Tempus we would see healthcare professionals have easy access to medical research that would enable them to create real, solid plans of attack. With more research available to professionals the odds of finding a successful treatment will skyrocket. Simply put, Tempus could be saving lives if it is put into action and finds success and learn more about Eric.

Lefkofsky is a lifelong entrepreneur and his approach to work has always been about problem solving. Lefkofsky saw a real problem in the way medical research is accrued and this is his response in order to remedy the situation and Eric’s lacrosse camp.

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Eric Lefkofsky and the Important Work of Tempus

The Great Achievements of Daniel Mark Harrison

Daniel is a great entrepreneur, author, businessman, and holds many other titles. He has played a significant role in growing his family businesses and also plays role in a number of enterprises including the Monkey business, Blockchain and Fintech. The renowned entrepreneur has received a high accreditation from prominent people for his great contributions in the selling of the first ever pre ICO options. His recent interview with a prestigious media expert saw him gain a lot of respect for his huge contributions in managing his personal and family`s assets as well as establishing the Monkey business in a broad range of countries namely Bangkok, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Daniels great business strategies have seen the family business attract a vast number of customers through his collaboration with his team of employees. The business expert has played a significant role in ensuring that the businesses’ COEVAL tokens get effectively distributed to consumers in an independent and direct contact and looks forward to making them available to consumers who subscribe to the Monkey business. The firm has employed high quality operations and through its great strategies to blend unique tactics with compelling projects and a great management team, it has risen to be one of the most successful ventures and in turn stood out among most of its competitors. The firm looks forward to be the only to have created crowd funding options and is tirelessly working towards achieving this goal.
Daniel Mark Harrison is a hard worker and never turns back when it comes to accomplishing his goals. His effort has earned him a great reputation as well as huge revenue returns from most of his ventures. He has always been an inspiration to many through his vast publications and will never cease to be a role model to many.
The great investor has brought a great revolution to the field of business through his exclusive inventions and high reliance on the current technology. He has always had a passion towards achieving and being the best. Daniel believes that persistence and hard work increase production in a business and that with great achievements, one pughts to be happy for himself.
The Great Achievements of Daniel Mark Harrison

Legacies Start Early: An Examination of Louis Chenevert

We could easily call Louis Chenevert the wizard of the aerospace sector. This is because of his successful legacy that he left at United Technologies Corporation, which is also known as UTC.

Chenevert was able to take a mid-sized business that struggled against its competitors and bring it to the point where it was worth a grand total of $63 billion. Upon his arrival, that shares at United Technologies Corporation was worth $37. However, because of all his business acumen and wise decisions, they were at $117 a share and continued to climb with his predecessor. Such changes in the company could only come about because of the progress that Chenevert made in in key areas.

One key area was in worker training. Chenevert focused his attention in two worker areas; the engineers and executives. With the engineers, he brought on additional training to get them from where they were to where they needed to be. With the executives, he began to instill into them his own personal vision and what that looked like for the company. He instilled into them the idea of excellence and integrity. Chenevert would not permit them to cut corners in any department.

The second key area was in mergers. Chenevert was able to lead a variety of successful mergers for the company. Two however, stand out above the rest. The first merger was with the world’s largest elevator company, Otis. The second significant merger was with the world renowned Goodrich. This merger occurred for a huge $16.3 billion increase.

The third key area was to create high end technologies to sell. These included jet engines for commercial use and military use. He increased spending in research and development of these technologies. Lastly, he added custom devices for each oh his jet engine, such as sensors, flight controls, and aerospace systems, in order to increase revenue.

It was drastic changes such as these, which he learned at his time with General Motors, Pratt and Whitney, and obtaining his degree at HEC of Montreal, that allowed him to leave his legacy at United Technologies Corporation.

Legacies Start Early: An Examination of Louis Chenevert

Dr. Avi Weisfogel’s Advancements in Sleep Apnea Treatment

Sleep apnea is a serious problem that many people never seek treatment for. Many people also don’t realize how much of an impact sleep apnea has on their health. Without a solid eight hours of sleep, people tend to show signs of sleep deprivation. Some of these signs manifest themselves in the physical appearance. Puffy eyes with dark circles are usually the most identifiable sign that a person is not getting enough sleep. Mental and cognitive problems are also common, such as poor concentration. Another common symptom of sleep apnea is physical exhaustion. Many people never realize that the underlying cause is sleep apnea.

Until recently, sleep apnea was not associated with dentistry at all. That is, until Dr. Avi Weisfogel had a vision to treat sleep apnea patients at his dental office. His interest in sleep apnea sparked his desire to bring the two fields together to combat sleep apnea. Dr. Avi Weisfogel was amazed at the lack of treatment his dental patients had been receiving for sleep apnea. He stated that other physicians were simply neglecting the sleep disorder all together in many of his patients and sought to help. By devising a comprehensive treatment, Avi Weisfogel was able to treat sleep apnea in a dental office.

Avi Weisfogel has always been an overachiever. He graduated from college with a degree in both Biology and Psychology. Keeping his expectations high, he eventually graduated from dentistry school and started his own practice. Soon, after learning more about sleep apnea and researching the topic, he decided to embark on this new innovative treatment for sleep apnea. Thanks to Avi Weisfogel’s advancements in the treatment of sleep apnea, dental patients will no longer be deprived of a good night’s sleep.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel’s Advancements in Sleep Apnea Treatment

Bob Reina Is Ready. Are You?

Bob Reina is ready for change to happen in the world and he is ready for that change to happen right now. He hopes that everyone that uses Talk Fusion is also ready for the change because it is a positive change that is going to open up their world in a whole new way. Bob Reina is the proud owner and founder of Talk Fusion, a company that has been around for a decade here in 2017. That is not lost on Bob Reina. He is one of those people that always take the time to smell the roses, as they say, and appreciate what is in front of him. He knows what a great spot he is in with Talk Fusion, and he does not take a second of it for granted. Learn more:


He is hoping that the people that use Talk Fusion feel the same way about their lives and make the same kind of changes. With Talk Fusion, anything is possible for someone. They are an all-in-one video communications provider, which offers video newsletters and video conferences to name a few. They are always expanding with the product and they like to keep it fresh, interesting, and innovate for the customers out there.


They are the lifeblood of Talk Fusion, and Bob Reina is the CEO that talks to them and finds out what they like and what they don’t like. After all, this product was made with them in mind. Because of this, he wants to ensure they are getting the most out of their Talk Fusion experience. He is that kind of man. The same approach applies to his employees, as he loves to hear their opinions and their input on a situation. When he hears this, he knows he can dabble with things here and there. Learn more:


At its core, however, the company has done its best to keep things moving in the right direction for the customers while also keeping their beliefs that made them so popular in the first place. That can be a tough line to navigate through, but Bob Reina has done it with flying colors. Learn more:


Bob Reina Is Ready. Are You?

Bumble Is Taking Over, One App (and Hive) At A Time

Many people are familiar with Bumble, and for those who are not, Bumble is a dating app that is used from mobile devices. What makes Bumble one-of-a-kind is that communication must be initiated by the female once a match has been created; this Bumble-exclusive dating rule gives women the chance to show their dominant side, and may even inspire more girl power outside of the app.

With the success of Bumble came Bumble BFF, the app community’s latest discovery. Bumble BFF is just like the original Bumble app, except is was designed for friendships to be made instead of romantic relationships. After all, one can’t have too many friends, right?

With the goal of giving leadership to women in the dating field, as well as creating harmony by granting friendships, Bumble seems to have a good cause. This good-for-all philosophy isn’t surprising when we look at the woman who created these apps to start with. Whitney Wolfe, one of the 30 most important women under the age of 30 (named by Business Insiders), is the magic-maker behind Bumble and Bumble BFF. With a degree in International Studies, Whitney Wolfe has a strong understanding of what the fundamentals are that relationships share, culture to culture. In fact, Whitney Wolfe has direct experience working with orphanages in Southeast Asia. Her philanthropic work doesn’t stop there, as she also created charitable fashion-items (at the age of 19) that raised money for those suffering from the BP oil spill.

Whitney Wolfe’s latest creative endeavor is called the Hive, which is a yellow-hued location where Bumble (and Bumble BFF) matches can meet up. Even people who are not Bumble users are welcome to the hangout space, as it has purposes besides getting to know Bumble matches. In fact, classes will be given on a variety of subjects, including empowerment, business, and relationships. Even hair sessions will be provided, and it’s been stated the Forbes will be making its appearance as well. Whitney Wolfe is an incredible example of how women can make a wonderful impact on the world; her specialty is bringing people together.

For more information about Whitney Wolfe, just click here.

Bumble Is Taking Over, One App (and Hive) At A Time

Rona Borre, Influential Female Entrepreneur Impacting the Business World

Rona Borre is a well-known female entrepreneur who serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Instant Alliance. Over the years, Borre has successfully built her resume and Instant Alliance into a respected company nationwide. Since 2001, the company has been operational with a consistent increase in revenue on an annual basis.

Rona Borre Exceptional Resume

Ronna Borre obtained a BS in Business from the University of Arizona. After graduating, Ronna landed herself a job as a receptionist at an advertisement agency. Over the years, she has sat on various boards such as Young Presidents Organization, Economic Club of Chicago, and The Chicago Network. As a result, she has featured on major network channels by USA Today, CBS 2 Chicago, CNN, Crain’s Chicago, and CNBC. Furthermore, she has been honored by the National Association of Women Business Owners as an Influential Woman in the Business industry. Also, she was recognized as an Enterprising Woman of the Year by the Enterprising Women Magazine.  Check for additional article.

Borre is passionate when it comes to assisting companies to reach their goals. Her primary goal is to mold people who have strong entrepreneurship skills into outstanding leaders in the ever-growing market. With this philosophy, she has had great success and continues to make a more significant impact in the business world today.  For related article, hit

For an in-depth look at Instant Alliance, click

Rona Borre, Influential Female Entrepreneur Impacting the Business World