Omar Yunes, a Pacesetter Franchisee Providing Alternative Innovations in the Food Industry

The Best Franchisee of the World (BFW) went to Sushi Itto’s Omar Yunes. The event was held in Florence, Italy on December 5. Omar was a proud owner of the accolade which was an honor to his steadfast contribution to his brand. He started off at age 21 as a franchisee of the Japanese food unit. Currently, Omar Yunes has ownership of 13 franchised units which are in Mexico City, Veracrus, and Puebla.

Omar remarks that he is proud that he got the honor of being the sole representative of his brand and says that, that was a victory for not only him but also of all he has worked with. This includes all his 400 employees working in the 13 units under his management. He also appreciates his brand for giving him a platform to showcase his innovations and more information click here.

During the 2015 awards, other than Omar, there were several other representatives coming from 34 nations. Every participant and franchisee went through evaluation to determine who was worthy of the task. Some of the standard evaluation points were the influence of the franchisee on the network, its implementation of savings, development of personnel and the general vivid improvements proposals made and what Omar Yunes knows.

The organizer of BFW Mexico Diego Elizarrarras recognizes Omar’s efforts in ensuring that the information and control boards are managed aptly. This also secured Yunes the first rank position during the national prize elimination. Omar is characterized with the skills necessary to create transparent measurement units of information management and Omar’s lacrosse camp.

This competition targets to uphold leadership, innovation and more so teamwork which is a necessity in the implementation of dynamic improvement processes. Mexico would now be proudly represented by Omar who has the mantle of ‘The professionalization of the role of the franchise” with a second representative, Ivan Tamer holding the case “Implementation of the alternative system for the control and sale of articles” and his Website.

Omar Yunes is devoted to transforming lives and a franchise through his innovations. Being among the top Mexican Franchisees, he commands respect not just nationally but at the global investment sector. His success has been attributed to his aggressive efforts to market his products, something that has given him a good position in the control of the food industry.

Through his leadership, his company has an unbeatable strong base business network which has proven effective in providing strategies necessary for the implementation of their business schemes and

Omar Yunes, a Pacesetter Franchisee Providing Alternative Innovations in the Food Industry

Bob Reina Is Ready. Are You?

Bob Reina is ready for change to happen in the world and he is ready for that change to happen right now. He hopes that everyone that uses Talk Fusion is also ready for the change because it is a positive change that is going to open up their world in a whole new way. Bob Reina is the proud owner and founder of Talk Fusion, a company that has been around for a decade here in 2017. That is not lost on Bob Reina. He is one of those people that always take the time to smell the roses, as they say, and appreciate what is in front of him. He knows what a great spot he is in with Talk Fusion, and he does not take a second of it for granted. Learn more:


He is hoping that the people that use Talk Fusion feel the same way about their lives and make the same kind of changes. With Talk Fusion, anything is possible for someone. They are an all-in-one video communications provider, which offers video newsletters and video conferences to name a few. They are always expanding with the product and they like to keep it fresh, interesting, and innovate for the customers out there.


They are the lifeblood of Talk Fusion, and Bob Reina is the CEO that talks to them and finds out what they like and what they don’t like. After all, this product was made with them in mind. Because of this, he wants to ensure they are getting the most out of their Talk Fusion experience. He is that kind of man. The same approach applies to his employees, as he loves to hear their opinions and their input on a situation. When he hears this, he knows he can dabble with things here and there. Learn more:


At its core, however, the company has done its best to keep things moving in the right direction for the customers while also keeping their beliefs that made them so popular in the first place. That can be a tough line to navigate through, but Bob Reina has done it with flying colors. Learn more:


Bob Reina Is Ready. Are You?

Why Jason Halpern Is an Icon in the Real Estate Industry

Jason Halpern: Born to Develop Property

The real estate development has taken a new dimension with the entry of notable personalities like Jason Halpern. Jason Halpern is an established real estate developer with a vast interest in both commercial and residential housing units. He took over the family business JMH Development in 2010 and propelled the company into a major player in the real estate industry. The company has invested over $500 million worth of properties in New York City. This involves the construction of 184 Kent and refurbishing a warehouse into 340 modern luxurious apartments. Through the company, Jason Halpern has initiated the development of townhouses on the Cobble Hill by adding nine new executive houses in the Brooklyn region.

Jason Halpern with Crunchbase Production

JMH Development has championed the development of unique and state-of-the-art residential and commercial houses that have taken root in Miami Beach, Manhattan and Brooklyn. The company is responsible for conducting research and coming up desirable designs that will be accepted by the mighty in the society. The company has invested in professional employees who are vast with experience in marketing and branding. The finished properties become a hot cake to the clients due to good and furnished designs. Moreover, Jason Halpern announced that the company would be topping off Aloft South Beach. This is after the successful completion of the 235-room hotel that is scheduled to open in Miami Beach. JMH Development partnered with the Madden Real Estate Ventures in the development of breathtaking Motel Ankara. The motel will witness an introduction of new eight-story tower making it an epitome of attraction in Miami. The Aloft South Beach will come with different types of amenities like roof deck lounge, outdoor pool, fitness room and 2,349 square feet room.

Jason Halpern with Model, Milana and Richard

Jason Halpern has led JMH Development into a recognized entity due to increased demand of houses constructed by the company. The company is known for changing old and historic buildings into modern, adorable and unique design houses that attract high-end people in the society. Jason Halpern is a master in the real estate field having gotten enough experience working earlier with other notable estate developers. As such, his mission is to ensure only the best housing units are delivered in the market


Why Jason Halpern Is an Icon in the Real Estate Industry

Bob Reina Maximizes his Worth By Doing the Impossible

Bob Reina has become the CEO of Talk Fusion that has become a leader on a global scale when it comes to video conferencing and video chats. He has managed to lead the way and he has even returned as a guest author for Martech Advisor. His specialty in the field of real-time video conferencing and video email has made him one of the most successful in an industry that he did not even plan to endeavor into.


People that are familiar with the story of Bob Reina are aware that he was a criminal justice major first. He has even worked in law enforcement before he made the transition into the area of video technology. People are thrilled with the innovation that Bob has been able to provide to the video communication industry so far, but it is obvious that he is just getting started. Bob is someone that likes a challenge, and he has always been able to defy the odds when it comes to creating the impossible. That would be the initial thing that would get him a seat in the industry among other technology veterans. When Bob decided to create something that did not exist it was obvious that he was risk taker. He was told that it could not be done. This would start him on the journey to accomplishing something that was not a reality at that time. Bob would work hard to make this a reality and bring forth a new wave of communication that would change technology.


People that are familiar with Talk Fusion can easily see how this company has risen. Bob Reina has done a great job of marketing his brand and making it known that his company is one of the ones that offers award-winning real-time conferencing. He has also made it his business to let consumers know just how easy it is to utilize this product. The Talk Fusion applications are simple, but these applications are very effective. That is what has allowed Bob Brenner to draw a large crowd of consumers from all parts of the world.



Bob Reina Maximizes his Worth By Doing the Impossible

Spotlight on Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg’s Evolving Brands


Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler have managed to take great steps in the world of online retail on their fashion line that they started a few years ago. The company is usually referred by the media as a “unicorn” meaning it has successfully managed to bypass the $1 billion spot. These two entrepreneurs are co-founders of Fabletics, JustFab, Intelligent Beauty etc.  All of Don Ressler’s projects can be found listed on CrunchBase.



Rebranding to TechStyle Fashion Group



Recently, Ressler and Goldenberg decide to rebrand their identity from JustFab to the TechStyle Fashion Group. Goldenberg explained that this rebranding was necessitated by the need to have a name that matches the company’s mission at the moment. He added that over 60% of the company’s personnel come from the fashion industry. The two co-founders are sticking to their guns by continuing the use of their subscription model as it offers the company a huge edge in terms of retaining its customers. The subscription model also makes it more cost-effective to encourage customers to make visits to their site.  Something that Don Ressler explained to Brandettes in a recent interview.



How has data-driven marketing helped shape TechStyle and its brands?



TechStyle Fashion Group is looking to make a shift of its technology roots and is contemplating to make the move from an e-commerce site to become a global brand. It is building a platform whereby it will have more than 4 million VIP members for its four brands. They are rebranding to embrace a more data-driven and edgy outlook. The company is looking at making its services more tech centric and personalized to reduce chances of customer complaints and offer the best services possible.



TechStyle has implemented a number of changes to its policies as a way of offering their customers with the best services. The data-driven outlook employed by the company is set to reimagining the fashion business by using the data for vertical integration and personalization. It will be used to control the full business cycle from the product creation, manufacture, distribution, marketing and software development.



About TechStyle Fashion Group



Previously known as JustFab, the company was founded in 2010 and in 2016, the co-founders decided to rebrand it to TechStyle Fashion Group. It is a lifestyle and fashion company that is offering personalized and engaging shopping experience to its million of worldwide customers. The company relies on data collected from its customers in order to satisfy the needs and expectations of a modern shopper. The company headquarters are based in El Segundo and the place was favored by the two co-founders due to its close proximity with an international airport, beach and has office options that are ideal for extension.  Don Ressler was proud to announce new sizes for JustFab, as the brand continues to grow to encompass more and more users every year.

Spotlight on Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg’s Evolving Brands

Taking Vengeance On The Market


China has been facing a lot of financial woes. According to Kyle Bass, these woes are not going to get any better anytime soon. He is making a bet against the economy of China. He is stating that there is not going to be any improvements to the market conditions of the country anytime soon. From what things look like, Kyle Bass might be right. This may be the biggest prediction that he has made since the economic crisis of 2008. However, when one looks at the history, he would see that he has a questionable track record when it comes to financial decisions.


Kyle Bass has started his life in the spotlight when he has successfully predicted the economic downturn of 2008. When one looks at the amazing prediction he made, he will wonder what has happened to that touch he had. There was one point where people tuned in to see what Kyle Bass had to say. He was in fact one of the most trusted investors at some point. That time has not lasted at all. He has made a ton of bad calls that resulted in him being seen as someone who is not worth watching other than for laughs.


Among the bad calls that Kyle Bass has made was making calls about a certain economy. He has often made the same statement about the economy of Japan over and over. However, the prediction he has made has not come to pass. With plenty of other mistakes and frantic gambling actions he has made, he has quickly fallen from grace. However, he seems to be making the right decision when it comes to the economy of China. Whether he is right or not remains to be seen. One thing is for certain. Kyle Bass will still continue to make his calls.

Taking Vengeance On The Market

Jim Hunt: Expanding His Desire to Teach With VTA Publications

Jim Hunt is a seasoned investment trader with years of experience trading in the financial stock market. He has formulated several business models through VTA Publications, on how to trade and successfully taught this knowledge to individuals and corporations. Jim finds his passion in teaching people how to invest wisely, and even encourage many more to try out the financial market and see what they can get from it.

It’s his love for the financial markets coupled by a strong desire to teach that led him to come up with the new investment system. This new application by Jim Hunt imparts sound financial knowledge on the potential investor without delving much into the confusing lingo or jargon used by the veterans.

Jim Hunt understands that so many people fear getting into investments because of the lack of knowledge. Not understanding how the financial markets work, how it can benefit them, and how to avoid the common mistakes is the number one reason why many people fail to invest or drop out after severe losses. In this new application, Jim imparts this knowledge on the potential investor and shows them that there is really nothing to worry about when it comes to diversifying their investment portfolio.

Jim’s new system is described as specific and takes away all the guesswork. He has partnered with VTA publications to ensure that his new system is implemented by as many investors as possible all over the world. Jim’s system will help investors know firsthand which portfolios are worth putting money into and which ones to avoid. There is no more flying blindly in the investment world once you go through the hands of Jim Hunt.

About VTA Publications

VTA is a publishing company that was established on the 3rd of December 2013. Their main focus is in non-fiction material, for distance learning classes, as well as event organization. They have been promoting informational products to thousands of customers worldwide. VTA Publications works with top professionals who have mastered their respective fields to help spread knowledge and expertise to those interested.

VTA Publication is now bringing the knowledge and expertise of Jim Hunt close to the customer in the most simplified way possible. Find out more about VTA Publications on their official website.

Jim Hunt: Expanding His Desire to Teach With VTA Publications

Philip Role Debunks the Functions of The US Money Reserve

Enterprise Radio host, Eric Dye recently hosted Philip Diehl on his show, which airs on the Entrepreneurial Podcast Network. The show gives budding entrepreneurs, executives and SME owners the opportunity to share ideas, experiences and business strategies.

The interview is among numerous media appearances made by Mr. Diehl since the turn of the year. A number of topics were addressed during the program with the most important being how the US Money Reserve can secure the financial future of individuals.

Diehl’s Transformative Leadership

Mr. Diehl is the current president of the agency. He is considered the most successful holder of that position in the organization’s history. He is particularly credited with introducing the 50-state Quarter Program. Besides this, he oversaw the minting of the maiden platinum coins issued by the US treasury. Read more: US Money Reserve | LinkedIn and US Money Reserve | CrunchBase

His transformation of the agency has been widely documented. When he took over, it was on the brink of collapse due to gross mismanagement. His prudent and proactive management regime has helped transform it into the epitome of entrepreneurial success. This has mainly been done by improving service delivery.

Since he became the agency’s president, Diehl has been constantly utilizing transformational business principles to increase customer satisfaction. This has made the US Money Reserve to be recognized as the largest distributor of gold bars, metals and coins issued by the government.

This year alone, it has implemented a self-regulatory program, which will allow buyers to hold onto gold as a way of protecting their wealth. Those who opt for this program are bound to benefit in the event that the prices of gold rise. During the interview, Diehl advised customers to choose US-minted precious metals since they are legally recognized by the Treasury.

Functions of the US Money Reserve

The US Money Reserve website states that its core role is helping interested individuals to have access to high quality precious metals available.

For more than 15 years, it has cut a niche for itself in the industry by sourcing for the highest quality gold and platinum. It has competent and experienced employees who offer judicial advice to those who wish to invest in gold.

Those who buy gold from the agency have the advantage of accessing good quality gold in terms of content. Such gold retails at a higher price whenever they wish to sell it.

The agency similarly guarantees refunds in case clients are dissatisfied with the precious metals sold to them. This is normally done promptly provided that the coins are not tampered with.

Learn more about US Money Reserve:

Philip Role Debunks the Functions of The US Money Reserve

Brad Reifler Continues to Forge Ahead

Has the divide between the 1% and 99% become more pronounced in the United States? For some reason, the United States has continued on a path where the 1% “accredited investor” has more rights than the 99% regular investor. Learn the 5 tips of Forefront Capital CEO Brad Reifler for the regular investor, and something he tweets about often.

“What Advantages Do 1% Investors Have?”

The wealthiest investors can hire the best hedge fund managers in the world to try more exotic techniques for making money. The United States Treasury 10-Year Bond (UST) is an example of an investment that might require a very high income. Government sovereign bonds are traded between nations, central banks and wealthy institutions.

Investors need only look through the list at their local bank for certificates of deposit (CDs) to see that the highest investment amounts have the highest interest rates. Likewise, some higher stock prices are intentionally aimed at the high-end investors. The top hedge funds are reserved for the wealthiest 1% investors.

“Inflation Erodes Profits”

Wikipedia shows that Forefront Capital CEO Brad Reifler recounted how some nice-sounding investments might not be profitable during his Reuters press release. Just like any responsible parent, Brad Reifler invested in a “529 college savings plan” for his children. Unfortunately, when it was time to remove the money, the “fund was actually worth less than what he started with.”

Many regular investors are experiencing the same difficult choices at the beginning of 2016 – rising inflation and low interest rates make profitability very difficult. In the 1990s, real estate delivered healthy returns. In 2008, the property market unraveled and now some are looking for a replacement.

Forefront Capital CEO Brad Reifler offers 5 tips for succeeding in any environment on 1. Risk Management, 2. Prudence, 3. Liquidity, 4. Like-Minded Manager and 5. Strategy. Develop a coherent short- and long-term plan for your financial portfolio. Risk management may change over time and might include selling when risk increases too rapidly.

“Reifler: Three Decades of Trading”

The wealthiest investors have a distinct advantage over others in terms of money. In 1982, Brad Reifler founded Reifler Trading Corporation executing global derivatives. He sold Reifler Trading to Refco in 2000. Reifler had also built up Pali Capital to revenues over $200 million per year with offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Austria, Singapore and Latin America as CrunchBase indicates.

In 2009, Brad Reifler started up his boutique firm, Forefront Capital, to provide discretionary and non-discretionary banking, wealth management and investment advice to individuals, advisors and institutions. Forefront Capital can satisfy both your income and long-term appreciation needs. If you are one of the 99%, but want to gain the advantages of the 1%, then Forefront Capital might have the right financial services for you. MarketWired has more about where Brad is taking ForeFront Capital next.

Brad Reifler Continues to Forge Ahead

Hayman Capital Founder Kyle Bass Believes In Hillary Clinton

Kyle Bass, the outspoken Dallas-based hedge fund manager, is not shy when it comes to expressing his opinions publically. Bass is best-known for telling CNBC’s David Faber that Bearn Stearns was in trouble back in 2007. Bass founded Hayman Capital Management in 2006, and he was a Bear Stearns executive when he secretly met with Faber. Bass believed that the subprime mortgage bond situation was filled with bad deals, and those deals were going to bring Bear Stearns and other Wall Street firms down. Bass made a huge bet that the mortgages would bring down the market. Bass was right, and he made more than $590 million on that bet. Hayman Capital and Kyle Bass made headline news for predicting and then betting that the market would crash, and he has been making headline news ever since then,

But most of the news about Bass hasn’t been that positive over the last three years, according to an article published by It seems Bass has a tendency to upset the status quo, and he does it on a regular basis. Hayman Capital Management hasn’t produced the more than 600 percent returns that it produced in 2009 and that hasn’t made investors very unhappy. Bass was criticized for taking General Motors side when the faulty airbag and power steering issues were discovered. Hayman Capital was the largest General Motors Shareholder at the time, and Bass said that the 13 victims that lost their lives behind the faulty GM vehicles were either not wearing their seatbelts or were under the influence of Alcohol.

Wikipedia had information about how when Argentina defaulted on their bonds in 2014, Bass took President Christina Fernandez de Kirchner’s side. Kyle said the four hedge funds that held the bonds were vultures and were holding 42 million people captive because they refused to settle the debt for 30 cents on the dollar. President Christina Fernandez de Kirchner was the one holding Argentina captive. Her economic policies kept the country in debt and in a state of uncontrollable inflation.

Bass recently formed a coalition with Erich Spangenberg to try to stop drug companies from charging outrageous prices for the drugs people needed to survive. Spangenberg has been called the most notorious patent troll in the world, and when he targets a drug company Bass shorts the stock in that company.

But the most interesting news from Bass these days is his support of Hillary Clinton. Bass thinks Clinton will win the nomination. Bass thinks that Trump doesn’t stand a chance against her if he is the Republican candidate.

Hayman Capital Founder Kyle Bass Believes In Hillary Clinton