Bumble Is Taking Over, One App (and Hive) At A Time

Many people are familiar with Bumble, and for those who are not, Bumble is a dating app that is used from mobile devices. What makes Bumble one-of-a-kind is that communication must be initiated by the female once a match has been created; this Bumble-exclusive dating rule gives women the chance to show their dominant side, and may even inspire more girl power outside of the app.

With the success of Bumble came Bumble BFF, the app community’s latest discovery. Bumble BFF is just like the original Bumble app, except is was designed for friendships to be made instead of romantic relationships. After all, one can’t have too many friends, right?

With the goal of giving leadership to women in the dating field, as well as creating harmony by granting friendships, Bumble seems to have a good cause. This good-for-all philosophy isn’t surprising when we look at the woman who created these apps to start with. Whitney Wolfe, one of the 30 most important women under the age of 30 (named by Business Insiders), is the magic-maker behind Bumble and Bumble BFF. With a degree in International Studies, Whitney Wolfe has a strong understanding of what the fundamentals are that relationships share, culture to culture. In fact, Whitney Wolfe has direct experience working with orphanages in Southeast Asia. Her philanthropic work doesn’t stop there, as she also created charitable fashion-items (at the age of 19) that raised money for those suffering from the BP oil spill.

Whitney Wolfe’s latest creative endeavor is called the Hive, which is a yellow-hued location where Bumble (and Bumble BFF) matches can meet up. Even people who are not Bumble users are welcome to the hangout space, as it has purposes besides getting to know Bumble matches. In fact, classes will be given on a variety of subjects, including empowerment, business, and relationships. Even hair sessions will be provided, and it’s been stated the Forbes will be making its appearance as well. Whitney Wolfe is an incredible example of how women can make a wonderful impact on the world; her specialty is bringing people together.

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Bumble Is Taking Over, One App (and Hive) At A Time

Adam Milstein Philanthropic Contribution towards Uplifting the Jewish Community

Adam Milstein is the son of Eva and Milstein, a homemaker and a real estate developer respectively. Both parents migrated to Israel when it was being founded. Adam’s father, who was of Argentinian descent, took an active role in the independence war of Israel as a combat sailor. In 1950, the Milsteins got married and moved from Haifa to Kiryat Motzkin and read full article.

Adam Milstein joined the Defense forces in 1971, which was part of his mandatory service. He participated in Yom Kippur War of 1973. He later joined Technion and graduated in 1978 with a BSc degree in Business and Economics. While still in his higher education years, Adam joined his father in the expansion of the family’s real estate development and construction business.

Adam was married to Gila Elgrably in 1974, and in 1984, the couple moved to the US. While in the US, Adam joined the University of Southern California. After graduating with an MBA degree in 1983, Adam started working as a sales agent in the commercial real estate sector and learn more about Adam.

Career life

Adam Milstein is Hager Pacific Properties’ managing partner. He oversees the firm’s disposition, accounting, and financing. The firm focuses on acquisition, rehabilitation, and reposition of retail, office, multi-family, and industrial properties.

Involvement in Philanthropy

Adam co-founded the Adam and Gila Family Foundation. The Foundation provides philanthropic and charitable services to various organizations with the goal of strengthening the Jewish people, US – Israel relationship, and the Israeli State.

Adam’s philanthropic activities comprise of partnership development, consulting, and fundraising to help programs in the field of Jewish continuity, Pro-Israel advocacy, and Jewish education. The philanthropic philosophy of Adam entails three unique principles.

Life Path Impact: Adam looks out, finances, and develops charities that constantly engage their audiences through the various stages of life. Through the creation of programs that are designed for childhood, adolescence, and adulthood, the charities are able to maintain a deep and continuous link with their target population.

Active Philanthropy: Adam, Milstein Family Foundation, and its workers invest adequate time, expertise, and resources in every program, project, and organization that they support and Adam’s lacrosse camp.

Philanthropic Synergy: Adam offers guidance and funding to help philanthropic organizations boost their impact through development of synergies and programmatic partnerships with other not-for-profit entities working toward similar goals.

More visit: https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/adammilstein

Adam Milstein Philanthropic Contribution towards Uplifting the Jewish Community

The 2016’s One Planet Awards Gold CEO Winner, Troy McQuagge

Troy McQuagge was the lucky winner of the CEO of the Year award given by One Planet Awards. This is a prestigious global award that recognizes and honors businesses and individuals who excel in their niches and it accepts contestants from across the world. The fact that it is a global award makes anyone who emerges the Gold Winner a very celebrated person whose leadership skills are a worthy example to CEOs and managers across the world.

Those eligible to the award include public and private institutions, small businesses, start-ups, non-profit institutions and for-profit organizations. The One Planet Awards is highly segmented and always has a slot for different kinds of experts and Troy on Facebook.

Mr McQuagge’s win doesn’t come as a surprise. He believes that his excellence is a direct extrapolation of all the amazing team he has backing him up over at USHEALTH Group. Speaking after the award, Troy revealed that he believes the trophy belongs to the entire team as he wouldn’t have won it had his team been not as exemplary as it has been.

Mr McQuagge came into USHEALTH in 2010. Before becoming the CEO in 2014, he had started a project that was crucial in refocusing operations and improving conversions, something that led to more customers and improved satisfaction. The health insurance market depends on customer satisfaction and trust. His changes and worked hand in hand with the revamped sales funnel to ensure that all the new USHEALTH customers were actually happy with what they bought into and learn more about Troy.

Troy McQuagge is a seasoned entrepreneur and leader from Panama, Florida. He began his career in health insurance sales back in 1983 and has stuck to the niche for years earning him a wide range experience in the niche. His first job was over at Allstate Insurance back in 1983 and Troy’s lacrosse camp.

His move to USHEALTH Advisors in 2010 was the highlight of his career, and so was his idea to target those under 65 years of age and come up with incentives that pushed this low risk age bracket into buying more insurance covers. USHEALTH still focuses on selling insurance plans to a wide range of people despite its specializations.

Other Reference: http://www.insurancenewsnet.com/oarticle/Troy-McQuagge-is-Slated-to-Head-USHEALTH-Group-Inc-a-489547

The 2016’s One Planet Awards Gold CEO Winner, Troy McQuagge

Whitney Wolfe Provides Women A Different Way Of Dating

For women in the world looking for romance and love, it can be very difficult. Many women are faced with trying to do many things without enough time to do everything. This pushes women to make a decision to forgo trying to find someone special in their lives. One of the great experiences in life is having someone special to talk to and spend time with on a daily basis.A special relationship makes life different than being without someone. As women look for time to have a relationship, they first try to find time to have a dating life. In the age of technology, many women have turned to technology to help them find someone to date. Although technology can do a lot of things for people, it still takes some time and effort to date. Technology such as date apps have made the process easier for many women.

Date apps allow women to skip many of the things that are usually done to get dates. Date apps also allow women to have a chance to communicate with people who already have an interest in dating. One of the date apps that many women have found to be very helpful is the Bumble date app. The app was designed by Whitney Wolfe as a way of providing women with an app that gives them what they are looking for in finding a date.

Whitney Wolfe has made a name for herself as a top executive. She has a deep understanding of what women want concerning help in the dating environment. Whitney Wolfe made the Bumble date app to give women without a lot of time a chance to have romance. As a business professional, Whitney Wolfe has accomplished a lot, and she continues to expand on her reputation with the Bumble date app.


Whitney Wolfe Provides Women A Different Way Of Dating

Anthony Petrello – Success Under The Radar

Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer and President of Nabors Industries Ltd, Anthony G. Petrello, also known as Tony to some, has quite the accomplished portfolio. Receiving his Juris Doctor Degree at Harvard Law, he also went on to get a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science in Mathematics at Yale University. Primarily a name recognized in the gas and oil industry, Mr. Petrello is also a respected philanthropist. Donating millions in the way of children’s neurological research.

After taking over as Deputy Chairman of Nabors Industries in 1991, he managed to keep the company out of the jaws of bankruptcy it had once narrowly escaped. However, despite his already profound contributions to the company, he continues to provide extensive backing through strategic guidance and planning. The company itself specializes in developing and contributing numerous technologies, services and offshore rigs for the entire industry. As of the total fiscal year of 2015, it is said Anthony Petrello’s compensation reached upwards of $ 27.6 million.

Along with the aforementioned roles, his resume also includes: Member of the Board of Trustees at the Texas Children’s Hospital, Director of Stewart & Stevenson LLC, Director of MediaOnDemand.com, Managing Partner of Baker & McKenzie, New York Office. To this day, he continues to stay humble but never quiet in his endeavors. From 2012 to 2014, revenues for Nabors Industries shot up a whopping 246% under the leadership and guidance of Anthony Petrello. A success story indeed swept under the radar. Or perhaps, he prefers it that way and what Anthony knows.

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Anthony Petrello – Success Under The Radar

Bob Reina Maximizes his Worth By Doing the Impossible

Bob Reina has become the CEO of Talk Fusion that has become a leader on a global scale when it comes to video conferencing and video chats. He has managed to lead the way and he has even returned as a guest author for Martech Advisor. His specialty in the field of real-time video conferencing and video email has made him one of the most successful in an industry that he did not even plan to endeavor into.


People that are familiar with the story of Bob Reina are aware that he was a criminal justice major first. He has even worked in law enforcement before he made the transition into the area of video technology. People are thrilled with the innovation that Bob has been able to provide to the video communication industry so far, but it is obvious that he is just getting started. Bob is someone that likes a challenge, and he has always been able to defy the odds when it comes to creating the impossible. That would be the initial thing that would get him a seat in the industry among other technology veterans. When Bob decided to create something that did not exist it was obvious that he was risk taker. He was told that it could not be done. This would start him on the journey to accomplishing something that was not a reality at that time. Bob would work hard to make this a reality and bring forth a new wave of communication that would change technology.


People that are familiar with Talk Fusion can easily see how this company has risen. Bob Reina has done a great job of marketing his brand and making it known that his company is one of the ones that offers award-winning real-time conferencing. He has also made it his business to let consumers know just how easy it is to utilize this product. The Talk Fusion applications are simple, but these applications are very effective. That is what has allowed Bob Brenner to draw a large crowd of consumers from all parts of the world.



Bob Reina Maximizes his Worth By Doing the Impossible

Leadership with a Difference- Troy McQuagge

USHEALTH Group Chief Executive Officer, Troy McQuagge was honored and was named the Gold Winner as the Chief Executive Officer of the year in One Planet Awards. Planet Awards is an international premier awards programs that were created for the purpose of honoring entrepreneurs and professionals in all industries in the world. Industries and companies all over the world are entitled to submit the names to the organization. The award team opens the submission of names to both private and public companies, small and medium business, non-profit and profit-making organizations as well as startups.

Troy began working at USHEALTH in 2010. After his appointed, Troy began to work towards the expansion and the rebuilding of the organization. His hard work and commitment to seeing the restructuring of USHEALTH led to him climbing the career ladder. In 2004 Mr. Troy was appointed the President and the Chief Executive Officer of USHEALTH. During his era as the President of USHEALTH, Troy has overseen the expansion and development of the firm.

During the awards, Troy mentioned said that it was such an honor to be appointed and honored as the Chief Executive Officer of the year. He did not forget to say that the award did not belong to him but it belonged to the staff and the USHEALTH management team. Troy further said that the award was a clear indication of the company’s commitment to the health sector, and is ready and willing to offer affordable health solutions for their client by delivering innovative health care program that will cover their long-term health care needs.

One Planet Awards is an organization that has a mandate of recognizing companies as well as professionals for their excellent leadership skills. The awards are in categories which include Public Relations marketing, new products and services, organizations, teams, executives, and corporate communications.

Troy McQuagge is the President and the Chief Executive Officer of USHEALTH Group. Troy has a vast experience in marketing and Public relations as well as in health market. Troy gained his experience while working at Presidency Marketing Group from 1996 – 2008. He was appointed the President and the Chief Executive Officer of USHEALTH in 2010. He has continued to work hard and develop the health sector as he expands USHEALTH

Social Media Profiele: https://www.facebook.com/troy.mcquagge

Leadership with a Difference- Troy McQuagge

How Evolution of Smooth Disrupted The Lip Balm Industry

Not every company that creates and sells lip balm can say that they are, all on their own, the fuel behind the advancement of an entire business category but that is exactly what the independent beauty brand Evolution of Smooth has achieved. According to Fast Company magazine, the research company Kline has discovered that Evolution of Smooth’s eye-catching lip balm is the special sauce that has set what is known to industry insiders as the oral care market on fire. Evolution of Smooth sells lotion and shaving cream as well but what most consumers know it for are its flagship products that are known as organic smooth spheres. Evolution of Smooth products can be bought from a wide range of retailers such as Target, Walgreens, Wal-Mart, Well and online on Amazon. They are part of the reason why Evolution of Smooth is selling millions of its products every month.

f you are wondering why consumers are going crazy for the company’s lip balm all you have to do is look at it. The products have been around for seven years now but when they first made it from off of the assembly line and into stores across the country they stood apart from the lip balm that other companies were selling. For starters Evolution of Smooth’s lip balm (https://evolutionofsmooth.ca/) looks as though it literally came from the future. The design of the lip balm’s package is, in a word, elegant. Rather than choosing to put their organically formulated lip balm in yet another tube (even though they sell tubes of lip balm too these days), they chose to put in something that looked a lot like a plastic easter egg. This change in the presentation of the lip balm and the way it allowed the lip balm to be used is arguably what helped to fuel the massive success that Evolution of Smooth has experienced. The chunky, round, colorful packaging not only made Evolution of Smooth’s organic smooth spheres enjoyable to use it also made them much harder to lose in the recesses of a purse or room filled with furniture.

Try EOS today, visit evolutionofsmooth.ca or Amazon.com to place an order.


How Evolution of Smooth Disrupted The Lip Balm Industry

The Inspiring Success Story About Tony Petrello

Tony Petrello is the President and CEO of Nabors Industries Ltd. As the CEO, Anthony Petrello helps the company navigate the dynamic competitive world that is the American oil industry. He provides direction towards the prosperity and adaptation of the firm through his strategic planning initiative on top of his operating functions as the president.

Since June 2012, Mr. Petrello has been at the helm of the company’s executive committee as well as its board of directors. He was elected to the company’s executive committee of the board in early 90s. He has also been the company’s chief operating officer and president for a decade.

Anthony Petrello’s Education and a Law Career

Before he joined Nabors Industries Ltd in 1991, Petrello practiced general corporate, taxation and international arbitration at the Baker & McKenzie law firm. He resigned in 1991 after working at the law firm for 12 years, 5 of which he served as a managing partner with the New York City-based law firm.

Anthony Petrello attended Yale University and Harvard Law School where he graduated with degrees in MS Degree in mathematics and a J.D degree respectively. He is an advocate for medical programs and research meant to deal with the needs of kids born with neurological conditions. He is a member of Texas Children’s Hospital board of trustees. Anthony Petrello is also the director of Hilcorp Energy Company as well as Stewart & Stevenson Ltd.

Anthony Petrello’s Family Life

Tony Petrello’s success story is exceptional. How he rose from living with his Italian immigrant grandparents in New Jersey to Yale and Harvard Law School and later as a managing partner at a New York City law firm, and eventually to the helm of one of the biggest oil companies in the world. Tony and his wife Cynthia live in the East Coast and they have one child, Carena.

Nabors Industries

Nabors Industries Ltd is a Bermuda-based Oil and Gas Company that operates from Houston, Texas. It is one of the leading onshore drilling companies in the in the United States. The company is facing pressure from investors to shed some assets and concentrate on high-tech drilling activities which led to the company selling some oil fields in California. The company provides drilling services such as hydraulic fracturing and owns about a 1,000 rigs, both offshore and onshore.

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Petrello’s Philanthropy

Tony’s daughter, Carena, was born 12 weeks early and was later found to have a common neurological disorder known as PVL (periventricular leukomalacia). The condition, which is brought by limited or no blood flow to the brain is pretty common among prematurely born infants.

As a result, she developed reduced motor skills, also referred to as cerebral palsy, a condition that causes slow or delayed growth in children. In conjunction with Texas Children’s Hospital, Tony Petrello and his wife Cynthia are committed to helping children born with neurological disorders and bring an end to the condition. They have donated millions of dollars to the facility to boost research as well as ensure that similar children at the hospital live to their full potential.

Nabors CEO Eugene Isenberg steps down; COO Anthony Petrello takes helm

The Inspiring Success Story About Tony Petrello

Shaygan Kheradpir’s Appointment As Coriant’s New CEO

Coriant recently named Shaygan Kheradpir as the company’s new CEO. At Coriant, he takes over from Pat DiPietro. Mr. DiPietro said that he is personally honored to welcome Shaygan to the company. Shaygan Kheradpir has been working closely with senior management staff as an Operating Executive for Marlin Equity Partners.

Coriant serves several leading network operators established in more than 100 countries. It seeks to develop dynamic and innovative networking solutions for a cloud enabled and fast changing business world. It is an optical company created through the combination of three companies. These include Sycamore Networks, Tellabs and Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) Optical Networks. Shaygan is expected to help the company grow against competitors such as Ciena, Cisco, Alcatel-Lucent and Infinera. Coriant focuses on building an excellent track record of distributing optical systems to clients on a worldwide scale.

The company has won numerous deals with international carriers such as BSNL, Australia’s NBN, Telia Sonera International Carrier (TSIC) and China Unicom. Shaygan’s major task as the CEO will be to propel new sales of the company’s optical equipment to meet diverse service providers. He will also oversee the hyperscale data center and ensure that the mobile backhaul upgrades have the capacity to accommodate both 4G and 5G deployments.

About Shaygan Kheradpir

He acquired a bachelors, masters and doctorate degree when majoring in electrical engineering at Cornell University. He is recognized as a technology and business leader with over 28 years as an executive in financial services and telecom technology industries. Shaygan He also served as the Chief Operations and Technology Officer at the Barclays Bank. As the CTO of Barclays, he headed the operations and systems focused in the delivery of goods and services to clients across the globe. He also oversaw the technology agenda for the bank.

Kheradpir began his career in the communications sector by working with GTE in 1987. Amidst his tenure, he rebuilt the entire GTE’s core systems using modern computer science knowledge. He had membership in the National Institute of Standards & Technology VCAT (Visiting Committee on Advanced Technology). Shaygan Kheradpir holds multiple patents and was also an adjunct electrical engineering professor in Northeastern University.

Kheradpir acted as the Chief Information and Technical Officer and Executive Vice President at Verizon Communications. He headed information technology initiatives of all business units signed to Verizon. This included the development as well as the implementation of Verizon’s all-fiber network national platforms. In 2007, he was listed in CIO Magazine’s Hall of Fame.

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Shaygan Kheradpir’s Appointment As Coriant’s New CEO