Image Recognition is a New Trend


Image recognition software is growing in popularity to a significant degree. The reasons why are fairly easy to comprehend. Image recognition software makes locating the desired subject of a search quicker and more efficient than trying to search by typing keyword text. While visual search programs are popular with online retailers, social media platforms are quickly becoming new havens for these image recognition programs. As always, convenience plays a role in the decision to integrate the software. Social media platforms want their users to have the easiest experience possible. This helps them remain in the fold and continue to be active users of the platform.

Someone who has a love for a particular movie could run a search of a poster for a particular movie. The program then looks for any profiles, groups, or pages that has the same poster. Possibly, the search may also offer a gateway to profiles with a similar poster image.

Frequently, the most logical way to search for something is through the use of an image. On retail websites, searching a catalog by way of matching an image to a product for sale is the perfect way to find what is being sought.

Slyce developed one of the more popular image recognition programs. Slyce produced an app that working in conjunction with a smartphone’s camera. Upon taking a photo of merchandise, the photo could be run through a retail sales website that works with Slyce. The number of retail sites signed up with Slyce is growing. Slyce has shown it can deliver profits for those companies affiliated with it. Slyce has done quite well itself as evidenced by the procurement of other apps and the development of new programs.

Slyce knows where the future is headed. Searches are going to be a lot more visual-based in the coming years.

Image Recognition is a New Trend