Marc Sparks: Faith and Business

When it comes to business, and any aspect of life really, the saying “learn from your mistakes” has never held more import. In a startup company, you can’t learn from success because everything is unique. Failure, however, has always been a master teacher capable of taking individuals with little to no wealth and experience and making them into giants. Marc Sparks is one such person.

Areport from GoodReads indictated that Marc Sparks attended High School in Texas and graduated in 1975. Ordinarily, one would expect to see some kind of college education on paper, especially when a top class business savvy entrepreneurs such as Mr. Sparks is involved in the equation. However, Mr. Sparks did not go that route for a number of reasons, the most important of them being his raw instinctual power.

Marc Sparks instinct has led him to be involved in dozens of startups and allowed him to maintain their success. One of the unique things about Mr. Sparks is how vocal he is about his failures. Indeed, it takes a man of great courage to publish a book (titled “They Can’t Eat You”) and fill it with such shockingly personal information.

Mr. Sparks is just that kind of man, however, willing to give back to those who feel that they don’t have a chance in life or they are doomed by their circumstances. Through keen instinct and powers of perception alone, Mr. Sparks has become an incredibly wealthy man who’s vision has impacted the lives of everyone he has come into contact with, be it business or personal.

What is unique about Mr. Sparks is his sense of morality and his willingness to give back the things that he has acquired through his own drive. This level of ethics has made him very humble. In a world of business, one usually finds many cut-throat individuals who care only for the bottom line and how to get that line to look the way that they intend it too. They are about the money, and no one really expects anything more or less from them.

Mr. Sparks is a Christian man, and believes that everything he has acquired is due to the grace of God. He always mentions ho lucky he is to be able to serve the Lord and discusses in detail that the Lord is the only way he could have anything close to the level of success he has attained is through God’s holy glory.

Due to this strong belief in Christ and community, Mr. Sparks has given himself to the task of helping many charities, most notably habitat for humanity. And while most who donate are good people contributing to an excellent cause, Mr. Sparks participates directly in the building of the project homes that he himself has financed and in some cases even had a say in the design.

This tireless effort to better the environment around him and improve the lives of those less fortunate make Mr. Spraks an exceptional man who is as kind and compassionate as he is intelligent and driven –

Perhaps this comes from his passion for life. Often he reflects on the days of being poor, and remembers that even then he was happy to be alive. That infectious attitude is without question the very things that makes Mr. Sparks such a remarkable businessman, and an even more remarkable human being.

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Marc Sparks: Faith and Business