Top Quality Hair Products From Wen by Chaz

Every day, many people go online searching for the right hair brand for whatever issue they’re dealing with. I was one of those people until I discovered hair products by WEN hair by Chaz.
If you have been dealing with thinning hair like I was, you need to give Wen by Chaz a try. This popular hair brand delivers on its promise. I have read about numerous people who are using it and are getting excellent results.

When I first read about Wen by Chaz, I was skeptical because I have already tried many products that didn’t produce the results they promised. But my best friend convinced me to check it out and I am very happy that I listed and took action immediately.

I was looking for an effective, affordable solution to stop shedding and thinning of hair and regrow healthy hair. Wen by Chaz delivered the results I was looking for and now I am happy with the way my hair looks.

It is important to be sure you choose the right version of conditioner for your hair style. They offer several choices on Sephora, it was the Fig Version that worked perfectly to restore my hair to optimal health. If you are not sure just get in touch with their customer support for help.

Wen hair by Chaz is a reliable company and creates top quality hair conditioners and styling treatments. This company has been helping people across the world to resolve their hair problems and grow beautiful and shiny hair. All of their hair products are comprised of safe ingredients that offers optimal results. These are effective natural ingredients that have been researched and proven to maintain healthy hair and target the root cause of shedding and thinning hair. Wen hair products can be ordered online through Amazon.

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Top Quality Hair Products From Wen by Chaz

Lime Crime Reaches Two Million Instagram Followers

Lime Crime is a wildly popular makeup line. Founded 8 years ago, this innovative cosmetics line has struck a chord with fashionistas and rank and file folks worldwide. Now comes word that as of May 2016 the company has reached two million followers on Instagram. This is just further proof that millions of people around the world are interested in the latest moves of this unique company. Founder and CEO Doe Deere has always been great when it comes to marketing and this new benchmark in Instagram followers shows her marketing skills have not waned a bit.

Connecting to consumers on social media is just the latest step in the company’s marketing efforts. Doe Deere has long eschewed traditional means of marketing. In its early years Lime Crime used strictly internet marketing to reach out to consumers and show them what the company has to offer. Now with an increased focus on social media, Lime Crime is opening up the lines of communications between them and their growing fan base. Lime Crime’s effective use of social media has afforded consumers an easy way to communicate with the company and express their delight with Lime Crime products.

Lime Crime not only uses the Instagram and Twitter feeds to communicate with their customer base, their customers are also using social media to let the company see how they are using the products. Customers send photos of the innovative ways Lime Crime has added to their style. The company posts dozens of the photos on their website. This gives other the opportunity to see what can be done with the makeup and how good it looks on a wide range of skin tones, skin types, hair styles, and hair colors. This has allowed the customer base to become part of the Lime Crime marketing efforts.

But using social media is not only about marketing. It also helps consumers to understand that they are a part of a community. This type of connection helps the trend-setting makeup brand to better serve the needs of its customers by using Instagram to reach out to them.

Lime Crime Reaches Two Million Instagram Followers

Doe Deere: Makeup Maverick

Doe Deere is ahead of her time. She founded her cosmetic brand Lime Crime several years before pastel and bright makeup colors became the norm. Fun, bold makeup is so common these days that it is easy to forget how unusual they were just two or three years ago.

Doe takes a carefree and whimsical approach to beauty. She believes that rules can and should be broken. Even though she walks to the beat of her own drum, she still has an eye for easily recognizable style; just because something is different does not mean that other people cannot appreciate it. She uses her unusual perspective to create something that is universally beautiful. She is not afraid to wear every color of the rainbow at the same time, though she puts careful thought into her ensembles and makeup look whenever she decides to have a colorful day. She feels the same way about patterns, asserting that multiple different patterns can look great next to each other, as long as they contain complementary colors to provide some cohesion.

Her approach to color in clothing and makeup extend to her hair. Doe is a celebrity in the world of makeup. She is known for her luminous, perfectly applied pastel makeup and also for her ever-changing fantastical hair color. She dresses like the best kind of cartoon character. She lives in a candy-coated reality that her fans deeply envy.

It is very easy to get caught up in Doe Deere’s appearance and persona and forget that she is a legitimate trailblazer in the business world. She launched Lime Crime well before there were thousands of other start-up makeup brands all over the Internet. She struck out on her own because back then no companies were offering the pigmented, high-quality products that she wanted. She started Lime Crime as much for herself as for the millions of people who would soon become her loyal customers. As a woman in the public eye, Doe has been forced to develop a very thick skin. She strikes back simply by being true to herself.

Lime Crime’s most popular product is the Velvetine lip color formula. Once again proving that she can anticipate huge trends years ahead of time, Velvetines are liquid lipsticks that are applied with sponge-tipped applicators and dry down to a matte finish. Celebrities like Kylie Jenner are now known for sporting this style of lip color, and brands from Make Up For Ever to Revlon are producing their own versions of the product. Lime Crime is also known for its eye shadows, which are formulated using rich, pure color pigments. Doe has spoken about mixing up the first few batches of eye shadows herself, right in her home. It is this personal touch that makes people feel so connected to Lime Crime. Doe Deere and her brand give people a way to feel connected to something big and beautiful. Doe gives them the tools to express themselves, and they do her proud by sharing her creation with the world.

Doe Deere: Makeup Maverick