High Quality Pet Food Sales on the Rise

When it comes to pet food, dog owners are looking for something high quality for their pets. A recent Daily Herald article emphasized that consumers are looking for an almost human like quality in dog food. During a tour of the Freshpet plant, an employee tasted the dog food and commented that it “tastes just like Thanksgiving.” Many companies are becoming innovative in the pet food industry from food that looks and tastes like human food to grain free options. Newer companies are taking the industry by force, but big name brands are fighting back with acquisition, marketing and innovative new products. Purina has a create-your-own-blend section of their website where pet owners can make special food just for their dogs. Mars Petcare has created a Nutro Farm’s Harvest that uses fresh ingredients such as blueberries and cranberries. Not to be outdone by new companies, one of the first brands to market dog food as human-like was Beneful, a Nestle Purina brand. The first commercial Beneful aired was the biggest in Nestle history and showed how the food resembled stew and had real beef in it. Throughout the years Beneful has outdone themselves with marketing campaigns on Facebook such as signs that smell like dog food and commercials that use dog whistles to get a reaction from pets. In 2005 the brand introduced a healthy harvest line that replaced meet with soy protein. Other innovations are IngrediBites introduced in 2010 and prepared meals, which were packaged in re-sealable bowls that also served as dog food dishes. Beneful maintains the highest safety standards in the industry meeting or exceeding all safety regulations. The ingredients used in Beneful is inspected thoroughly, and vendors who provide ingredients are audited regularly to ensure only quality ingredients come into the plant. Each plant has quality assurance laboratories on site to ensure that plant’s food is safe and healthy for pets. Beneful employs experts in the fields of pet nutrition and safety regulations.

High Quality Pet Food Sales on the Rise

Beneful Wet Dog Food Options For Your Canine Companion

Many dogs are able eat dry dog food without any problems. However, there are lots of canine companions who have a hard time chewing up those dry kernels of food. That is why many dog food makers also offer wet dog food options. One of the most popular brands of wet dog food is the Beneful product line. This brand of dog food is made by the parent company of Purina.

Beneful offers pet owners a large variety of wet dog food options to choose from. Beneful makes all of their pet foods from the best quality ingredients, including real meats, vegetables, and grains. All of their dog food options meet and exceed all safety and quality standards set by the FDA, USDA, and AAFCO.

There are twenty different kinds of wet dog food options to choose from in the Beneful lineup on petco.com. These wet blends all contained chopped ingredients. Chopped Blends with chicken, tomatoes, carrots, and wild rice are among the top sellers. Another popular option is the chopped blends with salmon, tomatoes, carrots, and wild rice. Many customer of Beneful on facebook find their canine companions really enjoy the turkey, sweet potatoes, brown rice, and spinach option. Salmon, sweet potatoes, brown rice, and spinach is another choice that seems to be popular with customers. Lamb, chicken liver, and other meats are also available in the twenty different varieties to choose from.

Deciding which option is best for your canine companion might seem like a hard task. Many pet owners find it easiest to purchase a variety to start with to see which variety their pet enjoys best. All the choices in this Beneful Wet Dog Food line up include real meats, vegetables, and grains.

Beneful Dog Food is one of the most popular options on the supermarket shelves. Over 15,000,000 bags and containers of Beneful Dog Food is sold in a year. It is an affordable and healthy option for your favorite canine companion.

Beneful Wet Dog Food Options For Your Canine Companion

Purina Beneful made with high-quality ingredients

When our dog came into our lives 10 years ago, we knew he would need a hearty, healthy dog chow to meet his growing puppy needs. We weren’t sure where to start. Our little 5-month-old Labrador retriever was full of energy and seemed to be endlessly hungry.

We decided to start him on Beneful‘s puppy formula food, and it was truly love at first bite. The dog seemed satisfied with a belly full of Beneful Healthy Puppy kibble. We were happy that the brand offered a variety of flavors and ingredients for the full range of dogs. Bowl after bowl, our little guy chomped away, eventually working up to Beneful’s original grown up dog chow — beef flavored.

Purina Beneful has an original slate of foods in beef, chicken and salmon flavors, including real meat and vegetables. There is also the Healthy Puppy, Healthy Weight and Playful Life dry dog food. The company offers wet dog food also, with textures that feel like real meat and tastes that will make any dog’s mouth water. Wet food comes in Chopped Blends including: beef, tomatoes, carrots and wild rice; chicken, tomatoes, carrots and wild rice; salmon, tomatoes, carrots and wild rice.

Other types of Chopped Blends include ingredients such as turkey, sweet potatoes, peas, liver and spinach. Beneful brand also boasts a menu of Prepared Meals including: beef stew; chicken stew; simmered beef entree; simmered chicken medley; beef and chicken medley; roasted chicken; roasted turkey medley; and savory rice and lamb stew. Additionally, there are Tuscan style medley, Romana style medley and Mediterranean style medley Prepared Meals.

Purina stands by its product, which is made from ingredients tested by more than 400 scientists to ensure the highest quality and health standards for dogs. Crew members oversee raw ingredients as they are delivered to plants, making sure that the food is the best dogs can get from the very start.

The company uses a sophisticated high-tech system to track ingredients throughout the food-making process, and to gather and manage data on the quality of each product used. Purina works closely with farmers and suppliers to help create a sustainable and positive impact on the environment and product. Use of antibiotics by suppliers is tolerated only for the prevention or treatment of disease, and never to make products grow larger or faster.

One way Purina ensures the quality of its products is by producing 99 percent of its dog food inside the United States in company-owned and operated facilities. Most of the ingredients used in Purina dog food is also sourced in the United States. Its tracking system is used to track ingredients from when there are dropped off to the plants, through the processing of food and on to the consumer.

Purina suppliers are required to meet very strict standards for things like product quality, sanitation, product safety and manufacturing processes. Each facility, such as those in Dunkirk, New York and Clinton, Iowa, have quality assurance and control labs and management right there on site.

Purina Beneful made with high-quality ingredients