Bruce Levenson’s Current Fight With AIG Is Heating Up

Bruce Levenson and the Atlanta Hawks’ owners of AHBE have taken an insurance company, AIG to court over fallout they had after the team was sold in 2015. Levenson and AHBE purchased the Hawks in 2004 and owned the NHL’s Atlanta Thrashers for several years as well. When Levenson decided to sell his shares of the team, General Manager Danny Ferry’s contract was going to be bought out as part of a termination agreement, and according to, Ferry had filed a claim with AIG regarding this situation. But AIG has not paid Ferry or AHBE any amount guaranteed by their policy, and Levenson and his fellow owners are suing them for damages, a process that could be quite lengthy.

Prior to purchasing the Atlanta Hawks, Levenson was the cofounder and CEO of United Communications Group (UCG), a mass industry media publication and technology insider information source. He had gotten started in journalism while working on his J.D. at American University, and after working for the Washington Star for several years, he and Ed Peskowitz decided to go out on their own in the publishing business. UCG began with one newsletter in the oil industry and soon acquired many subsidiaries. Once it had become a technology news powerhouse, Levenson and the board members founded TechTarget, a technology application research company. Levenson also joined the board at BIA Digital Partners. See,

Levenson helped start the “I Have a Dream” Foundation in Washington D.C., an organization whose mission is to help inner city minority groups achieve college scholarships. He’s a member of the Holocaust Museum’s Board of Trustees thanks to the generous contributions he’s made there, and he was instrumental in starting their “Bringing the Lessons Home” program. He also partnered with the Anti-Defamation League to bring the Concert Against Hate event to D.C.

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Bruce Levenson’s Current Fight With AIG Is Heating Up

How Glenn Beck Has taken Puppetry to a Whole New Level

Fox News has gained a reputation for nasty reporting. More often than less, such irresponsible reporting hardly makes it to the front pages of newspapers. Recently, the giant media conglomerate has been in the news for all the bad reasons after one of its main pundits dedicated a number of episodes to vilify a senior citizen.

The program itself was promoted using an advert, which undoubtedly attacks Jews. The thirty second advert backs up the moral essence of the racist attacks. Watching the ads and programs, you can’t fail to notice that Glenn Beck tries to paint George Soros as being anti-Semitic. It further tries to create an impression that the hedge fund investor and philanthropist is Israel’s biggest enemy. These are total falsehoods and show how Beck has taken puppetry to a new level.

The Untruths

Beck tried to create the image that Soros is an inherently evil man and an eerie manipulator, who uses the Democratic Party, unions and mainstream media to quench his thirst for money. The pundit further accused Soros of manipulating the high and mighty in the society including presidents. The billionaire is also accused of being a ravenous financier whose sole purpose is to destroy the existing American political order. He is backing the establishment of a supreme global state, which will be under his control.

Beck made uglier utterances on his radio by referring to Soros as a Jewish boy who is helping send fellow Jews to death camps. This is not just ordinary libel. It closely borders on racial intolerance. It was actually Beck’s cogitations concerning the Jewish Question that led to the exhaustion of patience among some conservatives. This is however an unsubstantial part of his malevolent campaign against George Soros. He claims that the billionaire has funded leftist movements such as the Velvet Revolution in Prague, Ukraine’s Orange Revolution and Georgia’s Rose Revolution. Furthermore, he has engineered coups in Slovakia, Yugoslavia and Croatia.

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Beck’s programs have received considerable airtime owing to the naivety of most of most radio listeners and television viewers. By alluding that Soros intends to bring down the American government, the pundit is openly trying to cultivate fear and consequently, incite Americans against the investor. Some of the falsehoods that he has been spreading are totally absurd. He alleges that Soros is planning a Weimar-like inflation in order for him to cripple the American economy and benefit maximally. Read more about George’s life story at

Historical Ignorance

Glenn Beck is clearly ignorant as far as the world’s history is concerned. He claims that Soros is a Nazi puppet just because he survived the Holocaust. He fails to mention the exact role played by Soros in overthrowing the aforementioned governments. Likewise, he tries to undermine the role that George Soros played in bringing communism to an end. This in essence is the epitome of historical ignorance being portrayed by one of America’s most celebrated media commentators. Whether Glenn Beck’s views are his own or he is acting as someone else’s mouthpiece, they evidently hold no water and thus need to be totally unheeded. The original article was posted in The New Yorker.

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How Glenn Beck Has taken Puppetry to a Whole New Level