Investment Firm Co Founder James Dondero

James Dondero is an entrepreneur who manages the Dallas based investment firm Highland Captial Management. The firm specializes in providing debt and credit backed securities for investors. This firm provides a wide range of services for numerous institutional investors as well as individuals. Over the years, Dondero has been able to establish this firm as a leading company in the finance industry. Since the early 1990’s James has gradually transformed this firm from a life insurance company to a full scale financial services firm. Prior to co founding Highland Capital Management, James worked as an employee in the finance industry where he held positions such credit investment analyst and investment manager. As well as leading a top investment firm, Dondero participates in a number of activities that make is community a better place. He looks to provide assistance for causes such as education, community development and healthcare.

When he first started his career, James would work for a finance firm and serve as a credit analyst. During his stint at this position, he would evaluate a number of debt and credit backed securities. Over the next several years, Dondero would gain more experience and expertise of the financial industry. At the end of his working career as a traditional employee, James attained a high level management position. At this position, James managed the assets of large corporations such as American Express. While he was working as the top investment manager, James would manage up to $2 billion in assets for large companies. After working in the financial industry for many years, James would start up his own company.

In 1990, James Dondero started up a firm of his own. He co founded the firm with Mark Okada and developed a life insurance company. During its brief existence, James would develop the company into a reputable firm that provides a number of life insurance and investment products for consumers. By the year 1993, James realized that the firm would benefit by expanding to a versatile investment firm. During the rest of the 1990’s decade, his firm would begin to offer more services that would benefit investors such as corporations, government entities, pension fund investors and high net worth individuals.

Investment Firm Co Founder James Dondero

Constitutional Challenges Elaboration By Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry became part of the best constitutional specialists on July tenth this year in Kiev. He is the chief officer at the Center for Constitutional Transitions. They thus help the decision makers and plan setting research. The group of specialists examined the semi-presidential strategy of the Ukraine government. They additionally discussed the constitutional difficulties confronting the framework today. The hosts of the workshop included the electorate assistance, international institute for democracy, the center of policy and legal change not overlooking intergovernmental associations supporting liberal majority rule government internationally.

Choudhry felt free to say democratization in Ukraine has not been steady. The concentration of the presidency power, the lawmaking body discretionary framework and the feeble political parties just to say prompted the flimsiness. Choudhry additionally commented that the current influx of the contribution of the transitional majority rules systems in sacred deciding. He expressed it was vital for the presently protected idea pioneers to gather and examine strategy based alternatives in the help of the established change process. Most scholars find constitution-making as a subject of enthusiasm.  Refer to for added reference.

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Prominent individuals joined him, for example, International IDEA Sumit Bisarya and Dalarna University’s Thomas Sibelius. Vladimir Vasilenko Ukraine’s illustrative on Human Rights, Sergyi Holovatyi an individual from the protected commission of Ukraine and Viktor Musika president delegate in Supreme Court, Ihor Koliushko indicative of Center for arrangement and legal change and a former Member of Parliament and the president’s consultant were the roundtable members. The general population specified has extensive undestanding on the topic, and their data sources were exceedingly required.  To follow his latest work, check on

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Sujit Choudhry was born in the year 1970. He is one of the colossal personalities that achieved their lords in law from Harvard school of law. Inferable from his assurance to contemplate Law, Choudhry deserted his organic examinations at McGill University and got Bachelors in Law at the University of Oxford. He is by and by the I. Michael Heyman Professor of Law and the University of California at Berkeley Law School. He is likewise the central Indian-American senior member at a similar college.  Visit Sujit on his page to keep up-to-date with his latest timeline activities.

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Constitutional Challenges Elaboration By Sujit Choudhry

The road to success by Chris Burch

Christopher Burch is a renowned entrepreneur with expertise in real estate, hotels, resorts, fashion, and technology. He is known for his philanthropic deeds and ventures into the hotel industry. While studying at Itchica College, he and his brother ventured into entrepreneurship through their company, Eagles Eye Apparel. They had an injection of $2,000 that they used to fund their sweater business in their campus and neighboring community. This business venture is responsible for Chris’ knowledge on marketing, and customer satisfaction. They managed to grow the business to a net worth of $165 million and later sold it. Chris is also the founder of Burch Creative Capital, a company that specializes in the investment and development of upcoming brands.

At a young age, Chris was exposed to the business world. By working in the construction industry alongside his father, the entrepreneurial spirit in him was born. This drove him to come up several means of making money, that he followed with a passion and became very successful. Chris’ passion for achievement has managed to land him on Forbes list of successful billionaires. His intention is to become the man who forged the path to success for like minded entrepreneurs to follow.  Hop over to for a related article.

Chris Burch has been actively taking part in the success of over 50 companies during his career. His skills in investments have made him an expert in various business fields. He managed to develop great understanding in consumer behaviors. This continues to help him make discerning decisions when it comes to making marketing decisions. By simply understanding what his customers’ needs are Chris strives to meet them.  For updates on his recent timeline activities, hit

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Christopher Burch and his friend, James McBride own the luxurious resort, Nihi Sumba, in South East Asia. This is Chris’ most recent international resort ventures. In 2012, he and James came together and purchased the property. This impressive resort is a perfect holiday destination for those who believe in top-notch luxury and exclusivity. The resort comprises of 27 beautiful villas that embrace the flow of the unique natural beauty the island offers. This remote region of Indonesia is full of vines, palm trees, hilltops, and beaches.  Access this link from to read more about the luxury resort.

During your stay at Nihi Sumba, be sure to participate in the various activities that are on offer. These activities include boat rides, jungle tours, and high dives. The villas prices range from $750 per night and $14,000 per night. The rates are based on the size of villa selected. Regardless of the option taken, all the villas are designed to leave their occupants breathless, thanks to the views offered.  More about the impressive resort in this article on

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The road to success by Chris Burch

Goettl Air Conditioning Company: Setting the Pace for Other HVAC Companies

According to a press release from Phoenix Business Journal, the renowned company by the name Goettl Air Conditioning recently made the public aware of its acquisition of Walton’s heating and air. Although the company did not go into details regarding the financials, the CEO of the Goettl Air Conditioning said that the move would be beneficial to both businesses. It will enable Goettl to cement its presence in California and boost the growth of Walton something that the owner Todd had not been able to achieve. Commenting on the matter, Todd Long brake said that at first, he was reluctant in selling the family-owned company to Goettl, but when after Goodrich gave him details of how it’s going to benefit Walton, he decided to ride along. He currently holds the position of a field supervisor and also sales manager in the new company. Goodrich says that Todd is now well adapted to the culture of Goettl hence the posts suit him best. He also says that the reason why they never let the public know about the deal even though it was closed two years ago, was because there were too many operational issues to be addressed. Goodrich then adds that the reason why he was willing to overcome all the obstacles is that he knew that Walton had lots of potentials to assist in the expansion of Goettl Air Conditioning. The primary goal of the company has always been to become a national brand, and it plans to expand its territories to Texas and California by the end of next year. For more details visit Crunchbase.

About Goettl Air Conditioning

The company boasts a rich history which dates back to 1939 when Adam and Gust Goettl established it in Phoenix Arizona. It was the first ever type of business to bring refrigerated AC units and evaporative coolers to the market something that was readily welcomed due to the harsh desert temperatures. Since then Goettl Air Conditioning continues to thrive in the highly competitive and has taken over different markets such as Las Vegas and Tucson and with the recent acquisition of Walton heating and air, it is guaranteed to grow even more. According to Az Central, the company currently employs more than 160 people, and approximately 86% of American homes use HVAC systems from Goettl. All the success of Goettl Air Conditioning is thanks to the Chief Executive Officer Kenneth Goodrich who thanks to his exemplary leadership skills has helped the company acquire more than fifteen businesses which were on the verge of collapse and turned them around. According to Glassdoor reviews, more than 83% of the employees at Goettl approve Goodrich, and 66% of the customers are willing to recommend the company to friends. You can visit their Facebook page to see more.

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Goettl Air Conditioning Company: Setting the Pace for Other HVAC Companies

Jason Hope Predicting Big Things for IOT

For the past 10 years, one of the biggest Trends in the economy has been the continued Reliance on smart technology. Today, more and more people are using smartphones and have also integrated smart appliances and security systems into their homes. Because of this trend, one of the biggest expectations is that the trend will continue and will soon bring all parts of a home and society together through one giant network and learn more about Jason Hope.

The new expectation, which is called The Internet of Things, believes that in the very near future almost all daily consumer products will have some level of connectivity. All of these products will then be able to provide data and real-time information about usage and this could then provide Society with an extremely wide range of benefits. One individual that has continued to be a huge proponent of this movement and has invested heavily in companies that are producing smart technology is Jason Hope and his Facebook.

Jason Hope is a venture capitalist, investor, and entrepreneur that has continued to give capital infusions to companies that are completing projects that will enhance standard consumer products. He believes that in the very near future almost every product that we use will be able to share data with other products both locally and across the world. He also believes that there are an extremely wide range of benefits that could come of this. While some are concerned that this could violate privacy laws, the potential advantages appear to far outweigh any of these concerns and resume him.

For example, Jason hope has pointed out that one area of the world that will benefit greatly from The Internet of Things movement is the current transportation system in cities across the globe. currently, many of the most populated cities across the United States and other major population centers across the world suffer from significant levels of congestion , particularly during peak travel periods. It is believed that advancements in internet connectivity could help to solve this problem. Going forward, cities may be able to link into a network that would provide them with real-time data about current traffic patterns. They would then be able to alter signal lights to allow for an alleviation of this problem. The same technology could also be used to help emergency response vehicles reach their destination and more information click here.

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Jason Hope Predicting Big Things for IOT

Attorney Karl Heideck Fights for the Safety of Pennsylvania’s Children

     Experienced lawyer Karl Heideck voiced support of changes in Pennsylvania’s child seat safety laws in 2016. The state’s previous laws and regulations were lax, but the new legislation allows for harsher punishment for repeat offenders.

According to the AAA, improper child restraint is one of the leading causes of deaths in children who are in automobile accidents. The new Pennsylvania law mandates that all children under the age of 18 must be restrained in some fashion. Children under two must be secured in a rear-facing car seat. Children ages two to seven must be in a booster seat, and children ages eight to eighteen must be secured by a seat belt. One exception to the rule is that if children eight and under are 4’9″ in height or weigh at least 80 lbs., they may be secured in a seat belt instead of a booster seat.

The new law also enacts tougher penalties for those who fail to comply with the mandate. The new fine for failure to properly restrain a child in a car seat is $125 for a first offense. The fine for a first offender for failing to restrain a child in a booster seat is $75. Children not properly restrained in seat belts will result in a $10 fine. Each charge also incurs another $90 in fees.

Karl Heideck is a 2003 graduate of Swarthmore College. He graduated from Temple University Beasley School of Law in 2009. He obtained his license to practice law the following year. Heideck has remained active in the legal community. He serves as a team lead in researching legal projects for the Beacon Hill Staffing Group. Heideck spent his early career as a project attorney at Pepper Hamilton LLP and as a contract attorney for Conrad O’Brien. He specialized in employment law, civil and commercial litigation, and legal research.

Karl Heideck is active in social media and the Philadelphia area community. He shares legal knowledge and words of encouragement on his personal blog and Twitter. Members of the legal community have agreed that Karl Heideck has gained respect by remaining kind and honest.


Attorney Karl Heideck Fights for the Safety of Pennsylvania’s Children

George Soros is a Self-Made Entrepreneur with a Big Appetite for Philanthropy

Hungary-born George Soros is a self-made entrepreneur who graduated from the London School of Economics. He paid for his schooling by having to work as a waiter and a railway porter. After working at a merchant bank for a while, he relocated to New York where he made his mark on the famous Wall Street by creating his hedge fund.

The Soros’s hedge fund was launched in 1969, and rebranded into Quantum Fund. According to Forbes, in 1992, in close coordination with Stan Druckenmiller, George Soros shorted the British Pound in a move that made him so much money that many termed him as the man who broke the Bank of England.

After over two decades in the industry, Soros remains a force to reckon with in the finance sector. Soros Fund Management, his family-owned business currently boasts over $30 billion in assets. Recently, he hired one of Wall Street’s most prolific woman, Dawn Fitzpatrick, to manage his portfolio as the CIO of Soros Fund Management. She is the seventh Chief Investment Officer at the organization since the year 2000.

Despite his immense success on Wall Street, George Soros does not turn a blind eye to social injustice, inequality, corruption and other forms of moral decay in his country and the world as a whole. According to Open Society Foundations, he has given over $12 billion to support individuals and organizations within and outside his homeland to help in the fight for transparency, freedom of expression, accountability in government, and justice and learn more about George Soros.

His philanthropy is often directed to groups of people who are discriminated for who they are. For instance, he dedicated some of his charitable contributions to support groups and organizations that represent Europe’s Roma people, as well as those marginalized by society such as drug addicts, sex workers, and the LGBTI individuals and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

He is also a proud founder of Open Society Foundations, an organization that in its name and work reflects the influence of the philosophy of Karl Popper on Soros’s thinking.

Popper is the publisher of Open Society and Its Enemies, a book in which he posits that no particular ideology is the exclusive arbiter of truth. According to Popper, societies can only succeed if democracy, respect for individual rights, and freedom of expression are observed. The work of Open Society Foundations is mostly based on these principles and read full article.

Soros’s philanthropy began with the issuance of scholarships to black South Africans during the apartheid rule. During the 1980s, he was widely helpful in promoting the free flow of ideas in the Communist Eastern Bloc. He helped reprint banned text by providing the much need photocopiers at the time. Following the fall of the Berlin wall, Soros moved quickly to create the Central European University, which fostered critical thinking, a concept that was unknown to most tertiary institutions in the Soviet states.

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George Soros is a Self-Made Entrepreneur with a Big Appetite for Philanthropy

OSI Group Expansion Using Local Strategies to Promote Global Efficiency

Expansion of the OSI Group is credited to innovative leadership and several expansion advantages. The food processing company has purchased several food companies whose goals and values are aligned with its own. The firm is not only increasing its capacity for production but also increasing the range of products it provides to consumers such as natural and organic foods. The CEO of the company, Sheldon Lavin, is central to the group’s expansion plans. Under his leadership, the firm has purchased food companies both within and outside the USA.

Recent Purchases

OSI Group bought Tyson Foods plant in Chicago to deal in beef, pork, poultry, and vegetable products. In Europe, OSI Group purchased a controlling stake in Baho Food, which supplies food products to 18 countries in Europe. The group also purchased Flagship Europe, taking over the firm’s frozen poultry, pies, and condiments production. With all these purchases, OSI Group is looking to improve production and increase sales.

Meeting Consumer Needs

Given that OSI Group is a global company, the company has managed impressive growth through precise marketing and product development. The group attributes this expansion success to paying to consumer preferences across the different markets it operates in by investing heavily in assessing the needs and wants of the target market. To further meet consumers at their point of need, the group has standardized its production process for high-quality foods. The standardization has also helped the firm maintain the highest safety standards wherever it operates. Consumers also contribute to the product development stage before requesting for supplies from trusted partners.

Employment Creation

Wherever it goes, OSI Group aims to have a positive impact on the community it operates in. It has managed to rescue and create job opportunities. Thanks to its latest expansion, the group has created employment opportunities in fields such as finance, human resource, information technology, logistics, maintenance, operations, quality assurance, and research and development. In Chicago, OSI Group saved 500 jobs that would otherwise have been lost by purchasing the Tyson Foods plant. The owners were in the process of shutting down the plant.

By meeting the local community at its point of need, the company has not only managed to improve production but also to increase its volume of sales annually. OSI Group is a privately held company with its headquarters in Aurora, Illinois. It operates in more than 50 facilities in 17 countries and embodies global efficiency while using local strategies for expansion.

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OSI Group Expansion Using Local Strategies to Promote Global Efficiency

Julia Jackson Carries On The High Reputation Of Kendall Jackson Wines

Julia JacksonJulia Jackson has always had an interest in wine being the daughter of Jess Jackson and Barbara Banke. The family are the founders of Kendall-Jackson Vineyard Estates located in Santa Rosa, California. In 2010, they were the highest selling brand of wine in the United States. In 1974, Jess Jackson bought the 80-acre pear orchard and replanted it with Chardonnay grapevines. The first case of Kendall Jackson wine was sold at the Oyster Bar at Grand Central Station in New York City. They received the Green Medal Award in 2016 which recognizes California vineyards that excel in sustainability in certain categories. Kendall-Jackson has proven to be socially equitable, environmentally sound and economically viable.Being surrounded by wine her entire life, Julia Jackson always wanted to be involved in the business since she was young.

The 29 year old remembers her father making her sort and pick gJulia Jacksonrapes teaching them the art of hard work. She has never forgotten his message, and implements that today while still working for the company. Julia worked at the wineries during the summer and after school. She even traveled abroad studying in Bordeaux learning wine making and production.Julia is also a great philanthropist, founding Cambria Seeds of Empowerment. The program recognizes women who have overcome hardships in life, helping others in their community strive to do the same. They award $100,000 per year in cash grants to similar nonprofit organizations. Julia Jackson currently works in the marketing department and with the International sales team for Kendall-Jackson.

Julia Jackson Carries On The High Reputation Of Kendall Jackson Wines

Highly Respected Brazilian Attorney, Bruno Fagali

     Bruno Fagali is a well-known Brazilian lawyer. His law firm, ‘FAGALI advocacy’ is very popular in Brazil. He is also a Corporate Integrity Manager. Fagali specializes in Anti-Corruption and Public Law, where he deals with urban law, civil and administrative liability processes, administrative contracts, bidding law, public civil actions, expropriation actions, and administrative improbity actions. Since 2006, Bruno Fagali has worked as an attorney for various law firms focusing on a broad range of law disciplines.

In an effort to clean the system up, Bruno Fagali has initiated various actions against corruption. For instance, he initiated integrity drives to firms and departments that receive government contracts. Following the recent corruption scandals, Bruno Fagali’s views are receiving more attention than ever. At some point, he helped companies initiate drives to bring transparency within their organizations. He works with a team of experienced lawyers at his FAGALI advocacy law firm. The firm focuses on compliance, anti-corruption, elections, and public law. The firm considers these areas as the solutions for social equality.

Bruno Fagali is Nova/sb’s Corporate Integrity Manager. Nova/sb is a renowned Brazilian advertising firm. It receives numerous advertisement campaigns from the Brazilian government. Additionally, nova/sb receives advertisement campaigns from international organizations such as the International Labor Organization, and World Health Organization. Fagali handles the company’s Corporate Integrity Program. He has helped the company create an ethics committee and initiated equal treatment for employees within the firm.

At the onset of his career, Bruno interned at various law firms. Before founding FAGALI advocacy, Bruno Fagali worked at Calil, Radi, and Associados advocacia as an attorney. Mr. Fagali joined the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo where obtained his undergraduate Administrative law degree in 2009. He is a member of various Brazilian institutes including the Brazilian Institute of Law and Corporate Ethics and the Society of Ethics and Corporate Compliance.

Highly Respected Brazilian Attorney, Bruno Fagali