Jose Auriemo Steers Property Development through the JHSF

JHSF is a prominent real estate company in Brazil that deals with the development of residential and commercial mixed-use projects. The company operates using four core units that are the Hotels and Restaurant Fasano, Incorporation, Malls and executive airports. JHSF since getting listed in the stocks has been trading in the BM & FBovespa’s Novo Mercado from 2007. Jose Auriemo Neto is the current JHSF’s Chief Executive Officer and Chairman.

The JHSF’s project has the AQUA certification and approval label from the Vanzolini Foundation for quality and compliance with the development rules. It uses practically sustainable practices in all the construction and development stages of its projects. The Vitra Building is a successful project between the North America architects network and has been voted for in various competitive forums. In the business expansion, JHSF in 2012 liaised with the Valentino Brand for another project. This partnership leads to the development of the state of the art Cidade Jardim Shopping center.

Comprehensively, JHSF has made the viable project come to life. The company is known for maximizing utility and finding opportunities where there is none. It is behind the Fazenda Boa Vista field project that has two Golf Courses, a hotel and a lake, the executive airport in Sao Paulo and other commercial properties such as the Bela Vista, Manaus, Metro Tucuruvi and Catalina Fashion outlet among others.

About Jose Auriemo

He is the JHSF’s CEO and Chairman of the board of directors since 1993. He has grown the company’s brand to obtain an international recognition. Jose is the founder of the Cidade Jardim in Lisbon, Portugal where he is also the executive director. He is the son of Fabio Auriemo, a co-founder of the 40-year-old company.

He studied at the Sao Paulo based university, Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado (FAAP). Before his appointment at the JHSF, he established a parking lot management company, Parkbem. He has also worked for the B Store from 2006 to 2007. Two projects under his leadership are currently underway in Sao Paulo district. His contribution to the development of high-end real estate properties has stimulated growth in the Brazilian market.

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Jose Auriemo Steers Property Development through the JHSF

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