Managing Pain with the Osteo Relief Institute

As we age, many of people begin to feel some pains in their joints as they move. More than 50 million people suffer from arthritis or degenerative joint disease in the United States, making it the leading cause of disability. There are over 100 different types of arthritis that can affect various parts of the body in a variety of severities. Currently, there is no cure but there are ways to manage arthritis and improve living with the condition.

Risk factors include weight, family history, age and previous injury. Some basic steps such as starting your day with some stretching can lessen the pain from the start. Maintaining or losing excess weight can take the strain off of the joints as well. Exercise can help with this and adds to assisting with pain management as well. Focusing on low impact, range-of-motion exercises such as walking or cycling with some minor strength training can help build joints and manage pain.

These options can be combined with medical options as well, for full arthritis management. Osteo Relief Institute can assist you in understanding your full range of management options and the benefits and side effects of each. Making an investment in your joint’s health with Osteo Relief Institute can ensure a future with a better quality of life.

Using both these effective medical treatments are combined with physical programs as well, such as the Osteo Relief Institutes own knee pain relief program which allows the patient to take advantage of both exercises to strengthen the quadricep muscles and nonsurgical knee pain relief injections to ease pain and manage further degeneration.

The Osteo Relief Institute locations are multidisciplinary clinics, meaning that they are made up of a group of board certified physicians and physical therapists so you get the most well-rounded care options. Using cutting edge technology, the Osteo Relief Institute focuses on using safe and effective non-surgical treatments with little downtime. With a combination of FDA approved and cleared technologies, many patients find long term relief from painful arthritis symptoms with Osteo Relief Institute (

Managing Pain with the Osteo Relief Institute

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