Fabletics Taking Amazon On In Fashion E-commerce Market

Amazon has a firm grasp on the fashion e-commerce market, In fact, it controls over 20% at the moment. Many experts were not sure how new companies would be able to come into the market and be successful given the large hill they would have to climb in the face of Amazon, but the online activewear company Fabletics has done just that.


Fabletics possesses a world-class product line, a creative business model, and the marketing prowess of Kate Hudson, the company’s celebrity founder. All of these things have led to the company experiencing $250 million in growth in its three years of existence. These numbers are staggering in the ultra-competitive fashion world.


Having a quality product used to be enough to create success. Today, businesses need a quality product, streamlined shipping, and unparalleled convenience to even be viable. These are all things that Fabletics does successfully and with ease. The subscription method is particularly effective because it doesn’t require a monthly fee. If a member doesn’t want to purchase something that month, they don’t have to pay. They still have access to the discounts offered by the site.


Fabletics has recently decided to add to their online sales by opening physical retail stores around the United States. So far, there are 16 stores and the company is looking to add more. This is an amazing feat considering most companies are doing everything they can to avoid the struggling retail market. How has Fabletics bucked this trend to carve out their own share of the retail fashion industry?


  1. Data Utilization – Companies have been using search data to cultivate their inventory and marketing for a long time, but Fabletics is doing it in a special way. Because of the small number of stores, Fabletics uses localized data to guide strategy when it comes to stocking shelves. Each store is designed around the tastes of local shoppers. This means nothing sits on the shelves too long taking up valuable space while other product that might sell sits in the stock room.


  1. Overall Growth – The company has experienced a growth rate of 35% per year since its inception three years ago. This is thanks to a great product at a fair price. This success translates into the retail arena as well.


  1. Showrooming – Kate Hudon’s company allows members to place items they prefer in their online shopping cart. They can then make purchases when they get home. This is called reverse showrooming and it prevents clients from finding similar products at a cheaper price somewhere else. This is especially effective given the fact that roughly 75% of the people who walk into a Fabletics store are either current or future subscribers.


The quality of Fabletics products is comparable to all of the top brands in the activewear industry. On top of that, there is a wide array of different designs to fit the style of all of the clients. One of the premier aspects of buying from the company is its dedication to helping clients design outfits they can buy at a discounted price as members. Overall, commitment to growing the business and providing customers with a top-notch buying experience should lead to long-term success for the company.

Fabletics Taking Amazon On In Fashion E-commerce Market

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