Human Rights Advocate-Thor Halvorssen

Fighting for the rights of others has been his passion, and this is what gives him satisfaction. Thor Halvorssen is a human rights activities, and he is fully committed to fighting and advocate for the rights of others. Thor knows well what it means to be a fighter as he comes from an activist background where his parents were also human rights advocates. Thor’s father was jailed in a Venezuelan prison while his mother was shot dead during a demonstration.

Thor Halvorssen was born on March 9th, 1976 in Venezuela. After his high school graduation, he attended he participated in the University of Pennsylvania. Thor is Venezuelan and Norwegian, and he comes from a royal family. His mother was related to the first President of Venezuela while his father served as Venezuelan Ambassador for anti-narcotics. Thor’s passion and desire to fight for the rights of others led him to establish his foundation and called it Human Rights Foundation where he is the Chief Executive Officer, and he is loyal to worldwide human rights and freedom.

Thor Halvorssen is not only a human rights advocate, but he is also a film producer and where his mainly focus on producing on the political field, public policy, public interest advocacy, individual rights, pro-democracy advocacy, as well as civil liberties. Mr. Halvorssen dreams are to see that every person is equally treated and their rights are met. Thor is also the creator of Oslo Freedom Forum one of the largest annual congregation which is described by the economist as an extravagant Human Rights Festival. Halvorssen is also involved in other human activities, and he is the patron of On Own Feet which is a Czech-based Children’s Peace Movement, and he is also the founder of Moving Pictures. Thor is a go-getter and him always on the move to succeed in life, in May 2010; he purchased NyTida Norwegian news magazine and read full article.

Thor Halvorssen specializes in matters concerning human trafficking, threats to democracy, slavery, and dictatorship. Thor has also been invited by several institutions including Harvard Law School, the New York City Junto, American Enterprise Institute, and the United Nations Associations in New York to lecture on the subject of human rights and learn and resume of Thor.

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Human Rights Advocate-Thor Halvorssen

Karl Heideck: A Competent Ethical Litigator

Karl Heideck is a competent ethical litigator
Karl Heideck is a competent ethical litigator

Litigation is a legal process designed to resolve disputes between individuals in judicial proceedings. Typically, only attorneys participate in the litigation process.

Litigators must have excellent listening skills to solve complex problems. Law school is the foundation for a competent litigator. A Litigator may be knowledgeable in history, government or political science, but these classes are not necessary to take before being admitted to law school. In law school, the individual studies legal reasoning in multiple areas of law including the litigation process.

Litigation requires specific procedures. The Plaintiff files a lawsuit. In a Complaint, the Plaintiff explicitly states his or her grievances against the Defendant. In the Answer, the Defendant typically denies that he or she was liable for any harm to the Plaintiff. The litigation process proceeds to the Discovery stage where the parties seek evidence to support their legal positions. At the end of Discovery, the parties may file a Motion, which is a document specifically designed to look for a remedy to resolve the dispute. If the dispute is not resolved, the case proceeds to a trial.

Karl Heideck is an attorney and litigator who is based in Philadelphia. He received his bachelor’s degree from Swarthmore College in 2003. In Templeton University Beasley School of Law, Karl Heideck received his Juris Doctor in 2009. Once he finished law school, Heideck became a competent litigator practicing law.

Karl Heideck not only specializes in litigation. He also is a skilled attorney in ensuring that his clients are in compliance with government regulations and risk management. At Pepper Hamilton LLP, Karl Heideck worked as a project attorney and quality control specialist.

Karl Heideck has a reputation for being an honest and ethical attorney. This status qualifies him to represent clients in the areas of complex banking litigation and securities fraud.

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Karl Heideck: A Competent Ethical Litigator

How EOS Took Over The Lip Balm Market

Many have heard of or even used the famous lip balm from the brand EOS, which stands for Evolution of Smooth. They stand out as a company, not only because of their unique look but because of the rapid success they experienced in such a small amount of time. In only 7 years, EOS became the second top selling lip Balm Company, just under Burt’s Bees.

The idea began when the creators, Sanjiv Mehra, Jonathan Teller, and Craig Dubitsky realized that the Well-known brands were getting lazy. It was and still is a very competitive market to get into, but the only competition was over pricing, a few ingredients, and flavoring. In fact, chapsticks blended in as a boring commodity, like toothpaste and shampoo. There was no creativity. The creators jumped on this opportunity.

Of course, they brought in experts to help them out. One of the people they brought in was purely there as a clay artist to come up with different shapes for the product. The creators really wanted to make something unique that would appeal to every sense, from the smooth round shape of the product to the smell, taste, and nice click when it is closed, They also brought in an advanced sales representative to bring the products into the stores. Today, EOS lip balm products are being sold online on Amazon and eBay as wells as on popular retail stores.

At first, store owners were not too fond of the product. They thought customers would stay loyal to their usual brands and that men would see no point in the creative product. Luckily, the creators marketed their product to female Millenials who were fashion-conscious. From advertising their product in YouTube music videos of famous people to asking fashion bloggers to review their product, the Target audience was hit well. It is now heavily used amongst the female Millenial audience.

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How EOS Took Over The Lip Balm Market

Bob Reina Maximizes his Worth By Doing the Impossible

Bob Reina has become the CEO of Talk Fusion that has become a leader on a global scale when it comes to video conferencing and video chats. He has managed to lead the way and he has even returned as a guest author for Martech Advisor. His specialty in the field of real-time video conferencing and video email has made him one of the most successful in an industry that he did not even plan to endeavor into.


People that are familiar with the story of Bob Reina are aware that he was a criminal justice major first. He has even worked in law enforcement before he made the transition into the area of video technology. People are thrilled with the innovation that Bob has been able to provide to the video communication industry so far, but it is obvious that he is just getting started. Bob is someone that likes a challenge, and he has always been able to defy the odds when it comes to creating the impossible. That would be the initial thing that would get him a seat in the industry among other technology veterans. When Bob decided to create something that did not exist it was obvious that he was risk taker. He was told that it could not be done. This would start him on the journey to accomplishing something that was not a reality at that time. Bob would work hard to make this a reality and bring forth a new wave of communication that would change technology.


People that are familiar with Talk Fusion can easily see how this company has risen. Bob Reina has done a great job of marketing his brand and making it known that his company is one of the ones that offers award-winning real-time conferencing. He has also made it his business to let consumers know just how easy it is to utilize this product. The Talk Fusion applications are simple, but these applications are very effective. That is what has allowed Bob Brenner to draw a large crowd of consumers from all parts of the world.



Bob Reina Maximizes his Worth By Doing the Impossible

Fabletics Taking Amazon On In Fashion E-commerce Market

Amazon has a firm grasp on the fashion e-commerce market, In fact, it controls over 20% at the moment. Many experts were not sure how new companies would be able to come into the market and be successful given the large hill they would have to climb in the face of Amazon, but the online activewear company Fabletics has done just that.


Fabletics possesses a world-class product line, a creative business model, and the marketing prowess of Kate Hudson, the company’s celebrity founder. All of these things have led to the company experiencing $250 million in growth in its three years of existence. These numbers are staggering in the ultra-competitive fashion world.


Having a quality product used to be enough to create success. Today, businesses need a quality product, streamlined shipping, and unparalleled convenience to even be viable. These are all things that Fabletics does successfully and with ease. The subscription method is particularly effective because it doesn’t require a monthly fee. If a member doesn’t want to purchase something that month, they don’t have to pay. They still have access to the discounts offered by the site.


Fabletics has recently decided to add to their online sales by opening physical retail stores around the United States. So far, there are 16 stores and the company is looking to add more. This is an amazing feat considering most companies are doing everything they can to avoid the struggling retail market. How has Fabletics bucked this trend to carve out their own share of the retail fashion industry?


  1. Data Utilization – Companies have been using search data to cultivate their inventory and marketing for a long time, but Fabletics is doing it in a special way. Because of the small number of stores, Fabletics uses localized data to guide strategy when it comes to stocking shelves. Each store is designed around the tastes of local shoppers. This means nothing sits on the shelves too long taking up valuable space while other product that might sell sits in the stock room.


  1. Overall Growth – The company has experienced a growth rate of 35% per year since its inception three years ago. This is thanks to a great product at a fair price. This success translates into the retail arena as well.


  1. Showrooming – Kate Hudon’s company allows members to place items they prefer in their online shopping cart. They can then make purchases when they get home. This is called reverse showrooming and it prevents clients from finding similar products at a cheaper price somewhere else. This is especially effective given the fact that roughly 75% of the people who walk into a Fabletics store are either current or future subscribers.


The quality of Fabletics products is comparable to all of the top brands in the activewear industry. On top of that, there is a wide array of different designs to fit the style of all of the clients. One of the premier aspects of buying from the company is its dedication to helping clients design outfits they can buy at a discounted price as members. Overall, commitment to growing the business and providing customers with a top-notch buying experience should lead to long-term success for the company.

Fabletics Taking Amazon On In Fashion E-commerce Market