Bernardo Chua Opens Organo Gold Branch In Turkey

Returning To Its Origins

Coffee giant Organo Gold has recently opened a branch in Turkey. Currently headed by Bernardo Chua the company has expanded its reach into more than 35 countries with its focus on providing active people a coffee brand suited towards their active lifestyle.

Organo Gold hopes to use Turkey as a way to united its Asian, European, and African markets with better distribution networks. Bernado Chua decided to open Organo Gold offices in Turkey for historical reasons. The country is known for the first coffee houses ever recorded and is often considered the “birthplace” of coffee.

The Potential For Turkey

Organo Gold sees potential in Turkey. There is a burgeoning interest in health foods in the country giving the coffee brand a chance. According to PR Newswire, The Turkish culture has always kept coffee near to its heart and Bernardo Chua plans to use that to his advantage. He has appointed Paul Jarvis, the head of its European activities, to ensure Organo Gold is able to secure the Turkish market.

How Bernardo Chua Shaped Organo Gold

Chua founded Organo Gold with the intention of creating a brand of coffee with a healthful twist. To give it a special health kick Chua looked towards traditional Chinese medicine for answers. Organo Gold’s central feature, the addition of a highly prized Chinese mushroom, gives the company a chance to corner a new market early on.

The Chinese mushroom included in Organo Gold coffee, Ganoderma, is regarded as one of the highest herbs in Chinese traditional medicine. The famous Chinese doctor Shi-Jean Lee is known for advocacy of Ganoderma during the Ming Dynasty and thanks to modern research we can confirm his claims.

Bringing the health benefits of traditional Chinese medicine to the greater world is exactly why Chua became CEO of Organo Gold.

Bernardo Chua Opens Organo Gold Branch In Turkey

Handy Makes Cleaning And Home Repairs Easier Than Ever

Called the Uber of home maintenance, Handy is the cleaning and home service startup that’s changing the way that we approach common household chores. The service, started by Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua, now boasts $1 million in bookings per week, proving a need for a more convenient and accessible way to hire home service professionals.

Handy is based in New York, and is now active in almost 30 major cities. Hanrahan and Dua’s brainchild is modeled largely after hugely successful transportation services like Uber, with the ability for anyone to use an extremely straightforward and user-friendly app to hire, schedule and pay home service providers such as cleaners, plumbers and painters. Due to its enormous success, the company is even expanding to include a home delivery app which connects users with services that deliver and assemble furniture.

Part of the success of Handy is that, in addition to its convenience, users of the app feel safer making decisions about who they will allow into their home to complete necessary services. Professionals who are sought out by users are insured and background-checked, and the company is so confident in the services of these professionals that it offers a 100% money back guarantee. The company also follows a strict criteria for those professionals who wish to join, based on tremendous research and several interviews. app itself is simple to use. Like Uber, you enter your location and the services you require, and you receive a quote almost immediately, with tip and tax included. If you commit, your card is charged on the spot.

The company also makes things easier for the professionals offering their services as well; like Uber, they get to work around their own schedule, taking jobs as needed for their decided price. Plus, they’re paid before they begin work, in an industry where shady cash dealings are common. Workers average $18 per hour.

The company is clearly leading the way in the cleaning and home service industry, and is set to be active in more cities across the world. With locations in London and Canada, the company will no doubt expand internationally in the coming years.


Handy Makes Cleaning And Home Repairs Easier Than Ever

FreedomPop Will Always Keep Offering Great Internet And Cell Phone Services

Creating the perfect cell phone plan is something that’s up to the wireless carrier because most of their plans are already put together, so a customer only has to select the plan they want. The problem is that a lot of companies are not giving their customers what they want, so many feel the need to find another company to fulfill their wireless needs. A FreedomPop review is able to give customers everything they want to know about their services. FreedomPop prides themselves on being able to offer free services.

Many cell phone service providers would never think to offer free cell phone service because all they think about is the money they’re going to lose, but FreedomPop knows that by giving free services, they’ll be able to gain more customers in the end. Many who get free service from FreedomPop, whether it’s for their cell phone or Internet service, they eventually want to get some of the paid services because they are still a great value. With FreedomPop having cell phone service that is unlimited for only $19.99, customers save a tremendous amount of money with this service.

Even having Internet service with FreedomPop can be so beneficial and cost-effective because many are able to get all kinds of Internet services from the company. A very popular service is the Wi-Fi service because it can do everything from allowing a person to connect to Wi-Fi service on their phone to allowing the person to have an entire cell phone service through Wi-Fi. The service that provides Wi-Fi to FreedomPop customers is only five dollars per month, no matter what the service is being used for. The Wi-Fi service also provides over 10 million different hotspots to connect to 4G LTE Internet service.

There are also FreedomPop portable hotspots that are very small in size and are obtained once a deposit is put down for the device that is shipped out to the customer. Any customer who gets a FreedomPop portable hotspot can choose a plan in advance, or the customer can choose to pay the price of $0.015 per megabyte for data usage. Anyone with a FreedomPop hotspot will still receive 500 MB of free data each month, which in itself is a great deal and a discount for the customers who may not need a lot of data on their portable hotspot to begin with.

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FreedomPop Will Always Keep Offering Great Internet And Cell Phone Services

Norka Luque: The Famous Latino Songbird with a Unique Voice

Norka Martinez Luque was born in Caracas, Venezuela’s busiest city. Unlike other children who grow not knowing their talents, Ms. Martinez discovered her talent at a young age. She was only eight years when she discovered her passion for singing. As a child, she took part in numerous competitions including the Venezuelan folk music competition “Festival of Gaitas” and the “Golden Voice.”

According to Luque’s profile, she had a great childhood filled with art lessons. Her parents went an extra mile to ensure that she took instrument, dance and singing lessons. We also learn that she slept to tunes from some of the greatest Latin musicians.

Upon completing high school, she moved to a foreign country to further her academic studies. She landed in a French college where she took a course in business administration. Even while in this school, she did not forget about her ambition of becoming a professional singer. She created time to perform in nightclubs in France.

An opportunity came knocking when a rock group called Bad Moon Rising became interested in her unique voice. The beautiful Venezuelan songbird joined the band as a lead singer. They traveled in different cities in France performing and entertaining French club goers. Luque says that her time with the band enabled her to meet several personalities in the European music community.

After four years with the band, it was time to move on. Ms. Martinez moved to Monaco where she landed a banking career. Even though there are attractive perks that come with a banking career, Luque gave all these up. She realized that the banking career killed her inborn creativity.

Upon this realization, Ms. Martinez packed her bags and moved to the United States to pursue music as a career. She found a home in Miami, the largest city with Cuban-Americans. She started a solo career that did not pick up until 2008 when she met the Latino music producer, Mr. Estefan.

The Grammy Award-winning producer saw something in Norka Luque. He, therefore, signed her to his record label Crescent Moon Records. In 2011, Luque’s first studio album was out. This album took her career to new heights. This album contained international hits such as “As You Do It” and “Milagro.”

Norka Luque is guided in her career by different professionals in the music industry. Some of them include Hermanos Gaitán, Luigi Giraldo, Archie Pena and Fito Blanko. She has a brand new single dubbed “Tomorrowland.” This track has also been received well by her fans.

Norka Luque: The Famous Latino Songbird with a Unique Voice

The DeVos Family Dedicated to Education Reform and School Selection

Betsy DeVos, husband of business mogul Dick DeVos, sat down with Philanthropy Magazine to share some of her experiences in the non-for profit area. The DeVos Family actually started their own non-for profit by the name of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. Betsy DeVos holds the position of Chairman for the organization that is dedicated to promoting positive social impact and growth. Most specifically, Betsy DeVos is passionate about education reform. As a mother herself, she has seen the impact that comes with the freedom to choose where her kids attend school. She believes that all parents should have that freedom and she has dedicated much of her philanthropy in that direction. She opened up a scholarship fund that raises money for low-income families that they might have an opportunity to send their kids to a desired school. She also works with her husband, who was once on the Michigan State Board of Education to push legislation to promote school vouchers and scholarship grants.


Dick DeVos has had a very successful career in both the political and business realms. In fact, he was named the 67th Richest Person in the United States by Forbes Magazine in 2012. Growing up in Grand Rapids, Michigan, DeVos attended the Forest Hills school. He continued onto Northwood University from which he graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration. Dick DeVos was later a recipient for an honorary doctorate from his alma mater and also received distinguished alumni recognition. DeVos’ professional career began at Amway Distribution Company, in which his father was the founder and CEO. Following many years working in different fields such as manufacturing and sales within Amway, Dick DeVos was eventually promoted to Vice President. In this position, DeVos oversaw the companies involvement in 18 different countries world wide. DeVos proved his business prowess as the company saw for the first time in history it’s foreign revenue outgrow it’s domestic.


Other than his long time involvement at Amway, DeVos has also always been a long time participant in local politics. He was nominated to the Michigan State Board of Education where he invested much time trying to promote the type of education reform that he and his wife Betsy DeVos are proponents of, namely school choice. In addition, DeVos actually ran for Governor of Michigan in 2006 as the nomination for the Republican Party. After his retirement from Amway, Dick DeVos now spends a majority of his time active within local politics as well as philanthropic endeavors. He is also an avid sailor with several championship and race wins.

The DeVos Family Dedicated to Education Reform and School Selection

Why Evolution Of Smooth’s Product Design Is So Unique

When most people think of innovation in the world of business lip balm is not the first thing that comes to mind. The word innovation or the phrase innovation economy brings to mind futuristic personal technologies like the iPad or a group of scrappy programmers spending hours somewhere in Silicon Valley working to design the Next Big Thing that will disrupt their industry. The truth of the matter is that every industry has room for innovation and that even something as seemingly mundane as a pot of lip balm can be iterated into a product that speaks to an entrepreneur’s creativity and unique vision. The poster child for innovation in the worlds of lip balm and oral care is 7-year-old skincare brand Evolution of Smooth (EOS). EOS lip balm is known for its flagship product: organic lip balm. Rather than selling its organic lip balm in short plastic tubes to the masses, EOS built its company by taking a chance on a product design that was totally unique. Their product is an orb infused with shea butter, coconut oil, jojoba oil and olive oil that is held in an egg-shaped brightly-colored plastic container.

The lip balm’s unique product design is the result of EOS’ founders putting themselves through an extensive process of thinking deeply about how to create a lip balm that spoke to the needs of female consumers. Through market research they learned that keeping up with small tubes of Chapstick proved to be a problem for female consumers, who often lost them in their purses. They also learned that women did not want to apply lip balm with their fingers. With those insights at the front of their minds the founders consulted a visual artist to help them in their design process and set out to refine the product so that it would appeal to all five of their customer’s senses. EOS products are available on Walmart, and can also be ordered online via

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Why Evolution Of Smooth’s Product Design Is So Unique