Igor Cornelsen, the Brazilian Investor

Igor Cornelsen is an investor who capitalizes on the opportunity at hand to establish a business that earns profits for a lifetime. To many, he is known as the tipster. He believes that for an individual to be successful, his or her perception towards the stock market should change. Many people view the stock market as a place for the quick money. Cornelsen advises that its high time people saw the stock market as an investment. Investments should be made according to the ability of an individual with the future in mind.

As a banker in Brazil, he has mastered the nitty gritty of the banking industry in this South American Country, so he advises people on the best ways to invest. Cornelsen’s method of investment is dubbed “investing in the future success”. It is a way that requires purely the knowledge of the market and a powerful experience over the past previous years that were turbulent.

Igor Cornelsen hails from Brazil, a country that is a natural choice for the development of infrastructure and probably the biggest in southern America. Knowing the potentials of his country, Igor uses his role as a key player in the world of economics to create a vibrant and high-spirited desire in the growth of the country. To invest in Brazil, Igor says that there are three factors that investors must consider, and these are; knowing and connecting with the natives, preparing for the red tape and knowing the foreign currency restriction.

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Igor Cornelsen – Colorado, Bainbridge Investments

Investing In Brazil: Igor Cornelsen’s Top 3 Tips

Connecting with the natives

Connecting with the residents implies assimilation of the investor into the Brazilian land without any friction. Igor states that most Brazilians aged 18-64 years are entrepreneurs. Thus, the country comprises of business minded individuals who are willing to pay attention or even capable of holding little conversations along the street. Brazilians are welcoming people.

Knowing the foreign currency restrictions

Under this, the investors are from a different country. They need to find a bank with full authorization to deal in currency to hold its funds in local currency. The investors also need to know that there is no single rate of currency exchange as it depends on the nature of the transaction, usually on the amount.

Preparing for the red tape

The red tape here is used to refer to the rules of business. Brazil has strict and rigid labor mobility restrictions, high taxes and regulatory complexities. He emphasized that the Brazilian market is still growing. Thus the strict rules will soon be lifted to promote better business terms.

Alongside the three core and fundamental points to note for the investors, he added that the best way to invest is to forecast the future. It implies investing in a business that will accrue profits in the later periods to come.

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Igor Cornelsen, the Brazilian Investor

Jim Hunt: Expanding His Desire to Teach With VTA Publications

Jim Hunt is a seasoned investment trader with years of experience trading in the financial stock market. He has formulated several business models through VTA Publications, on how to trade and successfully taught this knowledge to individuals and corporations. Jim finds his passion in teaching people how to invest wisely, and even encourage many more to try out the financial market and see what they can get from it.

It’s his love for the financial markets coupled by a strong desire to teach that led him to come up with the new investment system. This new application by Jim Hunt imparts sound financial knowledge on the potential investor without delving much into the confusing lingo or jargon used by the veterans.

Jim Hunt understands that so many people fear getting into investments because of the lack of knowledge. Not understanding how the financial markets work, how it can benefit them, and how to avoid the common mistakes is the number one reason why many people fail to invest or drop out after severe losses. In this new application, Jim imparts this knowledge on the potential investor and shows them that there is really nothing to worry about when it comes to diversifying their investment portfolio.

Jim’s new system is described as specific and takes away all the guesswork. He has partnered with VTA publications to ensure that his new system is implemented by as many investors as possible all over the world. Jim’s system will help investors know firsthand which portfolios are worth putting money into and which ones to avoid. There is no more flying blindly in the investment world once you go through the hands of Jim Hunt.

About VTA Publications

VTA is a publishing company that was established on the 3rd of December 2013. Their main focus is in non-fiction material, for distance learning classes, as well as event organization. They have been promoting informational products to thousands of customers worldwide. VTA Publications works with top professionals who have mastered their respective fields to help spread knowledge and expertise to those interested.

VTA Publication is now bringing the knowledge and expertise of Jim Hunt close to the customer in the most simplified way possible. Find out more about VTA Publications on their official website.

Jim Hunt: Expanding His Desire to Teach With VTA Publications

Shaygan Kheradpir’s Appointment As Coriant’s New CEO

Coriant recently named Shaygan Kheradpir as the company’s new CEO. At Coriant, he takes over from Pat DiPietro. Mr. DiPietro said that he is personally honored to welcome Shaygan to the company. Shaygan Kheradpir has been working closely with senior management staff as an Operating Executive for Marlin Equity Partners.

Coriant serves several leading network operators established in more than 100 countries. It seeks to develop dynamic and innovative networking solutions for a cloud enabled and fast changing business world. It is an optical company created through the combination of three companies. These include Sycamore Networks, Tellabs and Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) Optical Networks. Shaygan is expected to help the company grow against competitors such as Ciena, Cisco, Alcatel-Lucent and Infinera. Coriant focuses on building an excellent track record of distributing optical systems to clients on a worldwide scale.

The company has won numerous deals with international carriers such as BSNL, Australia’s NBN, Telia Sonera International Carrier (TSIC) and China Unicom. Shaygan’s major task as the CEO will be to propel new sales of the company’s optical equipment to meet diverse service providers. He will also oversee the hyperscale data center and ensure that the mobile backhaul upgrades have the capacity to accommodate both 4G and 5G deployments.

About Shaygan Kheradpir

He acquired a bachelors, masters and doctorate degree when majoring in electrical engineering at Cornell University. He is recognized as a technology and business leader with over 28 years as an executive in financial services and telecom technology industries. Shaygan He also served as the Chief Operations and Technology Officer at the Barclays Bank. As the CTO of Barclays, he headed the operations and systems focused in the delivery of goods and services to clients across the globe. He also oversaw the technology agenda for the bank.

Kheradpir began his career in the communications sector by working with GTE in 1987. Amidst his tenure, he rebuilt the entire GTE’s core systems using modern computer science knowledge. He had membership in the National Institute of Standards & Technology VCAT (Visiting Committee on Advanced Technology). Shaygan Kheradpir holds multiple patents and was also an adjunct electrical engineering professor in Northeastern University.

Kheradpir acted as the Chief Information and Technical Officer and Executive Vice President at Verizon Communications. He headed information technology initiatives of all business units signed to Verizon. This included the development as well as the implementation of Verizon’s all-fiber network national platforms. In 2007, he was listed in CIO Magazine’s Hall of Fame.

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Shaygan Kheradpir’s Appointment As Coriant’s New CEO

Talk Fusion: All in One Happiness


When Bob Reina started Talk Fusion, I think he had a pretty good idea it was going to be successful and become a real hit with people. However, I don’t think he could have even imagined it would reach the levels of popularity it has in such a short period of time. However, Bob Reina is the type of person that can sense what the public needs and he likes to give it to them. He is all about making people happy and most of all, making dreams come true. He feels it is what he was put on this earth for, and he is happy when his products can make life easier and more enjoyable.

Talk Fusion is known as the “All in One Video Marketing Solution.” Anything that is all in one is great for customers. It makes things easier. Let’s face it: life is hard enough as it is and sometimes we need things to be a little easier for us. The easier they are, the more successful we can become, as we don’t have any roadblocks in our way. We simply can push forward without any obstacles and without anything standing in our way. That is the best way to operate and the best way to achieve success.

The great thing about this product is that it can be had for just one low price. What you pay for it, you earn it back in more ways than one. It helps you stay connected and that is what the world is all about today: staying connected. Whether you want to stay in touch with loved ones, your business, or reconnect with an old friend, Talk Fusion allows you to do that. What is great about this product is that it is simplified for those that might not be as tech savvy. That is not a knock on them, but it is easy to use, fun, and there are a variety of templates to choose from when using this product.

No matter how you want to use Talk Fusion, there is a way for you to use it. There are really no limits with this product, which is why it is growing in popularity, each and every single day. There is no better time than now to sign up and purchase Talk Fusion, as you will find it rewards you in ways you never thought possible in your life.

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Talk Fusion: All in One Happiness

Shaygan Khedapir, New Coriant CEO

Shaygan Khedapir is the current tenuring Chief Executive Officer of Coriant Company. He is also the current chairperson of the board of directors at Coriant Company that has a proven track record in supplying network operators in more than one hundred countries in the world with a tier of nine out of ten at the global level as a service provider in communications.

Shaygan by far is a technology and business leader and as a recognition for that. He has more than twenty-eight years of professional experience leading various technology firms in the world. He also has experience in financial services, telecom as well as technology industries. His career commenced when he first joined GTE when he was a graduate trainee at GTE incorporation. He was the appointed as the company’s new information officer. Later on, he has been named as the leader of Verizon EVP as well as the chief information manager. He then was elected as the chief of the information management team that was tasked with the role of modernizing, making efficient, and innovating one of the world-class pioneering innovations that included not less than the FiOS.

The FiOS is one of the biggest by far the largest infrastructure developments in the entire United States of America with more than twenty billion dollars as the capital of investment. Shaygan then, later on, joined Barclays bank as the chief operations and the direction officer of the bank regarding technology and was appointed as an executive member of the bank committee board of directors. He transformed the bank into more than fifty nation sin the world with more than one hundred and fifty thousand employees.

After his tenure at the bank, he then decided to join Jupiter networks. This is the company that had to benefit in a peculiar way when he drove the company to attain great success. He also led the company into reaching high IQ networking as well as cloud builder markets. Before joining Coriant, he served as the partner at Merlin equities and had a keen focus on strategic technology and telecom investments.

Shaygan holds a Ph.D. degree, a masters degree as well as a bachelor’s degree in engineering from Cornell University. He is well patented in areas like telecom, media, and was on the board of advisory in the United states of America technology and standard institute. Khedapir is not blindly walking into coriant. He is set to surprise the company with success at every turn with innovations in their products for greater success.

Check out Shaygan Kheradpir at http://www.shaygankheradpir.com/

Shaygan Khedapir, New Coriant CEO

How Investment Banking Is Important for the Economy

Investment banking is a field in which firms offer to help other companies reach financial goals. These goals will usually include raising capital, issuing new stock and completing mergers. As a result of these important tasks, investment banking is one of the most important occupations in terms of shaping the economy. With investment banking firms, many clients are able to find ways to increase their profits, combine resources and also provide more or better products and services. Therefore investment banking plays a central role in helping companies become more successful, provide more jobs and meet customer demands more frequently through better allocation of financial resources.

When an investment banking firm works with clients it will often look to help them raise capital. The best way to accomplish this goal is to issue new stock through additions of extra capital. While this may be done by one company, oftentimes there has to be a merger and acquisition to more easily achieve this goal. During a merger and acquisition the investment banking firm will talk to two companies in the same industry and work towards helping them agree to come together. When this happens more capital can be raised which can help to not only keep jobs and increase profits but also avoid scenarios in which a company goes bankrupt. Therefore investment banking is a key part of either maintaining or improving important aspects of a given economy.

There are a number of investment banking firms that are small and lesser known. However they are just as effective and also offer more individualized services. One of these small investment banking firms is headed by Martin Lustgarten. Martin is the current founder and CEO of his firm which helps both businesses and individuals. With his firm Martin is able to help a number of companies get extra capital as well as merge with others to acquire additional resources. Therefore Martin is able to use his firm to help stimulate the economy in his local market and beyond.

While Martin often works with businesses to help the reach financial goals, he also works with individuals. When working with individuals, Martin is helping them by providing financial advice and guidance. He works hard to use his expertise and knowledge to help people invest their money more wisely. Therefore Martin will help clients with retirement savings, stock investing and also introduce other securities such as mutual funds, annuities and commodities. This will help individuals diversify their portfolio and have a better chance at achieving their financial goals.

How Investment Banking Is Important for the Economy

Helane Morrison: Bringing Her Full Experience to Compliance

The field of corporate compliance is one of the fastest growing fields in corporate America. Companies of all sizes in all industries need to have an eye on the regulatory landscape and how their business is going to be affected by the next regulatory change. Investment advisory and private equity firms are no different. In fact, investment firms and private equity firms need to be constantly aware of upcoming regulatory changes. The fact these firms are handling both consumer investment funds and corporate investments means the breadth of regulations that affect the firms are massive and complex. It takes a person with the ability to both understand the regulations as well as the effects of the regulations on the business to be a effective corporate compliance officer.

Helane L. Morrison effectively applies the rules to the businesses she serves, and she has her entire professional career. After Ms. Morrison graduated law school from University of California, Berkeley, Ms. Morrison had the opportunity to clerk for the United States Supreme Court Justice Harry A. Blackmun and the Honorable Richard A. Posner of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit. Once she finished these clerkships, Ms. Helane Morrison then moved into private practice where she assisted corporate clients in conducting internal corporate investigations and focused on the defense of private securities actions and U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) matters. It was these experiences which lead Ms. Morrison to work for the SEC in their San Francisco office as head of enforcement, and eventually worked her way into being the REgional Director of the SEC’s San Francisco office.

Ms. Morrison joined Hall Capital Partners, LLC in 2007, and currently serves as a Managing Director, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer of the firm. Her varied experience from being a clerk at the US Supreme Court to overseeing the SEC Regional Office serves her well in understanding the various regulatory changes for the investment firm.

Helane Morrison: Bringing Her Full Experience to Compliance

Maybe Laidlaw & Company Can Fix Your Investments?

I have an elderly grandmother who got talked into some bad investments, and I had to find a place where we could solve her problems. That meant that we needed to have a broker at Laidlaw & Company to help us, and I got James Ahern to send us to someone. It made a big difference, and it showed me that we could fix this problem fast. We were able to get her finances back on track, and then we were able to change the way that she was investing.

She liked the broker (Matthew Eitner) we had, and she can actually call them at any time. Laidlaw & Company always picks up the phone, and they make it so that people will be able to get her back on track. She is a very smart lady, and she has big ideas that someone needs to help her with. She wants to know that she is going to have someone to help her because I cannot fix these problems when they come up. That is why Laidlaw & Company is so great because they can handle things in an instant without a thought at all.

The other good part about this is that I can call in and check on these things just to be sure everything is alright. They make sure that we all have the information that we need, and then we are able to get reports on our investments. Both of us are doing well, and it is much easier for us to get the help that is required. You will find out that you can do really well if you did what I did. You can help someone in the family, and you will be able to make a lot of money that can completely change your life.


http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/relmada-therapeutics-files-amended-complaint-against-laidlaw-and-its-principals-matthew-eitner-and-james-ahern-300209454.html o

Maybe Laidlaw & Company Can Fix Your Investments?

The Life and Career of Shaygan Kheradpir

In October of 2015, it was asked what events had just happened within the Coriant Company. At this time, Coriant, which is an optical transport vendor, had just named the new CEO, who happened to be Shaygan Kheradpir. If this name sounded familiar, it was because Kheradpir had been making many headlines throughout 2014, following his eventful and short tenure being the CEO of the Juniper Networks Inc., where he had spent 10 months in the hotseat starting with him being publicly attacked by activist investors, this followed by a strategy review, this leading to executive defections and job cuts, all of this finally leading to his resignation in November of 2014. While you would think that this would not look good for a new job, in under a year after leaving Juniper, he was now in charge of running Coriant, after taking over for Pat DiPietro, who had became the vice chairman and had returned to a role as an operating partner for Marlin Equity Partners. However, Kheradpir was just walking into
his role at Coriant blind, as according to Coriant, he had been working closely to the senior management team since early 2015.

In his early career, Shaygan earned his bachelor’s, master’s and PhD. in engineering at Cornell University. Since then he’s had multiple patents that have spanned from media, telecom and payments, and has also been on the advisory board for the U.S. National Institute of Standards & Technology and is on the Engineering Council at Cornell University. He has also been recognized as the technology and business leader for over 28 years of executive experience across the technology, telecom, and financial services industries. He began his career at the GTE Corporation, and has subsequently been appointed as the Chief Information Officer and EVP at Verizon. His other responsibilities while at Verizon included being an executive leadership team that was diving into systems modernization, pioneering and innovating product initiatives and efficiency. After his time at Verizon, he joined as the Chief Operations and Technology Officer at Barclays and has served at a member on the bank’s Executive Committee. While at Barclay’s he held the leadership role in creating the company’s TRANSFORM program, which would be a historical transformation within the bank, being for the 21st century that would span across 150 thousand employees within 50 countries. And following this, he became the CEO for Juniper Networks, before taking on his current role at Coriant.

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The Life and Career of Shaygan Kheradpir

How Glenn Beck Has taken Puppetry to a Whole New Level

Fox News has gained a reputation for nasty reporting. More often than less, such irresponsible reporting hardly makes it to the front pages of newspapers. Recently, the giant media conglomerate has been in the news for all the bad reasons after one of its main pundits dedicated a number of episodes to vilify a senior citizen.

The program itself was promoted using an advert, which undoubtedly attacks Jews. The thirty second advert backs up the moral essence of the racist attacks. Watching the ads and programs, you can’t fail to notice that Glenn Beck tries to paint George Soros as being anti-Semitic. It further tries to create an impression that the hedge fund investor and philanthropist is Israel’s biggest enemy. These are total falsehoods and show how Beck has taken puppetry to a new level.

The Untruths

Beck tried to create the image that Soros is an inherently evil man and an eerie manipulator, who uses the Democratic Party, unions and mainstream media to quench his thirst for money. The pundit further accused Soros of manipulating the high and mighty in the society including presidents. The billionaire is also accused of being a ravenous financier whose sole purpose is to destroy the existing American political order. He is backing the establishment of a supreme global state, which will be under his control.

Beck made uglier utterances on his radio by referring to Soros as a Jewish boy who is helping send fellow Jews to death camps. This is not just ordinary libel. It closely borders on racial intolerance. It was actually Beck’s cogitations concerning the Jewish Question that led to the exhaustion of patience among some conservatives. This is however an unsubstantial part of his malevolent campaign against George Soros. He claims that the billionaire has funded leftist movements such as the Velvet Revolution in Prague, Ukraine’s Orange Revolution and Georgia’s Rose Revolution. Furthermore, he has engineered coups in Slovakia, Yugoslavia and Croatia.

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George Soros | Open Society Foundations (OSF)

Beck’s programs have received considerable airtime owing to the naivety of most of most radio listeners and television viewers. By alluding that Soros intends to bring down the American government, the pundit is openly trying to cultivate fear and consequently, incite Americans against the investor. Some of the falsehoods that he has been spreading are totally absurd. He alleges that Soros is planning a Weimar-like inflation in order for him to cripple the American economy and benefit maximally. Read more about George’s life story at biography.com

Historical Ignorance

Glenn Beck is clearly ignorant as far as the world’s history is concerned. He claims that Soros is a Nazi puppet just because he survived the Holocaust. He fails to mention the exact role played by Soros in overthrowing the aforementioned governments. Likewise, he tries to undermine the role that George Soros played in bringing communism to an end. This in essence is the epitome of historical ignorance being portrayed by one of America’s most celebrated media commentators. Whether Glenn Beck’s views are his own or he is acting as someone else’s mouthpiece, they evidently hold no water and thus need to be totally unheeded. The original article was posted in The New Yorker.

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How Glenn Beck Has taken Puppetry to a Whole New Level