Brad Reifler Continues to Forge Ahead

Has the divide between the 1% and 99% become more pronounced in the United States? For some reason, the United States has continued on a path where the 1% “accredited investor” has more rights than the 99% regular investor. Learn the 5 tips of Forefront Capital CEO Brad Reifler for the regular investor, and something he tweets about often.

“What Advantages Do 1% Investors Have?”

The wealthiest investors can hire the best hedge fund managers in the world to try more exotic techniques for making money. The United States Treasury 10-Year Bond (UST) is an example of an investment that might require a very high income. Government sovereign bonds are traded between nations, central banks and wealthy institutions.

Investors need only look through the list at their local bank for certificates of deposit (CDs) to see that the highest investment amounts have the highest interest rates. Likewise, some higher stock prices are intentionally aimed at the high-end investors. The top hedge funds are reserved for the wealthiest 1% investors.

“Inflation Erodes Profits”

Wikipedia shows that Forefront Capital CEO Brad Reifler recounted how some nice-sounding investments might not be profitable during his Reuters press release. Just like any responsible parent, Brad Reifler invested in a “529 college savings plan” for his children. Unfortunately, when it was time to remove the money, the “fund was actually worth less than what he started with.”

Many regular investors are experiencing the same difficult choices at the beginning of 2016 – rising inflation and low interest rates make profitability very difficult. In the 1990s, real estate delivered healthy returns. In 2008, the property market unraveled and now some are looking for a replacement.

Forefront Capital CEO Brad Reifler offers 5 tips for succeeding in any environment on 1. Risk Management, 2. Prudence, 3. Liquidity, 4. Like-Minded Manager and 5. Strategy. Develop a coherent short- and long-term plan for your financial portfolio. Risk management may change over time and might include selling when risk increases too rapidly.

“Reifler: Three Decades of Trading”

The wealthiest investors have a distinct advantage over others in terms of money. In 1982, Brad Reifler founded Reifler Trading Corporation executing global derivatives. He sold Reifler Trading to Refco in 2000. Reifler had also built up Pali Capital to revenues over $200 million per year with offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Austria, Singapore and Latin America as CrunchBase indicates.

In 2009, Brad Reifler started up his boutique firm, Forefront Capital, to provide discretionary and non-discretionary banking, wealth management and investment advice to individuals, advisors and institutions. Forefront Capital can satisfy both your income and long-term appreciation needs. If you are one of the 99%, but want to gain the advantages of the 1%, then Forefront Capital might have the right financial services for you. MarketWired has more about where Brad is taking ForeFront Capital next.

Brad Reifler Continues to Forge Ahead

Dr Walden RecapDr. Jennifer Walden Is A Super Doctor

Lost Creek resident Dr. Jennifer Walden was nominated for the LLS is 2016 woman of the year. The candidates compete to honor a child who has a blood cancer survivor and to raise funds for blood cancer research. Dr. Jennifer Walden is a nationally renowned plastic surgeon. The main reason for running for this honor is to help raise money and awareness for blood cancer. Dr. Walden’s practice is located at the Westlake Medical Center. Although Dr. Jennifer Walden has mostly a plastic surgeon, she also has a philanthropic interest in helping children with blood disorders.

Doctor Jennifer Walden is also a media commentator for ABC and Fox new among other television networks and is the founder of Jennifer Walden PLLC and Walden Cosmetic Surgery PLLC. Her practice is based in Austin, Texas, and has a satellite office in Marble Falls, Texas. She began her career in Manhattan at the Eye, Ear, Nose, and Throat Hospital in Manhatten, New York. She was mentored by doctor Cheryl Aston.

Dr. Walden was named as one is 24 best beauty surgeons in 2014 by a national magazine. She sits on the board of directors for the modern Aesthetics and plastic surgery. She is a member of American Society for Aesthetic Plastic, and she co-authored aesthetic plastic surgery, a textbook. Dr. Walden was the daughter of a dentist, and her mother was a nurse. She graduated from Anderson High School and later the University of Texas. She graduated as Salutatorian from The University Of Texas Medical Branch. Dr. Walden was recognized as one of the best plastic surgeons in America. She is also the mother of twin sons and return to Austin to open a private practice in Westlake Hills.

Dr Walden RecapDr. Jennifer Walden Is A Super Doctor

FreedomPop Expansion in Spain to Include Free WhatsApp Use

FreedomPop is expanding its services to Spain, according to a Mobile World Live article. FreedomPop is known for its free limited cell phone and internet services. Members do have to pay if they want more data and minutes. The people of Spain are getting an even better break with free WhatsApp messaging and calling no matter the usage. FreedomPop is currently only available in the U.S. and UK, but hopes to expand its services. Users can up grade services by paying for services ranging from $9.99 to $59.99. The free service includes 500 MB free data usage.

WhatsApp is extremely popular in Spain accounting for 90 percent of the text messages sent in the country. The app allows users to send messages across different platforms for free. Since the two companies are of the same mind, FreedomPop and WhatsApp have teamed up to offer a great combination. FreedomPop plans on expanding its coverage and hopes to have more than 100,000 users in the UK and is targeting 500,000 in Spain, thanks to the partnership with WhatsApp. With a current total of $109 million in funding, FreedomPop is accelerating expansion in South America and Europe including the launch of its global hotspot which has found success. Those using the global hotspot don’t have have to worry about roaming charges.

With a tiny advertising budget, FreedomPop uses word of mouth to get customers. Those who refer friends can earn more data and other perks without spending a dime. They also offer an additional way to earn data by having their customers complete third party offers that pay in data and minutes. For more on FreedomPop’s expansion see the Mobile World Live article.

Check out this review of FreedomPop

FreedomPop Expansion in Spain to Include Free WhatsApp Use

Why You Should Try The Amazing Wen By Chaz Products For Your Hair.‘s hair care products are among the leading hair care products in the United States. This is a celebrity loved hair product brand that is made by the highly reputable hair designer Chaz Dean ( As a hair stylist and designer, Chaz Dean based on his wikipedia profile is in Hollywood, and he serves high-end clients like Hollywood stars. Wen hair care products have been acclaimed by critics in the hair care industry as a product line that delivers on its promises. To offer its clients better hair care, Wen hair products are mostly all in one; that is shampoo, conditioner and styling lotion. This gives you as the user an all in one care for your hair by just using one of Wen’s hair products.
Wen hair products have a strong emphasis on using natural ingredients to make its products. These products are made mostly of natural products that have proven over time to be useful to hair and its optimum growth. Wen then enhances these products to give you the best results when you use it. Wen hair cleansing conditioner is one product that works wonders. This magical hair products is not only a cleanser but also shampoo, a conditioner and hair food. Its just the right thing to use on thin hair. This product has a variety of brands, and the Fig brand is leading in this line. This product can turn your thin hair into those amazing hair you see in TV commercials.

WEN cleansing conditioner is a one of a kind hair product. It not only increases breath of your thin hair but also makes your hair amazingly strong and break free just in a few days. If you go online on, then you will find hundreds of client testimonials saying how wonderful this product has been to them. I mean you see tho amazing hairs Hollywood celebrities have, they are made possible by Wen hair products. If you want to take your hair game to a whole new level, then this is the hair product to use.


Why You Should Try The Amazing Wen By Chaz Products For Your Hair.

Tips And Insights To Success In Brokerage From Sanjay Shah

As a startup, there is an important need avoid underestimating the amount of cash required for the business. In addition, one has to avoid the notion that they can do everything by themselves in the business. Shah says that he has witnessed failure in lots of businesses from inadequate budgeting and advises all startups to take precautions when starting their businesses in addition to those interested in brokerage. Sanjay Shah founded Solo Capital in 2009 after he got laid off his job during the European trade market crises. He decided to start up his own brokerage firms by hiring a couple of graduates from the field of banking.

Solo Capital Limited came to be through Sanjay’s efforts and his ability of entrepreneurship despite studying medicine from Kings College. He started it by allowing his workers to work independently and share with him the profit gained. In 2011, Solo Capital formed partnerships with firms like Old Park Lane a trader of niche products hence becoming a private limited company. The firm is now a large company with over 18 partners who practice financial service advisories, proprietary trading, and forex trading. Shah has however retired from the management of the company as the Chief Executive Officer and concentrates more on philanthropy with his organization named Autism Rocks. Other than Solo Capital he has founded more than 3 dozens of companies in the United Kingdom and areas like the Cayman Islands and the British Virgin Islands.

Sanjay is famous for his achievements as a young entrepreneur; back in 2011, he was moved by his sickness of his son to starting a campaign about autism. He has developed undivided attention to the foundation which organizes events and invites famous musicians and celebrities. Allegedly Sanjay has a passion and love for music which he merged with his campaign to support fundraisings. In the Autism Rocks Foundation, the raised money is donated to institutions of research and research centers majoring on autism. This is to increase awareness of the psychological disorder in children and help their parents learn to identify the symptoms early enough for the future of the affected children.

Tips And Insights To Success In Brokerage From Sanjay Shah

Hayman Capital Founder Kyle Bass Believes In Hillary Clinton

Kyle Bass, the outspoken Dallas-based hedge fund manager, is not shy when it comes to expressing his opinions publically. Bass is best-known for telling CNBC’s David Faber that Bearn Stearns was in trouble back in 2007. Bass founded Hayman Capital Management in 2006, and he was a Bear Stearns executive when he secretly met with Faber. Bass believed that the subprime mortgage bond situation was filled with bad deals, and those deals were going to bring Bear Stearns and other Wall Street firms down. Bass made a huge bet that the mortgages would bring down the market. Bass was right, and he made more than $590 million on that bet. Hayman Capital and Kyle Bass made headline news for predicting and then betting that the market would crash, and he has been making headline news ever since then,

But most of the news about Bass hasn’t been that positive over the last three years, according to an article published by It seems Bass has a tendency to upset the status quo, and he does it on a regular basis. Hayman Capital Management hasn’t produced the more than 600 percent returns that it produced in 2009 and that hasn’t made investors very unhappy. Bass was criticized for taking General Motors side when the faulty airbag and power steering issues were discovered. Hayman Capital was the largest General Motors Shareholder at the time, and Bass said that the 13 victims that lost their lives behind the faulty GM vehicles were either not wearing their seatbelts or were under the influence of Alcohol.

Wikipedia had information about how when Argentina defaulted on their bonds in 2014, Bass took President Christina Fernandez de Kirchner’s side. Kyle said the four hedge funds that held the bonds were vultures and were holding 42 million people captive because they refused to settle the debt for 30 cents on the dollar. President Christina Fernandez de Kirchner was the one holding Argentina captive. Her economic policies kept the country in debt and in a state of uncontrollable inflation.

Bass recently formed a coalition with Erich Spangenberg to try to stop drug companies from charging outrageous prices for the drugs people needed to survive. Spangenberg has been called the most notorious patent troll in the world, and when he targets a drug company Bass shorts the stock in that company.

But the most interesting news from Bass these days is his support of Hillary Clinton. Bass thinks Clinton will win the nomination. Bass thinks that Trump doesn’t stand a chance against her if he is the Republican candidate.

Hayman Capital Founder Kyle Bass Believes In Hillary Clinton

Reaching Your Financial Goals

What do VTA Publications have to say?

VTA Publications is a non fictional publisher of distance learning courses and also organizes events that cater to special genres. They were established in 2012 and presently have thousands of customers who use their services. They provide their customers with the latest in digital and physical information, their specialties being economics and financials.  They also have an online store for selling the advice that they offer.

So if you have a financial goal you have to give it a try like in rugby.

A key in reaching your goals is not to criticize your opponent or the other team as stated in Sun Tzu “Art of War”. Do not back your enemy against a wall, for he will fight to the death…

Criticisms always seem to make it back to us. When you insults other’s egos and attack their pride in a sense you have created an enemy instead of an ally which only makes it more difficult to reach your own goals.

In general people seldom think they are wrong and you cannot change that. As human beings we are often not logical but emotional. We just do not win arguments, even when we think we win, we actually lose because we cause resentment in the other person.

So if you want to make allies and reach your goals avoid criticism and acting in any way superior towards others. You need others help. One way to do this is to show genuine interest in others. The saying “give and you will receive” is valid here.
If you are only looking out for yourself trying to make money in a selfish way you will not get very far and will only make enemies and definitely not friends or allies who will help you reach your goals as you also help them. By hurting others in the long run you only hurt yourself and hinder your own progress.

So let’s try and not criticize others, let’s try to take interest in others lives and needs, let’s not block our own paths to success by making enemies out of others. Let’s try something different for a change in this competitive, selfish society and instead of attacking others, let’s get out there and make friends. Why don’t we try this even for a week and see what comes of it? It is a good plan towards success and reaching your goals and you might just feel good about yourself as you do it. has more information on VTA Publications and their offerings, if you find yourself curious about what they have available.  But this is definitely the type of program for anybody interested in financial gain, no matter your financial level.

Reaching Your Financial Goals

Shoe Carnival and Slyce are Partnering For A New Business Venture

Leading image recognition technology company, Slyce, recently partnered with U.S. shoe giant Shoe Carnival to create new 3D visual tracking technology for mobile shopper. This cutting edge technology will enable users to take a picture in either real life or clipped from the internet and uploaded to find matching or closest matches to that particular shoe style. This new technology has the potential to revolutionize shoe shopping and shopping in general from your mobile phone. No more time-consuming searching for the style you are after. Just upload your picture and your matches will be presented to you.

Kent Zimmerman the VP of e-commerce which Shoe Carnival is very excited to be launching this new technology with Slyce because mobile technology is becoming increasingly more popular and easier for consumers. This new technology will make shopping convenient and fun. Shoe Carnival currently operates 400 stores and 34 states including the US territory of Puerto Rico. CEO of Shoe Carnival, Mark Elfenbein believes this is going to be groundbreaking for their company and will expand the marketplace substantially. The ease and convenience of this new system are quite impressive and will quickly give users the selections that they are looking for with just a click.

Slyce is a Toronto, Ontario-based image recognition technology company. It is channeling its energy in sales to Major retailers and consumers. Their platform uses this service to match products to customers. The technology is centered around using mobile devices while using visual search services to match products to clients who are searching for specific products.

Slyce currently provides technology for both mobile devices and desktop computers. Slyce uses it’s universal scanner to achieve it’s retail-focused search results. The universal scanner can also be used for barcodes, QR codes, and pictures.

Shoe Carnival and Slyce are Partnering For A New Business Venture

William Skelley Is One Of The Brightest Minds In The Real Estate Industry

The real estate market is rapidly recovering from the double dip recession of the late 2000s. Millions of Americans are now looking to buy a new home, but they are now looking for new funding sources. Fortunately, the robust American economy is constantly offering innovators a chance to brighten the lives of other people. William Skelley is possibly the brightest mind to enter the real estate market in years. His iFunding platform has helped thousands of people enter the real estate industry without the assistance of the traditional financial industry.

Commercial and industrial real estate is extremely expensive. Often purchasing a commercial lot and constructing a building can cost millions of dollars. Companies that wish to expand quickly often find themselves struggling to find a funding source. On the other side of the equation, millions of people wish to diversify their portfolio by investing in real estate. Real estate is an extremely smart investment and often pays huge dividends. Unfortunately, if you only have a small amount to invest, you might struggle to find a medium through which to invest in real estate. From the Facebook, it’s clear iFunding offers a unique platform for both investors and those seeking funding. The site allows real estate operators to post their projects to the site. Potential investors can see the projects and choose to invest as little as $5,000. The terms are clearly laid out for both parties to see. Hundreds of projects are getting funding through this platform and investors are making a significant amount of money for the investors.

IFunding is a major innovator in the real estate funding industry, it all started as William Skelley‘s vision. He founded this company to help real estate projects get off the ground, and now he is widely recognized as a brilliant mind. Recently, he was named part of the next generation of real estate leaders. He was invited to a dinner in New York City with the Knights of Columbus where hundreds of other brilliant minds were able to pick Skelley’s brain. Skelley had a great time, and the people in attendance all left feeling highly impressed with Skelley’s business acumen. While Skelley is currently seen as a rising star in the real estate industry, there seems to be a consensus that Skelley will rise to the top of the industry.

The real estate industry is vital to the American economy, and it constantly needs innovators to offer a new and exciting approach. William Skelley is changing the way people think about real estate investment.  Follow him on Twitter to keep up to date.

William Skelley Is One Of The Brightest Minds In The Real Estate Industry

A Brief on Who George Soros is

George Soros is a shrewd businessman and is famously known for his Soros Fund Management. Besides, he also has an influence on American politics and is one of the most active philanthropists in the world.

Though an American citizen on, George Soros was born is Hungary and was given the names Gyorgy Swartz, but later changed his names to George Soros when he migrated to England. His career in finance began in London after joining the London School of Economics where he was a student of Karl Popper. Immediately after finishing his undergraduate studies, George Soros moved to New York in 1956 where he began his career in finance. His first employment in New York was as an arbitrage trader for a firm called F.M. Mayer on where he worked for three years. He then moved to Wertheim & Co where he worked as a financial analyst. He worked there till 1963. After leaving Wertheim & Co, he moved to Arnhold and S Bleichroeder where he held the position of vice-president for ten years.

George Soros on politico did not get satisfied working for other people, and that is why he quit employment to start his firm, Soros Fund Management, which has grown to become one of the world’s best and most profitable hedge fund companies. Apart from the Soros Fund Management, he also founded the Open Society Foundation whose objectives are to promote political causes, economics, and social reforms. Other initiatives that the foundation supports are in the area of the rule of law, education, and independent media.

George Soros is also known for his philanthropic gestures. He carried out his first philanthropy activity in 1979, but this was just a small one. It is only five years later that he launched a philanthropic organization. He named the organization Open Society Foundation, a name that he borrowed from a concept that was advanced by Karl Popper. The concept on Bloomberg is to help build democracies that are vibrant and tolerant and whose governments could be held responsible to the people they serve. The amount of money that he disseminated for philanthropic causes was not much until in 1987 when he opened his Moscow office when he spent about $3 million. By the year 1992, he had spent more than $300 million. By 1992, he had established several foundations mostly in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. And because of this, many political figures became interested in him. Today, George Soros Open Society Foundation is present in more than 70 countries.

George Soros is an ardent supporter of politics that is progressive and liberal. He has given several donations for various political causes, and one of the notable ones is the Democrats support in 2004 elections. He contributed 20 million US dollars to America Coming Together and $3 million to the Center for America Progress.

He has written several books on finance and political issues that include ‘Open Society: Reforming Global Capitalism’ published in 2001 and ‘The Age of Fallibility: Consequences of the War on Terror’ published in 2006.


A Brief on Who George Soros is