The Entrepreneurial Mastermind Behind Windquest Group

Dick DeVos was born October 21st 1995. He is the eldest son to Richard DeVos, the co-founder of Amway. The Amway Corportation is a privately owned company, which works as a network sales firm. The private co-operation specializes in distributing the health, household together with personal care products through its dealers. The dealers then recruit second level dealers, the second dealers establish third level dealers until the final consumer is accessed. 

DeVos has worked in Amway Corporation holding different positions. He began working at Amway Corporation in the year 1974, ten years later he was promoted to the position of Vice President of the firm’s activities in 18 countries around the world. The job as the Vice President, would enable him gain more experience outside of the family owned company. Dick left Amway Corporation in 1989 and decided to start his own business venture, The Windquest Group. The business specialized in the production and sales of storage and closet organizers.

Dick went back to Amway Corporation as President where he was able to succeed his father in 1993. During his tenure as President at Amway Corporation, Dick oversaw a lot of projects meant to restructure the Amway Corporation. The restructure of Amway Corporation was done in the year 2000. During Dick’s time as President, Alticor Corporation was established; this acted as the umbrella firm. The firms that were covered by Alticor Corporation include the Amway Corporation, the Access Business Group and the Quixtar Corporation. The restructuring of Amway Corporation enabled it to expand its activities to over 50 countries and territories in six continents. 

DeVos quit his job as President in 2002, to concentrate on his business venture the Windquest Group. He also developed political interest at that time, and in 2006 he decided to run for the seat of governor of Michigan State as Republican candidate. The wealthy background of Dick DeVos was a huge boost to his campaign. 

He is married to Elizabeth ‘Betsy’ DeVos, they have established the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation. The Foundation has participated in donating a lot of dollars meant to support different activities such as educational, community, religious, artistic and free-market economic organizations since its establishment in 1990. The foundation has also taken part in arts funding, the Dick and DeVos Foundation was reported to have contributed 22.5 million dollars to support the Kennedy Center Institute of Arts Management. The institute was then renamed to DeVos Institute of Arts Management, arts managers together with board members are offered practical training at the institute. 

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The Entrepreneurial Mastermind Behind Windquest Group

Endless Drive to Understand: Autism Rocks Foundation

Many things motivate people to want to give back and help others. Just like any parent, Sanjay Shah wants to do everything he can to better understand and help his son, Nikhil. Nikhil struggles with autism and is the main driving force behind Sanjay Shah’s never-ending passion for fundraising for Autism Rocks, a foundation that donates all proceeds to the Autism Research Trust (ARC).
Sanjay grew up in London, then went on to studying medicine before deciding against becoming a doctor. After a variety of different occupations, Sanjay began his own brokerage business. This business grew over the next few years, putting his net worth at $280 million in just 5 years. The struggles of facing autism first began in 2011, when Sanjay’s son, Nikhil, was brought to the doctor’s for not being able to keep his food down. After countless doctor’s visits, the diagnosis of autism was given. The steps were taken to provide the best therapy and treatments for his son. However, the waiting lists were long and the treatment was anything but affordable. Sanjay Shah knew there needed to be a way to help others be able to afford this treatment and ensure that no child with autism get left behind.
The spark for the creation of this charity came in a not so common way. An unexpected meeting with world-famous, Snoop Dogg inspired Sanjay to turn his love of music into something amazing. Autism Rocks was launched and Sanjay began hosting music events all over the world with one goal in mind: raise money for autism research and help others.
In 2014, Autism Rocks officially began. Since the creation, performances from music legends like Prince, Lenny Kravitz, Michael Buble, and Drake have taken place to raise money for autism research.
Understanding autism and providing treatment for patients struggling with the condition will always be the goal for Sanjay. There may not be a cure for autism, but funding research is the best way to ensure that we are stepping in the right direction.

Endless Drive to Understand: Autism Rocks Foundation

How Charles and David Koch are Helping Americans

Poverty is effecting millions of Americans right now. Many are homeless because they lost their houses while big banks were bailed out when the recession hit. They are jobless, tired and hungry. They need clothes, shoes, and help to survive. While most politicians are good at making promises to help the poor that they never keep, two men have stood together to give them the help they need to rise back up from despair. Their names are Charles and David Koch.

The poor are often forgotten when it comes to politicians who tend to seek out the wealthy for contributions. Charles and David Koch are two men that are doing things a little differently though. As billionaires, they already have more than enough money for campaigning. The votes that they have decided to go after are from those who have been hit the hardest in the country, and the way that they are going about getting them is totally unique. They have set up programs across the country that do more than just hand out a few groceries and send people on their way. They give them a voice and a means to get out of poverty for good.

The foundations set up by Charles and David Koch offer programs to teach budgeting, couponing, and how to cook nutritious meals with a small amount of money. Food and clothing are given to those who need it. Some are taught how to start their own business or how to get better jobs. Language courses help those who can’t speak English or want to learn how to read. While Charles and David Koch have faced continuous insults about their efforts by those who claim it is all strictly for political gain, the truth of the matter is, they had a choice, and they chose to use their power and wealth to help those less fortunate.

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How Charles and David Koch are Helping Americans

Yeonmi Park Tries to Set the Record Straight

In an article written by Todd Krainin that was published on titled “Yeonmi Park’s North Korean Defector Story,” Todd briefly describes Yeonmi’s escape from North Korea which she wrote about in her recently released book In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom. At the age of 13, she escaped North Korea with her mother in the middle of the night and crossed the Yalu River into China. This was the beginning of a long trek that would take her across China, through the Gobi Desert and eventually to the Mongolian boarder. Along the way she was sexually abused, suffered from starvation and considered suicide. She would eventually be reunited with her father and then finally make it to freedom in South Korea. Yeonmi’s story has received a lot of attention, and she has become a popular international human rights figure. This attention has attracted some detractors, and the North Korean government is actively trying to discredit her story. They believe Yeonmi and her mother are agents of the US and have produced a video on NK News trying to prove their point. Other Yeonmi critics have pointed out discrepancies and inaccuracies in her story, yet this does not detract from numerous other stories from North Korean defectors who share similar events. Yeonmi insists she knows the truth of her story and what is happening in North Korea. She knows that any exaggeration of her story could undermine the entire struggle of the whole North Korean defector community who only have their credibility to rely on. Yeonmi does not want to be silenced in discussing the oppression that is occurring in her home country. Todd Krainin’s article can be found at

Yeonmi Park Tries to Set the Record Straight

A Real Estate Investor Looking for Donations for Nepal Earthquake Relief

Majeed Ekbal is well known in the Chicago area as a successful real estate investor. Something else that he is well known for is the fact that he provides grocery delivery service to individuals who are looking to save time. This delivery service is called Espresso Inc. Individuals are able to use the Internet to look for and purchase groceries. The service set up by Majeed delivers these groceries to their home. They are able to purchase groceries from large chain stores, and they can also purchase from specialty shops that are in the area. He also offers to allow individuals who do not live in the Chicago area to choose local items and then they can be sent via Federal Express to their home.

Majeed Ekbal just recently set up a Go Fund Me account for victims of the 2015 Nepal earthquake. He is especially interested in this cause since many of his friends live in Nepal and were seriously affected by the earthquake. Even though many months have passed since that time, there are still a lot of people who are homeless. Many are also dealing with serious health problems, and there is a lack of food in the country. Majeed hopes to raise at least $1 million to help victims of the earthquake. He has used some of his own funds to begin donating to the cause. He appreciates donations of any size. Ekbal can also be found through other social media platforms like Tumblr.

The earthquake in Nepal that took place in April 2015 killed more than 9,000 people. Thousands of other individuals were injured and left homeless. Many individuals are not able to work and have had their lives turned completely upside down because of the disaster that took place and the fact that they do not have what is needed to clean up after it. The money that is donated to this fund will be used in a combined effort with other donated money to try to fix some of these problems. It will put into a crowdrise campaign. All of the money is going to be used toward medical and disaster relief efforts. He appreciates all help that is given, thanking individuals for their help.

A Real Estate Investor Looking for Donations for Nepal Earthquake Relief

About Brad Reifler and Forefront Capital

Brad Reifler is an investor who founded Forefront Capital, where he serves as the Chief Executive officer. Initially, Reifler was a co-founder, CEO and chairman of Pali Capital, a global financial firm. Before he founded Pali Capital, Brad Reifler was a top businessman at Refco, where his first venture, Reifler Trading Company was bought by Refco in the year 2000. When he became a full time financial professional, Reifler started to focus on investment strategies that can yield high rate return on investment as well as helping investors achieve their goals. One year ago, Forefront Capital launched a new initiative that was aimed to target non-accredited investors.

Reifler said that over the years he was focusing only on accredited investors who were able to make at least $200,000 in a year, or those with net worth of over $1 million excluding their premises. Today, Forefront Capital has transformed its agenda and it has designed a product that would cater for non-accredited investors who are normally overlooked in many instances. Accredited investors are either corporations or individuals with a net worth of more than $1 million, according to the SEC.

After conducting extensive market research, analysis, and due diligence, Brand Reifler established Forefront Income Trust to target middle class investors with viable investment options, going with his philosophy about the importance of diversifying your investments. This fund is aimed at providing non-accredited investors with an opportunity to invest as low as $2500, which can be withdrawn or added after every four months. The economic inequalities in America are as a result of the widening gap between middle class and the wealthy. The investment structures designed by Brad Reifler are meant to help investors diversify and mitigate risks.

Forefront Capital’s strategy is to offer clients and investors liquidity at a return of 8 percent according to Brad Reifler. After the 2008 financial crisis, several non-accredited investors have been hesitant when dealing in stocks and trusts. Reifler’s is that majority of investors lack the necessary knowledge required in the financial sector. Reifler, a financial expert, feels it’s his responsibility to educate and motivate potential investors to create the trust needed between them and the lenders. He has ensured those fears are absolved through initiatives set by his team. He wants to be recognized by individuals as the one who can provide alternative investment opportunities.

About Forefront Group

Brad Reifler founded Forefront Management Group, and its affiliates to provide a wide range of investment advisory services to both institutional and individual clients. The objective of Forefront Capital is to support non-accredited investors who want to achieve their goals. Reifler and his company want to bridge the wide gap that exists between the wealthy and the middle class, so that they can be able to exploit similar investment opportunities available.

About Brad Reifler and Forefront Capital

Skout Is On The List That Julie Spira Created Of The Top Ten Dating Applications

Julie Spira, who is a well-known dating expert, created her 2015 list of top ten dating applications. The list was published on the website TCPALM, and the list includes some familiar names. Skout also made the top ten list, and Skout comes in at number seven on the list.

Online dating is only as much fun as the website that’s being used for dating purposes. An online dating site can claim to have all kinds of features, but if the client isn’t enjoying the site, then it’s unlikely that they are going to pay the website a visit too often. Those who enjoy online dating might have found a website that they choose to visit regularly, or it’s possible that the person is looking for a website to call home for their dating purposes. Skout is a website available for anyone who wants to take the time to start dating or socializing with others online.

Dating is lots more fun than it used to be because it’s no longer the traditional task of finding someone and taking them out to dinner anymore. Those who are dating online can find someone as far away as Australia if they live in the USA. Many people are dating internationally online, which is something that would’ve been very difficult or nearly impossible in the past. Since online dating offers international dating possibilities, many have flocked to websites like Skout because of the infinite possibilities of finding an international mate.

The best thing about using Skout is that most of the features can be accessed without an additional charge, and any features that do cost money on Skout are very low in cost. Those who want to spend money on the Skout network can buy Skout points, which can easily be purchased by using a debit or credit card. Skout is also a very big community with over 220 million users. Even with such a high number of current Skout users, the Skout network continues to grow in size on a daily basis. Tens of thousands of new users join Skout every single day, which adds one million new users every month to the network.

Although some may be skeptical about using Skout network, they may only be skeptical because they don’t understand how it works. Those who want to check out Skout for themselves can easily sign up for a free account and can begin using Skout at will. Skout has several features that many people praise, especially the shake to chat feature, which is accessible when using the Skout application. The Skout application is free, and dating, socializing, virtually traveling, and meeting new people is a possibility when using the application.

Skout Is On The List That Julie Spira Created Of The Top Ten Dating Applications

How To Hire A Reliable Litigation Lawyer

A good lawyer in Brazil can help you avoid frustration and stress involved in dealing with a legal issue. It is imperative to have a consultation with a lawyer you’re considering. Not only is this meeting a fantastic opportunity to discuss the case and determine the best ways to represent you or handle it and exactly what to anticipate, it a great opportunity to find out more about the attorney and whether you can get along with him or her. Many lawyers offer free consultation, so you should take advantage of this meeting.

It is also advisable to find out about the lawyer’s fees and payment options. Depending upon the type of legal matter you are dealing with, fee structure could be hourly, flat rate or contingency. Make sure you are thoroughly aware of these fee arrangements, and make sure to have agreement in writing. Having written and signed arrangement concerning attorney fees, is absolutely important and will most definitely help avoid problems.

Try to find a litigation attorney that has the expertise and qualities you’re looking for and that will strive to provide you with excellent litigation services and legal solutions for your situation. When it comes to hiring a competent litigation lawyer in Brazil, look no further than Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho, one of the most reliable lawyers in Brazil.

Ricardo Tosto handles high-profile cases for corporations and commercial establishments, as well as disputes for individuals clients. He represents a raft of multinational companies and other institutions and has great experience in a diverse range of law fields. Ricardo Tosto is a well-known name in the Brazilian legal system, and he has over 22 years experience in the field.

Not only is Mr. Ricardo Tosto is a powerful litigation lawyer, he also shows the utmost care and respect for his clients. Mr Ricardo Tosto can fight for you and develop a legal strategy to resolve your case. It takes an excellent lawyer like Ricardo Tosto to protect your rights and ensure the best possible outcome in your case. Find Tosto on his social media accounts to keep up with him.

How To Hire A Reliable Litigation Lawyer

Slyce Unveils Out of Stock Solution for Retailers

Internet retailers have been frustrated concerning how to turn abandoned shopping carts into finalized sales. In many cases, while the cart is left sitting with a “purchase interest”, the product is no longer available and the sale is lost. Well, Slyce Inc. has found a way to re-spark the consumers interest and hopefully close the deal. The new image recognition platform product named “Slyce Link” is a proprietary solution for retailers to visually show similar products to customers all along the online shopping journey. That way the customer stays engaged in the shopping process at points where they otherwise may have dropped out.

This new software venture will double the contract with a Fortune 500 toy retailer when it is integrated into the retailer’s product page. A visual search app works by using sophisticated algorithms to analyze the visual attributes of a product such as size and color to search the Internet or the retailers own product catalog for similar items. There is even the capability to email or SMS the abandoned cart customer with visually similar products that are available. For any retailer this can be highly profitable for moving inventory that a consumer may not have otherwise found.

According to Slyce Inc., CEO Mark Elfenbein, current statistics show cart abandonment at seventy-five to eighty-five percent. Instead of the current practice of removing a product from the shopping cart when it is no longer available, now the retailer can offer options such as – “You May Also Like”, or “Show Me Similar” or “Find Similar”. Any of these options will show either visually similar options, visually similar options that are more or less expensive or nearly every visually similar product.

Slyce already has it’s technology being used by some big box retailers such as Home Depot, JCPenneys and Neiman Marcus. Their visual search technology is a powerful sales tool that allows anyone to take a picture of an object using a mobile device, initiate the visual search app and receive near instant recognition of that product. As Slyce Inc. continues to marry mobile device consumers with visual search apps, digital retailers will reap the benefits.

Slyce Unveils Out of Stock Solution for Retailers

The New World of Real Estate Coaching

The world of real estate marketing, selling and buying has changed profoundly in the past several years. The bursting of the real estate bubble in 2008 was a dramatic event that changed the world economy. It stands to reason that that event changed the way real estate professionals are trained and how they conduct business in this new post-recession recovery period. Things are starting to swing back now, however, and what’s clear is that working realtors need to be polished and honed so they can take advantage of the many new opportunities out there in this market.

The New Coaching Approach

Many top level realty companies are now turning to professional coaching as a way to hone young realtors for their profession. What is it that coaching offers a realtor? The coaching system works by giving realtors the opportunity to have real accountability as far as their prospecting works goes and it also gives them a chance to share ideas with other realtors who are in the same position. There is a lot of bonding that goes on between co-workers who go through the coaching process together and that bonding is invaluable as far as keeping realtors committed to their company and the people they work with.

Group Accountability

Some of the top coaching companies like to use an approach that involves working with teams made up of twelve realtors who work together to discuss their approaches and shared goals. These teams also pair up so that each realtor has a partner who they meet with at least once a week. These pairs have accountability to each other and must report in to each other about their progress as far as prospecting for clients and keeping a schedule of that progress.

What’s clear from reports from those who have gone through coaching is that the process works. Realtors who have been coached see greater results and success in their work and as a result they stay in the profession for the long term. All of this is win-win for the real estate industry.

The Real Estate Mavericks

One of the coaching companies that is getting a lot of attention of late is the Real Estate Mavericks, at This company takes a bold approach to the coaching process and offers several different coaching seminars that take realtors through a dynamic education in sales. The thought behind all of this is to show new realtors a way of running their business that goes beyond the tried and true approaches that have worked in the past.

If it’s time to shake up the thinking in your real estate office and embrace some new ways of breaking through and finding success, call on This is a coaching company that is ready to open the doors to your company’s new success plan.

The New World of Real Estate Coaching