Advertising Revolutionizing Marketing Structures

Over the years, the world of advertising has been changing to accommodate all aspects of marketing. Advertising has been noted to be a major player when it comes to marketing of goods and services. Through advertisement, people and prospective customers are made aware of the existing product in the market. It also gives the customer the knowledge he desires to know about a given product before purchasing it. This initiative has led to many countries across the world to adopt advertising as an aspect of marketing. Digital migration has also contributed a lot in the advertising field since it has enhanced speed and accessibility of the products at all time. Advertising is competitive thus many companies usually run to acquire advertising space for consumption purposes.

As a result, many people have developed interest in the field of advertising and have invested heavily on it. Advertising started long time ago and has been improving generally with the advancement in technology. Heads Propaganda is one of the leading advertising agencies in Brazil. The company was established in 1989 and has continued to offer advertising services to the entire Brazilian population. The company rides on the notion that it was established when only fools were being born. This has given it the strength to develop since they ride on the principle of when fools were born they sat down and cried while they decided to laugh, dare and believe.

This has been the spirit that has spearheaded the growth of the company to be among the leading advertising agency worldwide. The good working environment of the company caught the attention of two major media houses in Brazil, the Young and Rubicund and the Total Group Fischer America which were overwhelmed by their advertising nature. The company has since developed more sophisticated ways of dealing with customer related problem thus perfecting there service delivery.

Claudio Loureiro is the Chief Executive Officer of the Heads Propaganda. Having graduated with both law degree and communication and relations from Boston University, he developed interest in the advertising field. This was the driving force that has made him to lead the company to be the third largest capital 100% national agency. Through his leadership, the company has grown over the past 25 years to be among the fourth largest advertising agency in Brazil with an estimated net worth of 9million dollars. The company has grown and acquired commercial buildings in other areas like Ipanema and Rubem Braga in Brazil.

Advertising Revolutionizing Marketing Structures

The Bruce Levenson Investment Journey

Bruce Levenson is known for his investment abilities that have continuously won the hearts of many people. His life is a testimony of an ambitious young investor that dreamt that one day he would own an NBA team, and play a major role in the investment industry. Many years down the line, Bruce has been the owner of several clubs including the Atlanta Hawks and continues to be an integral part of major organizations. His rise from a university student many years back has been a symbol of results from clear determination.

Levenson is a graduate of Washington University where he attained a degree in Political Science. In the measure to understand the procedure and the role of the law in business, Bruce joined American University and graduated his degree. It was at this point that he fulfilled his desire for decent education that has since played an important role in his business administration.

Prior to starting United Communication Group, a telecommunication company, Bruce worked as a journalist. While working at Washington star, he gathered a wealth of experience, which he saw as an opportunity to understand the corporate world. He always had the willingness to start his company, but was first to acquire sufficient negotiation skills. It is among the reasons he attending law school.

After leaving the Washington star, he started UCG and later sold it for a huge profit. These were the first investment he ventured into and after the sale; he had the money to plunge into the industry. Armed with the skills and financial power, Bruce acquired the NBA team in 2004 together with the Atlanta Thrashers and the Philips Arena. It was a great opportunity to pay $240 million for all the three teams.

In 2007, Bruce sold the Thrashers for an estimated $170 million, a figure that was seen by analysts as too good. It was extremely high return for a club that was bought for a low fee. In 2010, there was an attempt the dispose of the Hawks, but Bruce could not convince the Board to adopt such a decision.

However, in April 2015, the Board adhered to selling the Hawks for $850 million. The sale included the disposal of the rights to the Arena. The figure was a humongous profit for a single team, and it’s Arena. In fact, the price was way much than the actual value of the club, according to Forbes.

The Hawks is among the clubs that have significantly increased in value since its early acquisition by Bruce. It is attributed to the sound decision making done by the owner. The Hawks was sold to a team of investors whose leader was Tony Ressler. He is a fellow entrepreneur and billionaire philanthropist whose art of acquiring and negotiation is unmatched. In their initial statement, team-Ressler promised to make things better for the residents and the fans. On the same note, they reiterated that the main objective was to see the club succeed and win the championship soon.

The Bruce Levenson Investment Journey

A Look At The History And Achievements Of Eucatex

Eucatex is a Brazil based company that was established in 1951, which would specialize in offering products that impact on the environment and acoustic comfort. The company has been crowned for producing high quality ceiling tiles and panels, which are made from eucalyptus. Eucatex started by first establishing a mill, today referred to as Fiberboard Industrial Unit. They began with the manufacture of soft boards before they ventured into the production of ceiling tiles and panels. Over the years, Eucatex has recorded massive growth and has impacted greatly in the construction industry by offering unique products that are meant to revolutionize acoustic comfort.

Among factors that have contributed to the improvement of the company is focused leadership that has been delivered all through. One of the persons who have offered great leadership to the company is Flavio Maluf, who has served as the chief executive officer of Eucatex from 2005 to date. Flavio Maluf is a well experienced professional, who has been crowned for his dedication to seeing all his ventures sprout into mega investments. His energy and contribution to the growth of Eucatex have been a point that can be emulated by many who are looking to run successful businesses. He is able to come up with strategic plans that are geared towards the stabilization of the industry. During his leadership at Eucatex, Flavio Maluf has managed to secure the company a better name in the market, something that has helped Eucatex garner more sales.

It is also necessary to note that Eucatex has been on the forefront to seeing that all people who offer raw materials are compensated fairly. Through their forest leasing program, the company has managed to offer more people opportunities to earn from their pieces of land and this has been a motivating factor that has encouraged more farmers to invest. There are many check out benefits that farmers will get after leasing their property with Eucatex. First, they are able to generate more income for their rural property. Land optimization is also carried out and there is also value addition to the rural property.

To improve its corporate governance practices, Eucatex established the ethics channel, which would help to ensure transparency. This has made all the people working with the company to embrace their roles fully and to ensure there are no unjust practices that may create conflict to how the company is run.

A Look At The History And Achievements Of Eucatex