The Inspiring Success Story About Tony Petrello

Tony Petrello is the President and CEO of Nabors Industries Ltd. As the CEO, Anthony Petrello helps the company navigate the dynamic competitive world that is the American oil industry. He provides direction towards the prosperity and adaptation of the firm through his strategic planning initiative on top of his operating functions as the president. Since June 2012, Mr. Petrello has been at the helm of the company’s executive committee as well as its board of directors on He was elected to the company’s executive committee of the board in early 90s. He has also been the company’s chief operating officer and president for a decade.

Education and a Law Career

Before he joined Nabors Industries Ltd in 1991, Petrello practiced general corporate, taxation and international arbitration at the Baker & McKenzie law firm. He resigned in 1991 after working at the law firm for 12 years, 5 of which he served as a managing partner with the New York City-based law firm. He attended Yale University and Harvard Law School where he graduated with degrees in MS Degree in mathematics and a J.D degree respectively. He is an advocate for medical programs on and research meant to deal with the needs of kids born with neurological conditions. He is a member of Texas Children’s Hospital board of trustees. He is also the director of Hilcorp Energy Company as well as Stewart & Stevenson Ltd.

Family Life

Tony Petrello’s success story is exceptional. How he rose from living with his Italian immigrant grandparents in New Jersey to Yale and Harvard Law School at, and later as a managing partner at a New York City law firm, and eventually to the helm of one of the biggest oil companies in the world. Tony and his wife Cynthia live in the East Coast and they have one child, Carena.

Nabors Industries

Nabors Industries Ltd is a Bermuda-based Oil and Gas Company that operates from Houston, Texas. It is one of the leading onshore drilling companies in the in the United States. The company is facing pressure from investors to shed some assets and concentrate on high-tech drilling activities which led to the company selling some oil fields in California. The company provides drilling services such as hydraulic fracturing and owns about a 1,000 rigs, both offshore and onshore.


Tony’s daughter, Carena, was born 12 weeks early and was later found to have a common neurological disorder known as PVL (periventricular leukomalacia). The condition, which is brought by limited or no blood flow to the brain is pretty common among prematurely born infants. As a result, she developed reduced motor skills, also referred to as cerebral palsy, a condition that causes slow or delayed growth in children. In conjunction with Texas Children’s Hospital, Tony and his wife Cynthia are committed to helping children born with neurological disorders and bring an end to the condition. They have donated millions of dollars to the facility to boost research as well as ensure that similar children at the hospital live to their full potential.

The Inspiring Success Story About Tony Petrello

Choosing a Good Litigation Attorney in Brazil

Are you an entrepreneur or corporate executive? Need quality legal advice or litigation service in Brazil? If you are confronting a business dispute or other business related matter in Brazil, you need to get in touch with the law office of Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho right away.

Sooner or later, every business person will require the services of law firm or lawyer for something. If you are confronting a legal circumstance it is very important that you get adequate representation. Venturing into the legal arena or business litigation for the first time can be a really complicated and stressful experience. That’s why it is necessary to get a good lawyer like Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho. Choosing an outstanding legal representative is a great idea. But it can be frustrating if you do not know where to find one, or how to go about selecting the right law firm or attorney. You need to shop around and research the background of multiple attorneys so you can be sure you’re dealing with a suitable professional to address your legal problem.

You’ll want to find out whether the attorney has ever been disciplined. All states maintain a disciplinary organization that oversees and monitors law firms and attorneys. If a grievance is made against a lawyer or law firm, the state’s agency will check into the claim and make a determination whether or not the lawyer has violated any rules. If so, the organization will discipline the lawyer or attorney as appropriate.

Legal representatives can be disciplined for various reasons, including defaulting on their bar association dues and embezzling client funds. Some lawyers who have been disciplined are no longer allowed to practice law. You should never hire a legal representative who is not currently suited to practice law. It is to your benefit to diligently research a legal representative’s disciplinary history. It is important to consider any previous discipline taken and the conditions surrounding the discipline.

Get the right attorney for your case, and you can be convinced you will get the best possible result.
Mr Ricardo Tosto is one of the respected and prominent lawyers in Brazilian legal system. He worked with some of the most popular corporate litigation law firms before he launched his network of law firms. Ricardo Tosto has been helping clients resolve both simple and complex cases involving business and corporate business.

Ricardo Tosto has advised many different public personalities and large companies, as well as politicians and the government sector. Mr Ricardo Tosto knows the law, and he is an outstanding attorney who has gained peer recognition and professional accomplishment. He is one of the most influential attorneys in Brazil.

Choosing a Good Litigation Attorney in Brazil

The Benefits of Makari Skin Whitening Cream

It is evident that the Makari whitening cream is beneficial to people that may have sun spots or blotches. Some people may have assumed that surgery is the answer for this. Others are going in get skin bleaching done. Both of these are over-the-top options for skincare. Makari has skin whitening cream that is bound to give people the results that they are seeking without the extreme measures. has an assortment of products, but the skin whitening cream may be one of the bestsellers. This is the type of product that has managed to build an audience in a short time frame because this skin lightening product works so well. It is among the best of its kind when it comes to products that are safe for the skin.

There are testimonials from customers on the website that have tried these products. The praise is strong because there are people that are saying that this whitening cream leaves your skin feeling baby soft. That is a grand compliment to the ingredients that are contained in this product. People are confident in the way that this cream works. Customers rely on this cream to help them get a radiant glow.


The Benefits of Makari Skin Whitening Cream

Don’t Be Left Behind, Get Some Great FreedomPop Services Today

It’s possible that if a person is asked, they may admit that it was a FreedomPop review or information from a friend or family member that led them to become a FreedomPop customer. Unlike many of the major wireless services out there, FreedomPop doesn’t really advertise on television, online, or magazines to get people to sign up for their services. FreedomPop mostly relies on reviews, word-of-mouth, and the brochures that they give to retailers who sell their products. It’s almost unbelievable that FreedomPop has become so popular with so little advertising.


FreedomPop started off by having a free cell phone service, and this service is still something that is valuable to many and used by many. With 200 minutes, unlimited texts, and 500 MB of data, using the free service is a great deal because there really is no cost attached to it. Even those who worry about the $10 top up fee can turn it off, which means that no fees will be charged for the service. Anyone who continues using their data after their 500 MB is gone, they’ll be charged a fee of two cents per megabyte, which is also an avoidable fee as well.


Instead of being charged for usage of data, use Wi-Fi service, which can be personal Wi-Fi services or the services obtained directly from FreedomPop. Since FreedomPop knew that many customers would want access to unlimited data, they are providing a Wi-Fi service for only five dollars per month that has up to 4G LTE speeds. When signing up for the Wi-Fi service, an application is used to access the Wi-Fi, and using the Wi-Fi service can also enable a FreedomPop customer to utilize the Wi-Fi phone service for their cell phone.


The Wi-Fi cell phone service will only cost five dollars per month and gives unlimited talk, texts, and data to every user. Also, there is an unlimited everything plan for $19.99 that also gives unlimited services to its user, but it does cost more than the Wi-Fi service and uses cell towers to connect to services. Lower prices are still available for unlimited services, such as the unlimited plan for $10.99 with unlimited talk and texts. The only difference with the unlimited plan is that it only comes with 500 MB of data, making it necessary for any user to access extra data through Wi-Fi services or by paying for it.

Don’t Be Left Behind, Get Some Great FreedomPop Services Today

Just Who Is Clay Siegall & What Does He Do

Isn’t it strange that many of the most talented people in the world never seem to receive as much credit as they should be receiving? Unfortunately society holds entertainers and professional athletes to higher standards instead of the real true heros of the world. Have you ever head of Clay Siegall? If you haven’t then this notion personifies this article perfectly. Dr. Clay Siegall is one of the industry’s most celebrated individuals and has worked with many of cancer research’s most prominent names such as The National Cancer Institute, Bristol Myers Squibb, and The National Institute of Health. This guy is the real deal when it comes to getting things done in a progressive way. Siegall is well accomplished with statistics of:

Author of 70 Publications
Ph.D in Genetics
(BS) in Zoology
Currently Holds 15 Patents
Guest Speaker
And many more

Dr. Clay Siegall is the Co-Founder, (CEO), and President of Biotech giant Seattle Genetics. This company is located in Bothell, Washington and has become the world’s leader in developing and commercializing cancer breakthrough therapies. The company has also grown dramatically since it’s inception in 1997. Seattle Genetics is built on Dr. Siegall’s founding principles of scientific innovation, rigorous research, and drug development. The powerful foundation is what propels the company to new heights when compared to other cancer research organizations. The (ADCETRIS) medication is one of many that’s saving lives and last year it brought in sales of over $22 Million in the U.S. and Canada. As of today (ADCETRIS) is now being used in over 65 countries around the world. Seattle Genetics progressive way of business is setting new trends and changing the status quo. There are 70 drugs being trial tested at present moment and there are many more down the pipeline.

Clay Siegall and Seattle Genetics is revolutionizing cancer research and is setting the bar pretty high for all others who are in competition.

Just Who Is Clay Siegall & What Does He Do

Stem Cell Therapy Research at The Lung Institue

In a time where people face constant problems with Lung Disease and various other ailments of the lungs, a lot of people wonder how exactly are we supposed to deal with this problem. This has lead to various doctors and institution doing intense and heavy research on their own “Stem Cell Lung Therapy”.

For those who don’t know, Stem Cells are cells that can renew themselves and form any type of body tissue. The Stem Cell Lung Therapy would be used by taking a patient’s very own stem cells and separating the stem cells from the other cells in your body before finally being inserted back into the patient’s body to allow the stem cells to heal.

But why would the stem cells just automatically start reassembling and repairing the damaged lung tissue? Well you see, they will do this due to “pulmonary traping”. The PR web explains since the stem cells are already naturally trapped by the lungs, they begin to regenerate any damage done to the lung tissue.

Well that may be all well and good, but the question that you are probably wondering right this second is does it actually work? Well, the answer to that question is not found in data, unfortunately, but rather there have been hundreds of patients who have been successfully treated through Stem Cell Research all at The Lung Institute.

The Lung Institute is one of the leading treatment centers and distributors of the Stem Cell Lung Therapy Treatment. One of the leading helpers in the fight against chronic lung diseases. they offer many services to people who need help and to change their lives for the better. More information on Stem Cell Lung Therapy Treatment can be found on

If you or someone you know happen to suffer from a severe lung disease, the Lung Institute offers a variety of treatment methods that can help you and your loved ones recover and get better. The Lung Institute has several different locations across the country, including Tampa Florida, Nashville Tennessee, Scottsdale Arizona, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, and Dallas Texas. If you You can schedule a free consultation right now but calling them at (800)729-3065. You can also visit the website @

Sources for this article.

Stem Cell Therapy Research at The Lung Institue

Gooee for Amazing LED Lighting

It is so important that you take measures to reduce your electric bill every single month. If you are the type of person who’s constantly turning off the lights and making sure that electricity is turned off at all times and are still dealing with a high electric bill, you might find that switching to a different type of bulb in your fixtures can do the trick for you. One of the best ways for you to accomplish this is by going to Gooee LED lighting and knowing that this is something that will help you to save lots of money in the long run. Gooee offers a variety of LED lighting options that will enable you to feel confident in your decision to switch.

The moment you begin to use Gooee LED lighting, you are going to do something positive and beneficial for your entire home and family. You might be amazed at how much money you are able to save simply by switching to LED lighting. In fact, a lot of people are able to save hundreds upon hundreds of dollars every single year simply by switching the types of bulbs that they are using in the house. This is also a wonderful option for people who own their own office and would like to be able to reduce their electricity costs without having to get an electrician involved in any type of project like this because they feel it might cost them too much money to have them do it for them.

Gooee for Amazing LED Lighting

Capitol Anesthesiology Association Serves The Community And Beyond

Capitol Anesthesiology Associates are the premiere group of practicing physicians in the Austin area. Capitol Anesthesiology Associates are a private practice composed of physicians either board certified on in the process of becoming, CRNA’s trained in patient care and anesthesia, and an inclusive billing department that handles all insurance and billing matters. This close knit group ensures the anesthesia process is as professional and seamless as it gets.

The team at this anesthesia practice is trained in many different areas of anesthesiology allowing them to be involved in different types and even more complicated surgeries like cardiology. There are anesthesiologists able to perform local, regional and general anesthesia appropriate for many types of surgery, and there are also doctors specializing in obstetrics, and pediatric for women in labour and children. The nurses working with the doctors are also highly trained, an equally important aspect to performing the surgery well and taking care of patients.

Not only is CAA invested in the community around them providing the utmost care to patients and the best board certified doctors adhering to the quality standard of the Anesthesia Quality Institute, but they are also dedicated to bringing their services to underserved peoples and ares of the globe. They work with outreach programs like Austin Smiles, and and Operation smiles to provide surgeries for cleft palette in Austin and low income countries. The Children’s Medical Center Foundation also provides surgeries for the sick and injured children in the Texas area.

Capitol Anesthesiology Association Serves The Community And Beyond

Career Opps Via Wessex Institute of Technology

The Wessex Institute of Technology is a postgraduate research centre offering many opportunities for career advancement and security via classes and seminars, scheduled
research collaboration activities with alumni and other connections between students
and professionals in germane industries. Wessex Institute of Technology careers offer opportunities for networking, communicating and the demonstration of one’s personal, academic and
business skills. Also available is an e library with current periodicals and other

Job vacancy lists and email alerts are another mode of career assistance. This can
approve most effective for the students and alumni of an organization which is actively
culling and working such resources and connections. The rest is up to the student stance. This can approve effective for students and alumni of an organization which is actively culling such resources.

Career Opps Via Wessex Institute of Technology

George Soros funds migrant businesses, initiatives

Billionaire entrepreneur George Soros responded to President Obama’s call for U.S. companies to take a key role in the burgeoning refugee crisis by setting aside $500 million to address migrant businesses and needs.

“Migrants are often forced into lives of idle despair, while host countries fail to reap the proven benefit that greater integration could bring,” Soros wrote in a recent editorial published in The Wall Street Journal.

Soros contends that while government plays a key role by creating and maintaining a country’s social and physical infrastructure, the private sector’s involvement plays a critical role, too. George Soros’ plan helps create new businesses and puts people to work immediately, fostering economic growth in the country in which refugees settle.

“I will invest in startups, established companies, social-impact initiatives and businesses founded by migrants and refugees themselves,” he stated in his editorial.

Although his main business focus remains in Europe, Soros said he’ll fund refugee startups worldwide in an effort to show the key role of private capital’s effect on helping migrants and their host countries, reports Politico. The investor opines the failure to develop ineffective economic policies to handle the increased immigration flow that contributes to continued political instability and “human misery.”

George Soros also turned his focus and contributions to the U.S. recently to fund a group working to defeat the re-election of Arizona’s Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Arpaio opposes illegal immigration. In October, federal prosecutors charged the sheriff with contempt of court when he violated a court order “to halt discriminatory policing practices.”

George Soros contributed $2 million to the political action committee Maricopa Strong which targeted defeat of Arpaio in the November 2016 elections. The PAC also received donations of $500,000 Laura and John Arnold of Centaurus Advisors, LLC and $250,000 from Laurene Powell Jobs, wife of the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. Former Phoenix police sergeant Paul Penzone won the election by 10 points, according to KTAR.

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George Soros Is Donating $10 Million to Combat the Recent Rise in Hate Crimes
George Soros’ quiet overhaul of the U.S. justice system

Soros sympathizes with the plight of immigrants.

“Migrants are often forced into lives of idle despair, while host countries fail to reap the proven benefit that greater integration could bring,” he wrote.

George Soros founded the philanthropical organization Open Society in 1979 to foster the develop of an open society, a society that respects individual rights, holds government accountable, and encourages the truth. The foundation supports and partners with other organization and funds projects in more than 100 countries. Its first project was college scholarships to black South Africans under apartheid.

Read more from George Soros over at Bloomberg

George Soros funds migrant businesses, initiatives