Meriwether: A Family Business

The Meriwether Group is an organization that focuses on services for managing and consulting entrepreneurs by helping their businesses adapt a lucrative consumer brand. Sawyer Howitt is a student at Lincoln High School in Portland, Oregon, and he is also the company’s project manager. His father, David Howitt, is the founder and CEO of the Meriwether Group. Sawyer Howitt is intelligent and dedicated to challenge the anatomy of business. Sawyer Howitt and his staff at the Meriwether Group are dedicated to helping big businesses accelerate and succeed in their entrepreneurial endeavors.

The Meriwether Group facilitates the process by studying strategic steps, and helping with capital and company increment. The Meriwether Group provide tips, yet they keep in mind the importance of your own wishes. They can emphasize your brand by pointing out the correct type of audience and offer the best approach to deliver the quality of your business.

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Meriwether: A Family Business

Philanthropist and Technologist- Erick Lefkofsky

Starting an enterprise is the most exciting thing achievement in life, but it is more exciting when it flourishes in the market. Erick Lefkofsky is an established American entrepreneur. Mr. Eric Lefkofsky was born on September 2nd, 1969 and was raised in Southfield Michigan. Erick who is Jewish was raised by his parents his father was structure engineer while his mother was a school teacher. Erick attended Southfield-Lathrup High School and graduated in 1987. After his High School graduation he went ahead to the University of Michigan where he graduated in 1991, and in 1993 graduated from the same University at the School of Law he received his Juris Doctor.

Erick Lefkofsky began engaging in business while still at the University by selling carpets. After his graduation from the University he co-founded a company which did not do so well, and after five years in the business, Erick and his partner founded Starbelly an internet product that was re possible for product promotion. Starbelly was later, and he co-founded Groupon.

Erick is the co-Founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Tempus, which is a high-tech startup. The organization was established with a primary purpose of assisting medical professionals to make most of their time data-driven result based on the examination of the patients’ native code. Currently, Tempus is working hand in hand with the pancreas, cancer, and lung patients. The organization is planning to expand in the future.

Erick is not an entrepreneur, but he is also involved in charitable activities in the community. Erick and his wife Elizabeth began a foundation, Leskofsky Family Foundation. The charity has been at the forefront of assisting cancer patients in the United States. Through their foundation, the couple has been able to make their donations to more than 50 charitable organizations in the world. Lesfkosky Family Foundation has primarily focused on supporting education, technology, human rights, health, culture, and arts.

Mr. Lefkofsky is also a leader who has shown positive leadership skills throughout his life. He sits on the Board of Directors in Children Memorial Hospital in Chicago, The Art Institute Chicago, Museum of Science and Industry, and he is also a Trustee of Steppenwolf Theatre Company, which is a performing art institution created in Chicago. He also has taught in various schools including Northwestern University, DePaul University’s Kellstadt Graduate School of Business among others. Erick trusts that helping others is what has made him a successful entrepreneur and contact him.

Philanthropist and Technologist- Erick Lefkofsky

Leadership with a Difference- Troy McQuagge

USHEALTH Group Chief Executive Officer, Troy McQuagge was honored and was named the Gold Winner as the Chief Executive Officer of the year in One Planet Awards. Planet Awards is an international premier awards programs that were created for the purpose of honoring entrepreneurs and professionals in all industries in the world. Industries and companies all over the world are entitled to submit the names to the organization. The award team opens the submission of names to both private and public companies, small and medium business, non-profit and profit-making organizations as well as startups.

Troy began working at USHEALTH in 2010. After his appointed, Troy began to work towards the expansion and the rebuilding of the organization. His hard work and commitment to seeing the restructuring of USHEALTH led to him climbing the career ladder. In 2004 Mr. Troy was appointed the President and the Chief Executive Officer of USHEALTH. During his era as the President of USHEALTH, Troy has overseen the expansion and development of the firm.

During the awards, Troy mentioned said that it was such an honor to be appointed and honored as the Chief Executive Officer of the year. He did not forget to say that the award did not belong to him but it belonged to the staff and the USHEALTH management team. Troy further said that the award was a clear indication of the company’s commitment to the health sector, and is ready and willing to offer affordable health solutions for their client by delivering innovative health care program that will cover their long-term health care needs.

One Planet Awards is an organization that has a mandate of recognizing companies as well as professionals for their excellent leadership skills. The awards are in categories which include Public Relations marketing, new products and services, organizations, teams, executives, and corporate communications.

Troy McQuagge is the President and the Chief Executive Officer of USHEALTH Group. Troy has a vast experience in marketing and Public relations as well as in health market. Troy gained his experience while working at Presidency Marketing Group from 1996 – 2008. He was appointed the President and the Chief Executive Officer of USHEALTH in 2010. He has continued to work hard and develop the health sector as he expands USHEALTH

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Leadership with a Difference- Troy McQuagge

Bruce Levenson’s Current Fight With AIG Is Heating Up

Bruce Levenson and the Atlanta Hawks’ owners of AHBE have taken an insurance company, AIG to court over fallout they had after the team was sold in 2015. Levenson and AHBE purchased the Hawks in 2004 and owned the NHL’s Atlanta Thrashers for several years as well. When Levenson decided to sell his shares of the team, General Manager Danny Ferry’s contract was going to be bought out as part of a termination agreement, and according to, Ferry had filed a claim with AIG regarding this situation. But AIG has not paid Ferry or AHBE any amount guaranteed by their policy, and Levenson and his fellow owners are suing them for damages, a process that could be quite lengthy.

Prior to purchasing the Atlanta Hawks, Levenson was the cofounder and CEO of United Communications Group (UCG), a mass industry media publication and technology insider information source. He had gotten started in journalism while working on his J.D. at American University, and after working for the Washington Star for several years, he and Ed Peskowitz decided to go out on their own in the publishing business. UCG began with one newsletter in the oil industry and soon acquired many subsidiaries. Once it had become a technology news powerhouse, Levenson and the board members founded TechTarget, a technology application research company. Levenson also joined the board at BIA Digital Partners. See,

Levenson helped start the “I Have a Dream” Foundation in Washington D.C., an organization whose mission is to help inner city minority groups achieve college scholarships. He’s a member of the Holocaust Museum’s Board of Trustees thanks to the generous contributions he’s made there, and he was instrumental in starting their “Bringing the Lessons Home” program. He also partnered with the Anti-Defamation League to bring the Concert Against Hate event to D.C.

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Bruce Levenson’s Current Fight With AIG Is Heating Up

Improve Your Quality of Life With the New Relapse-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis Disorder Treatment

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society (NMSS) defines Multiple Sclerosis as an “immune-mediated process in which an abnormal response of the body’s immune system is directed against the central nervous system (CNS), which is made up of the brain, spinal cord, and optic nerves.”

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society states that there are “four different types of MS which are identified as clinically isolated syndrome (CIS), relapsing-remitting MS (RRMS), primary progressive MS (PPMS), and secondary progressive MS (SPMS). Approximately 85 percent of people are initially diagnosed with RRMS. It is characterized by clearly defined attacks of new or increasing neurological symptoms (relapses) followed by periods of partial or complete recovery (remissions). During remission, symptoms may disappear, or become permanent.”

The results of a recent research trial involving 24 RRMS patients called “Halt MS” conducted by the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases and the Immune Tolerance Network, revealed that nearly seventy percent of participants receiving high-dose immunotherapy followed by a single stem cell treatment remained in remission for a five-year period, even without taking MS medications.

For the past 38 years, Dr. Shiva G. Vasishta M.D. has been certified and licensed as an American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology ABPN) dual-discipline practitioner of neurology and psychiatry in the township of Voorhees, New Jersey. During his many years of practice, Dr. Shiva G. Vasishta M.D. has used his vast knowledge and experience treating the relapse-remitting Multiple sclerosis (RRMS).

Dr. Shiva G. Vasishta M.D. is knowledgeable about the latest treatment strategies related to MS and other neurological disorders. Dr. Shiva G. Vasishta M.D. offers in-depth consultation appointments at the Eastern Neurodiagnostic Associates Medical Group. He is affiliated with Kennedy Health System Campus Facility located in the Camden County township of Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

Improve Your Quality of Life With the New Relapse-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis Disorder Treatment

Felipe Montoro Jens, a Business Professional

Felipe Montoro Jens is a business director from London. He was born in 1970 in Brazil. Felipe Montoro Jens began his collegiate profession at the University of Oregon but later shifted to Uc Santa Barbra in 1998. Mr. Montoro got a Bachelor’s degree in History and Spanish. Felipe Montoro also attained his master’s degree in Health Promotion and Kinesiology on He also owns a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from FVG or Fundao Getlio Vargas and a master’s in international management from Thunderbird, American Garvin school of international management USA.

Felipe Montoro Jens is currently the Chief Financial Officer at Odebrecht S.A and responsible for OPI (Odebrecht Participates e Investimentos). He was initially elected as an alternative member of the board of directors as a nominee of Odebrecht S.A. Felipe Montoro also worked in the Odebrecht group in the treasury, corporate, project finance divisions, planning, and controlling abroad (Singapore and U.K) and in Brazil. Mr. Felipe Montoro Jens has served on the board of directors of the following listed Odebrecht controlled companies. They are as follows: Odebrecht Energia ( renewable energy generation), Odenbrecht latinvest (infrastructure concessions in latam), Odenbrecht Agroindustrial ( ethanol and sugar), Odebrecht Transport (infrastructure concessions in Brazil), Odebrecht realizaes imobilirias (real estate), Odebrecht Defesa e Technologia ( technology and defense), Odebrecht Leo and Ds ( gas and oil) and Odebrecht Ambiental (water and sewage).

Felipe Montoro Jens was also a worker at Enel Group S.P.A (Terna S.p.A) in the structured finance area and project development, PricewaterhouseCoopers in the consulting and auditing divisions and Enron in the international structure finance department on Felipe Montoro has had the privilege to work with several professionals over his career, for example, Paulo Oliveiro De Melo, Luciano Nitri Guidolin among others. This experience has greatly helped him in his career and has made him become a committed person in his endeavour to leave a legacy at

Felipe Montoro Jens, a Business Professional

Everyone Can See Why FreedomPop Is Such A Great Company

There have been several in-depth reviews written about FreedomPop, which all have given great information to inform persons about the excellent company that is FreedomPop as well as about their fantastic services. The reason why the services of FreedomPop are considered great is not only due to their low prices but also because some of their services are free. It’s unusual for anyone to go to a cell phone company and be able to get free minutes, text messages, and data for absolutely no charge, but this is something that FreedomPop is doing and will continue to do.


Even if other companies don’t want to offer the same free services, it doesn’t matter because FreedomPop will continue to serve their customers with these free services. One great way they help customers is by offering a free cell phone plan that comes with free text messages, talk time and free data. Although there are limits to the amount of services that are given with the free plan, anyone can add additional services to the plan or can upgrade to a higher plan. The next plan is the unlimited plan which only costs $10.99 and is available to all customers.


With the plan that costs just under $11, the customer is going to get all of the talk time and text messages they can use as well as 500 of data. Those wanting unlimited data will be able to choose the plan for $19.99 that comes with unlimited data as well as having unlimited talk time and text messages. All cell phone plans from FreedomPop are available to be used on GSM phones or with a phone that’s purchased from FreedomPop. Sim cards are sold separately, so anyone with the need for a FreedomPop sim card must pay an additional fee to purchase one.


Sim cards from FreedomPop are usually at the low cost of around $0.99, and the sim card can be shipped out as soon as it’s purchased. Those with a Sprint phone can also become a FreedomPop customer because they can switch their phone to FreedomPop, which allows them to use the FreedomPop services. No matter which plan a FreedomPop customer chooses, any cell phone they bring to FreedomPop will work with that particular plan. Also, it’s important to know that the free plan and unlimited plan both have 500 MB of data, so topping up with more data may be necessary.




Everyone Can See Why FreedomPop Is Such A Great Company

Norman Pattiz Staying Afloat In The Broadcasting Industry In A Paranormal Way

Norman Pattiz announced the exploration of the paranormal which will be in new podcast known as the Beyond the Darkness. Norman Pattiz is the Executive Chairman and Founder of PodcastOne which is the largest America’s podcast advertiser network. It is the latest show on WWE featuring Chris Jericho’s podcast network. The show will host entertaining and enlightening conversations with world-renowned experiencers and researchers who will be challenging everything you know about ghosts, angels, aliens, demons, mysteries, monster encounters, and miracles. Hosted by radio host and author Dave Schrader, and radio producer Tim Dennis, new releases will be aired on every Monday on


Norman Pattiz said that Mr. Chris had established himself as one of the creams of the crop of the PodcastOne network. Chris started out with a show known as The Jericho Network collection which talked about wrestling. Under his leadership, he has delivered comedians and now his venturing into the paranormal with the podcast, Beyond the Darkness.


About PodcastOne

Norman Pattiz is the founder of PodcastOne, and it is one of the America’s leading advertiser-supported podcast network. He is also the founder of Radio Giant Westwood One. His network currently airs more than 200 popular podcasts, including Shaquille O’Neal, Adam Carola, Steve Austin, Dan Patrick, Dr. Drew Barstool Sports, Neil Strauss, Gabrielle Reece, and many more others. Under Norman Pattiz leadership, Westwood One became the United States largest radio network and provider of sports, news, entertainment, traffic, and talks programs to the Broadcast Industry. Westwood One owned and managed NBC Radio Networks, CNN Radio, CBS News, the Mutual Broadcasting System, NCAA Basketball, NFL Football, The Super Bowl, plus March Madness, and both The Winter and Summer Olympic Games.


Mr. Pattiz made Courtside Entertainment Group in 2010, and recently he introduced PodcastOne Sales which is the leader in national podcast sales and marketing. Mr. Pattiz was appointed by President Clinton in 2000 and later reappointed by President Bush to join the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the United States of America in 2002. The Broadcasting Board of Governors oversees all United States nonmilitary podcast services, including Radio Free Europe, Middle East Broadcasting, Radio Liberty, and others. Norman Pattiz was responsible for developing and launching Americas Arabic language television and radio services to all the 22 Arabic-speaking countries in the Middle East plus the Farsi language broadcasting to Iranians and communicating to a weekly audience of over 42 million radio listeners.

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Norman Pattiz Staying Afloat In The Broadcasting Industry In A Paranormal Way

An Overview of Comparative Law

Comparative law is the study of how legal structures are interrelated. Alternatively, it can be a process of comparing legal systems, to produce outcomes of diverse lawful cultures. It is important in gaining knowledge of legitimate overseas systems. Nevertheless, comparative law assists in attaining worldwide harmony and creating unity among other laws that result to further global cooperation. Lawmakers often incorporate abroad laws in conscripting novel laws. Additionally, many countries law courts have adopted using foreign laws, thus gained enthusiasm.


The Scope of Comparative Law


The comparative law can be distributed into two categories: Macro-level and Micro-level comparison. Macro- level entails comparing of two or more legal structures to formulate a complete unit. On the other hand, the micro- level comparison is about analyzing a precise legal matter. For instance, comparison of the German and the United States legal structures as a whole defines the Macro-level Comparison. Similarly, comparing the contracts sections of both the Germany and United States legal systems indicates the Micro-level Comparison.


Purpose of Comparative Law


Comparative law is a hypothetical discipline that studies legal schemes. Further, disciplines have emerged as sub-categories of comparative law such as constitutional law, administration law, and civil law. Supplementary, the aforementioned can be studied in macro-level and micro-level comparison patterns. Nonetheless, the drives of comparative laws involve understanding the legal structure, modifying the legal system and contributing to the unity of the legal structure into a broader scale.


Sujit Choudhry, The Man Behind Comparative Law


Sujit Choudhry, the I. Michael Heyman Professor of Law, is a globally known consultant on comparative law. He is responsible for combining research agenda with comprehensive skills to constitutional building procedures in Egypt, Libya, and Nepal. Professor Choudhry is the Manager of the Centre for Constitutional Transitions, which is responsible for disseminating knowledge for building the constitution. This can be achieved through aligning and being in- charge of global networks of professions to finish important projects. Hop on this site.


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Career Proficiencies of Dean Sujit Choudhry


Dean Choudhry is an associate of the United Nations Roster. Additionally, he has offered consultation services to the World Bank, and overseas coaching in supporting the constitutional evolutions. In Canada, Dean Choudhry was an associate of the Governing Toronto Advisory Panel that projected changes to the organization of metropolitan government in Toronto. Before approaching Berkeley Law, Dean Choudhry was Cecilia Goetz Professor of Law. Additionally, he possesses law degrees from Oxford, Toronto, and Harvard Universities.


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An Overview of Comparative Law

Scottsdale Entrepreneur Jason Hope Donates To Medical Research

Scottsdale entrepreneur Jason Hope has recently made a $500,000 contribution to the SENS Foundation to be used for research into atherosclerosis and its underlying disease processes.

Jason Hope, a local celebrity known for his many successful tech startups, has stated that he made the contribution in an effort to better understand the processes not just that lead to heart disease and stroke but that may underlie the majority of all degenerative illnesses associated with advancing age.

The SENS Foundation said that the donation will allow them to significantly expand their atherosclerosis research budget. They thanked Mr. Hope, reiterating how important atherosclerosis research is. In the United States, atherosclerotic disease is the number one cause of death.

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Atherosclerosis leads directly to such potentially fatal conditions as heart attack and stroke. But it also plays a major role in many other diseases. These include peripheral artery disease, heart failure and hypertension. Furthermore, the underlying inflammatory process that leads to atherosclerosis has been implicated in almost every major disease process related to aging. Scientists are beginning to see the aging process itself, which leads to such things as wrinkled, inelastic skin, glaucoma and arthritic joints, as secondary to long-standing inflammation with similar or the same origin as atherosclerosis.

Mr. Hope understood that, if atherosclerosis can be cured or slowed, then it may be possible to extend people’s life expectancies beyond anything that has been imagined. Living free of inflammation past the age of 30 or 40 could result in people routinely living close to the ages of the oldest recorded people. And with reductions in the processes that lead to neurodegeneration in the brain, people may live to 100 and beyond with the mental acuity of middle age. Such a real-world Fountain of Youth has always captured Mr. Jason Hope’s imagination. Now he has a chance to put his dreams into action.

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Scottsdale Entrepreneur Jason Hope Donates To Medical Research